7 Affordable Yarns That Give Big Bang for Their Buck

What do you look for when choosing a yarn? The fiber type, the weight, and the color are all important, of course. But for many people cost is also a big consideration. If you’re looking for affordable yarns, then you want to consider the price of a skein but also the amount of yardage that skein gives you. After all, they aren’t affordable yarns if you pay a little but also only get a little. In this roundup you’ll find seven yarns that give you lots of yardage for a relatively low price.

Tip: Check out our one ball projects for ideas of how to use these yarns.

1. Bernat Plentiful

How often can you complete an entire large project using a single ball of yarn? Not often, especially when it’s a bulky weight yarn, which often has less than 100 yards per ball. That’s not the case with Bernat Plentiful, though.

Bernat Plentiful is a #5 bulky weight yarn, and yet it comes with over 950 yards in each ball of yarn. That means that with a single ball you can easily knit or crochet a winter sweater, a small blanket, or any number of other projects. This wool, acrylic, polyester blend has a brushed texture that makes it extra cozy for wearables.

Available in a range of colors, as well as stripes, this machine washable (and machine dry) yarn is one of the best new affordable yarns on the market.

2. Caron Jumbo / 1 Lb Yarn

If you’re looking for a solid choice when it comes to worsted weight yarn, then the big skeins of Caron Yarn (Caron Jumbo and Caron 1 Pound) provide a steady option.

Both yarns are 100% acrylic. You can wash and dry them in a machine. Caron 1 Pound comes in solid colors, whereas Caron Jumbo is a striped yarn in varying color ways.

I skein of Caron 1 Lb. Yarn has more than 800 yards. You can easily knit or crochet 3-4 winter scarves with just a single skein. Of course, you could also make a bigger project. Caron Jumbo has almost 600 yards per skein. Use it to make a one-skein crochet shawl. At less than $10 per skein, that’s a lot of bang for your buck.

3. Red Heart It’s a Wrap

This yarn was specifically designed so that you could easily. make a three-color wrap using only one ball of yarn. If you’re the kind of person who loves to craft with multiple colors but can never decide on the right color combination, it gives you the ease and convenience you’re seeking.

It’s a Wrap is a lightweight yarn. It’s 2 #1 Superfine blend of cotton and acrylic. You can machine wash it but should lay it flat to dry. Worked up into a shawl, it’s got beautiful drape. And with 1100 yards to one ball and a price tag under $10, you definitely get your money’s worth.

This yarn also makes a good gift for other knitters and crocheters in your life.

one skein patterns

4. Caron Latte Cakes

Going back to the bulky weight yarns, since they’re the coziest as we approach the winter months, here’s another #5 bulky yarn that comes with a lot of yardage. Although not quite as much as Bernat Plentiful, the Caron Cakes still have more than 500 yards of yarn each. That’s a lot more yardage than you’ll typically get for a bulky weight yarn.

Plus, this is a unique yarn. It’s a blend of acrylic and nylon. Each ball has five different colors worked into a variegated blend that pops with brightness. You can machine wash and dry Caron Latte Cakes.

5. Bernat Super Value Yarn

If you’re looking to stock up on affordable yarns that will work for a wide range of projects then consider this worsted weight yarn. It’s a very economical yarn, with more than 400 yards per skein (except for ombres, which have less yardage.) Each skein costs less than $6.

Bernat Super Value Yarn comes in a wide range of colors. It’s a very durable yarn good for all types of different projects. You can machine wash and dry this yarn.

6. Red Heart Fleece Hugs

In my original review of this yarn I noted that with just one touch you’ll never want to put it down. It’s super soft, works great for making baby items, and is especially terrific as a yarn for knitting because of the particular texture it offers.

This is a unique worsted weight yarn. It is 100% polyester. You can wash and dry it in the machine. Each ball comes with more than 400 yards. Use it to craft up a cute baby outfit or a wrap to give yourself that feeling of a cozy yarn hug.

7. Bernat Blanket

At first glance, this might not seem like a yarn that offers a lot of yardage, since it’s about 220 yards per ball. However, when you realize that this is a #6 super bulky weight yarn, it becomes clear that this is an economical choice. One ball of this yarn can easily work up into a great, soft, affordable home decor project.

super bulky yarn patterns

Obviously, given the name, it’s particularly popular for making blankets. It’s a chenille-style yarn that feels extra cozy. At less than $11 per ball, it’s definitely one of the most affordable yarns out there for people who want to get a lot of bang for their buck.

Which affordable yarns are your favorites? If we missed them on this list, comment with them below!

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