Announcing the 2017 Crochet Along with Marly Bird

The 2017 Crochet Along with Marly Bird is sponsored by Red Heart.

Here we are again moving into fall and starting another Crochet Along. This year we decided to get your input to figure out what our group project would be, thank you for participating. After pulling all the results we found that you wanted to make the Granny Square Cardigan that I designed!

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What is a Crochet Along (CAL):

Let’s start at the very beginning. If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘crochet along’ let me explain it to you. A crochet-along, or CAL, is a group of people coming together to crochet the same project in the same timeframe. The best part about the CALs that I run are that I have a special Facebook group (read more about this below) that is full of helpful crocheters working on the same project and there to offer support. If you are not able to start when I post the first section or if you are new to crochet and don’t feel as fast, you don’t have to worry. The content and pattern will always be available and is always FREE, thanks to Red Heart and Yarnspirations.

About the 2017 CAL Project:

Our project for this Crochet Along will be using Red Heart Unforgettable. This is the same yarn that we used in the last CAL when we made a poncho. If you didn’t participate in that CAL you can always go back follow along at any point. The Granny Square Cardigan looks like a cardigan but is made to be oversized and cozy. Unforgettable is so soft to the touch that it adds to the cozy feel of the sweater.

The crochet along will start on September 6th and continue for the following 5 weeks (6 weeks total). During that time you can find a new section of the pattern on my blog each week along with at least one video to accompany that section. Read through to the bottom of this post to see the full schedule of when each section will be released.

2017 Crochet Along with Marly Bird and Red Heart

CAL Community:

Before we get started on the CAL please head over to Facebook and join our group. In this group you will be joined by the many other people that will be participating in the CAL. In this group we share progress photos, talk about tips and tricks, and help each other through the tricky parts of the pattern. I will be there in the group answering your questions along with my team of admins and other crochet lovers.

The Facebook group is also where you can enter to win prizes, but more about that later.

Use the hashtag #MarlyBirdCAL to share your projects! The hashtag will make it easier for us to find the projects.

Crochet Along Intro Video:

Crochet Along Supplies:

Pick up your supplies now so you’ll be ready to go when the CAL starts!

Use the promo code CALMARLY20 from August 30-September 13, 2017 for 20% purchases of Unforgettable yarn on redheart.com.

Cardigan measures 48 (56, 64)” (122 (142, 163) cm) in width including cuffs, and 21½ (25, 28½)” (55 (64, 72) cm) in length, not including collar.

The sample cardigan in the written pattern was made in the color 3968 Regatta. Any color of Unforgettable works for this sweater.

Granny Square Cardigan Crochet-Along Marly Bird

Crochet Along Schedule:

Each week on Wednesday during the CAL you will be able to get the new section of the pattern here on my blog. At the end of the CAL you will be able to get the full pattern in PDF form for FREE on the Red Heart website. Even after the CAL the information will be available for FREE on my blog.

Along with the new written pattern each week there will be a video released to help explain the new section. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be sure you are notified as soon as the video goes live.

Week 1 Wednesday, September 6
Selecting the your size, and motif construction (Right Handed) & (Left Handed)

Week 2 Wednesday, September 13
Join as you go motifs

Week 3 Wednesday, September 20
Edging (Right Handed) & (Left Handed)

Week 4 Wednesday, September 27
Cuffs and seaming

Week 5 Wednesday, October 4

Week 6 Wednesday, October 11
Finishing, styling, altering, and how to use this as blueprint


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  1. Chris Lopez says:

    Been waiting for details of this project! Looks like loads of fun; your CALs and KALs are always awesome!!

  2. Robbin Strand says:

    Looking forward to this CAL. My Gramma taught me to crochet when I was about 3, thought I was so gtown up sitting next to her while we listened to the radio. Fast-forward 50 yrs, I had a couple of “discussions” with a tablesaw (NEVER argue with power tools!) Now 10 yrs later I’m still trying to figure it out, maybe I’ll switch hands…

  3. janet krysztof says:

    I clicked on the make your own stitchmarkers link, and it takes be to a RedHeart page selling the interlocking stitchmarkers.

  4. Renee C Thanig says:

    Just saw this and ordered my yarn. Won’t get it until the 8th but I know I would have never found 9 skeins at any store in town. Will anxiously be waiting for my package to arrive. I have a skein of a different color left over so I can work on my gauge etc while waiting.

  5. Cassie McClure says:

    How do I measure width? (I’m sorry to say I’m confused about the width “including the cuff.”) If I normally wear size 2X, can I participate?

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