2017 Knit and Crochet Memories with Marly Bird

Now that 2017 has come to an end I wanted to look back and remember some of the amazing things that have happened this year. My team and I are working hard to get some new things together for you in 2018 that I think you will really love. Before we jump into 2018 join me in remembering all of the amazing things that happened in 2017 with my 10 top 2017 memories.

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Red Heart FREE Pattern-Asymmetrical Knit Shawl

10 Top 2017 Memories with Marly Bird:

Although there were many amazing things that happened in 2017 I narrowed it down to my top 10. I hope that you enjoy walking down memory lane with me and maybe even checking out something that you missed along the way.

Red Heart National Spokesperson:

2017 was the first FULL year that I am honored to say I am the National Spokesperson at Red Heart. It has been an amazing year where I got to work on some amazing projects. I helped to come up with new Super Saver yarn colors and work on videos for FREE patterns on the Red Heart website. I was able to share some wonderful projects that Red Heart did through out the year, like the 7 Months of Scrubby project, and have the support of their amazing team to run things like my Knit and Crochet along.

Women's Choice Award Show

Red Heart is also a sponsor of the Women’s Choice Awards and I was lucky enough to get to attend the event this year. Myself along with Bethany Dearden from Whistle & Ivy and the blogger Melanie K. Ham got to hangout and chat all things crafty at the event. Thank you to those that virtually came along with us for the event and even helped me pick out the dress that I wore!

Plans for 2018 are already underway with Red Heart and I can’t wait to share with you the new yarns and projects that are coming out in the new year. I will continue to post about them on Facebook, the blog and post videos on YouTube to keep you up to date and in the know.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

Chic Sheep Launch:

I don’t even know where to start when talking about Chic Sheep. It has been my DREAM to have my very own yarn line and to see that come true has been something that I can’t even describe. Best of all you have all shown so much love to my yarn line that I don’t know how to say thank you!

Chic Sheep by Marly Bird and Red Heart

Going through the process of selecting colors and fiber content and having the ability to make choices for what I want to work with was an awesome experience. I hope that those of you have gotten some of your own are loving it! Your support of the yarn while it is only available online has been heartwarming. The number of you that have purchased yarn shows that you have faith in me and Red Heart and the products that we bring out. If you don’t like to purchase yarn without touching it first, I get that. GUESS WHAT…Chic Sheep will be coming to your local big box craft stores in 2018! I will be sure to tell you when it launches so you can run out and get your yarn squeeze on!

Head to the Read Heart website for some free patterns using Chic Sheep. Be sure to watch my blog and the Red Heart website in 2018 for a brand new set of patterns that are coming out, I think you will drool over them!

100+ NEW YouTube Video Tutorials:

When I was looking through the things that I have done this year I would have never thought that I created so many videos this year! To support many of the FREE Red Heart patterns I have recorded videos to show you how to work the project from start to finish. Here is a list of the top 3 videos from this year.




10th Anniversary of the Yarn Thing Podcast:

Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird

Another major milestone this year is the 10th Anniversary of the Yarn Thing Podcast. I would have never guessed when I started the podcast 10 years ago that I would still be doing this. I love being able to talk to some amazing guest on the show to share what is going on on in the yarn industry. Best of all we always have a little something to giveaway to you as a special thank you!

Moving into 2018 there will be some changes to the podcast. Since I have been having so many issues with Blog Talk Radio, my podcast host, over the past few months my team and I have found a way to bring you the podcast through YouTube! The podcast will now be a live video broadcast and you will be able to see the guest live and what we are talking about! I am so excited for this change and what it will allow me to show you.

Our first guest of 2018 will be the Yarn Valet on January 9th at 10am MST. Be sure to join us live on Facebook and YouTube!

Free Patterns on the Blog:

2017 FREE Patterns by Marly Bird

Looking back at the year I realized how many patterns that I designed. I thought that I was falling behind with all of the other projects that were going on until I realized that I had been working hard to get things out all year. Take some time to look through the FREE patterns that I put out this year. I hope that you find one or two or ALL that you like!

2017 FREE Patterns by Marly Bird:

creativebug Entrelac Workshop:

Along with my live teaching events I also have been doing some work with creativebug, and I LOVE them! This year I created a Knit Entrelac workshop. In this workshop there were three different projects to complete as I walked you through exactly how to create knit entrelac.

creativebug has also be wonderful to me in inviting me out to their studio to do a Facebook Live with them! They helped me to launch Chic Sheep with a SUPER giveaway and we have been working on other projects as well. Be sure to follow the Marly Bird Facebook page and the creativebug Facebook page to see when we are both live!

Planned Pooling Book:

In 2017 Planned Pooling Crochet exploded!!! Over on my YouTube channel I worked hard to bring you clear videos on how to do the technique. Although it looks simple there are some tricky parts that you need to know about and I have you covered.

Red Heart Color Pooling ebook

Along with the video support I partnered with Leisure Arts to bring you a collection of planned pooling patterns in my new book “Yarn Pooling Made Easy“. Red Heart even jumped onboard the release of the book and we gave away copies and enough yarn for each pattern on my YouTube channel!! It was a great planned pooling week and I hope that we can do something like it again in 2018!

Be sure to check out the patterns that are included in the book on Ravelry and pick up your copy today!

Yarn Pooling Made Easy by Marly Bird

Crochet Along:

We couldn’t finish the year without looking back at the Knit and Crochet Along that Red Heart helps me run. The crochet along this year was a cocoon cardigan made out of motifs. We used Red Heart Unforgettable and made a beautiful cardigan.

Red Heart Unforgettable

If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘crochet along’ let me explain it to you. A crochet-along, or CAL, is a group of people coming together to crochet the same project in the same timeframe. The best part about the CALs that I run are that I have a special Facebook group (read more about this below) that is full of helpful crocheters working on the same project and there to offer support. If you are not able to start when I post the first section or if you are new to crochet and don’t feel as fast, you don’t have to worry. The content and pattern will always be available and is always FREE, thanks to Red Heart. Although the Crochet Along is officially over you can start your cardigan at any time. The entire pattern and all of the videos are available on the blog so that you can get started when it works for you.

The 2018 Crochet Along won’t be until the fall but I am starting to plan what we will be making. If you have any requests write them in the comments of this post. Be sure to join the Crochet Along Facebook group so that you get notifications when the next CAL is getting ready to start.

Knit Along:

The 2017 Knit Along was also a fun event. This year we worked on the Textured Triangle Shawl. We had a lot of fun working with Red Heart’s new yarn at the time, Soft Essentials. Soft Essentials is a bulky weight yarn that was just released in time for the Knit Along.

Spring 2017 Textured Triangle Shawl Knit Along with Marly Bird

Plans for the spring 2018 Knit Along are underway and we should be able to share some things with in you in the next month or so. Be sure to join the Knit Along Facebook group so that you get notifications when the next KAL is getting ready to start.

Thank You for my 2017 Memories:

Thank you for continuing to following along with me and helping me to reach my goals. Without you I don’t have anyone to make new knit and crochet memories with. I look forward to what 2018 will bring! As a special thank you head over to my Ravelry store and get one FREE pattern of your choice. Use the code 2017MEMORIES to get your free pattern. The code is available to the first 200 people and will expire on January 12, 2018. Be sure to be logged in to your account, no refunds will be offered.

Marly Bird Ravelry Store

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  1. Aida says:

    Thank you for the year in review; it was so good to take a look back at all the great posts, patterns and events. The best part of following you is learning about needlework techniques and/or perfecting my own handcraft skills, which have actually helped me complete projects in a timely manner and more presentable for gifting. My favorite: the Textured Triangle Shawl KAL. I’ve made several, one of which was for a fundraiser/auction at church. Looking foreward to 2018! ❤️

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