Banana Moon Studios shows off a new design on the Yarn Thing Podcast

Today we are joined by April Garwood, the designer behind Banana Moon Studio, to learn about her business and check out her brand new pattern. April has designed something special just for us in Chic Sheep by Marly Bird. Learn about her story on how she got started and what she is doing in the industry.

Banana Moon Studio-Special guest on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird

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Ad Free PDF of Crochet Chic Log Cab Blanket designed by Marly Bird

About Banana Moon Studio:

April is happily married to her best friend. They knew each other for a few years, and then dated for only 2 weeks before getting engaged. To top off their whirlwind romance they got married 6 months later in 2003. In April’s house you will find four daughters that are all pretty close in age.  April finds herself very blessed to be at home with them full-time and to homeschool them.

You might wonder, how did you come up with the name Banana Moon Studio? April spent a day pondering what to call her business. What name would be interesting and true to her personality? While doing all or that soul-searching, a favorite memory came to mind. When April’s oldest daughter, was maybe 18 months old, they were driving home from her parents’ house late one evening. There was a yellow crescent moon in the sky. Her daughter pointed out the window at the moon and said, “Beena”, her word at the time for banana. It wasn’t in a really excited voice, she was just calmly pointing out that there was a banana in the sky. When April remembered that later, it hit her that “Banana Moon” was a perfect name! At first April considered “Banana Moon Stitches” or “Banana Moon Stitchery,” but after an hour or so of thinking on it, I had it, “Banana Moon Studio”…Perfect!

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  1. Patty says:

    Super information regarding patterns. April’s site name is sweet, loved hearing the story of how it came about. I’d love to win one of her patterns, as I love bananas!

  2. Gayla Reinkens says:

    Really enjoyed listing to April’s story of the name for her site. Gorgeous patterns! I still really want a bananna LOL! Thank you for doing this! 🙂

  3. Karen Blumberg says:

    The podcast with Banana moon studio was very nice today. I enjoyed watching and learning, the cowl is also awesome.

  4. Michelle says:

    It’s banana’s that I just heard of Banana Moon. I love bananas. Wonderful podcast. Thanks to all who sponsor Marly!

  5. Susan Izbiansky says:

    Thank you for the podcast. I never heard of Banana Moon Studio so thank you I will check out the site. The banana moon story was so cute. Give them a banana!

  6. Debbie McKenzie says:

    Oh my goodness April’s patterns are lovely. I am seaming up a sweater as I listened to your show today. Great info as usual. Thanks to both of you!

  7. Agatha Timmons says:

    I want a banana! LOL I really learned a lot from April’s podcast especially about what it takes to design patterns. Also appreciated the explanation about the purpose of ads helping to offer us free patterns.

  8. Kathleen Champ says:

    I had to pop in and say THANK YOU APRIL . & MARLY FOR A GREAT SHOW. so much helpful info. Truly a Blessing to have you both here! PLease don’t include me in the show note giveaway AS I just won the live show drawing and I’m so very tickled that I was chosen. I’m still in shock actually. I am restricted in many ways when it comes to indulging in yarnie goodness. But Its a daily must as its been therapy for me. I’d love to one day share all the details of how Cro”Chet” has given me my life back.. By the Grace of the Good LORD. But I don’t want to fill your comment section with blurp about how excited I am to be Doing, Learning and GROWING in “Chet” ( knitting hopefully soon!) while embracing so many lovely friends & yarnie Family~ I just wanted to come here and say THANK YOU BOTH, FOR ALL YOU DO & SHARE.. It Makes a bigger difference than you may never know. From the Bottom of my heart THANK YOU~

  9. sharscreations says:

    Thank you so much for introducing April from Banana Moon Studio. I have seen some of her patterns on Ravelry and have bought at least one of them in the past. I love the cowl that she showed today in the podcast. I am sorry that I missed the live. I want me some banana’s and some banana bread now.

  10. Jeanette says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed today’s podcast especially because I got to meet a new designer, April. I’m head over “bananas” () in love with some of her patterns. I have already signed up for her newsletterand plan to follow her on social media as well. Thanks again.

  11. Maria Consuelo Crespo says:

    Today podcast was really interesting: I have learned a lot about the importance to visit each designer blog, web and all the work and time dedication on free patterns. I thought It was easy but it is not so I rather prefer to have one of my favorites desserts Banoffee , make with chocolate and BANANA while i Explore Banana Moon studio website

  12. Vickie Akers says:

    It’s funny that I happening to be eating a banana as I was watching this podcast. Thanks for sharing especially about how the ads on your websites work. Can’t wait to check out more of April’s patterns at BananaMoonStudios.com.

  13. Carri Benson says:

    I’m going bananas over here! This is the first time I’m hearing of Banana Moon Studios. I’ll be following on FB.

  14. Stephanie Halland says:

    Cute story about your shop name, Banana Moon Studio! We love bananas but my husband has developed an allergy!

  15. Dawn Tenneson says:

    I loved the podcast with Banana Moon and have already checked out her page ! Her patterns are gorgeous and will definitely make some of her designs!

  16. Pam says:

    Loved this podcast interview, such cute stuff over at Banana Moon Studio! I signed up for the newsletter. I try to have a BANANA everyday!

  17. Serena Lee says:

    Love the name! My 1 year old absolutely ADORES bananas! I’m just a beginner crocheter, but I’m excited to check out the patterns you have!

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