14 Seed Stitch Patterns: Texture in Both Knitting and Crochet

There are so many different ways to add texture to knitting and crochet. You can learn advanced knit and crochet techniques that are all about texture. But you can also just work very simple stitches in strategic combinations to create textured items. For example, consider the seed stitch. There is a version of this stitch in both knitting and crochet. Both are easy approaches to adding texture in their respective crafts.

knit and crochet patterns using seed stitch

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What is Seed Stitch?

In both knitting and crochet, seed stitch is a simple textured stitch pattern. Naturally, it gets its name from the fact that the resulting fabric looks a little bit like it has seeds on it. In other words, you use strategic stitch placement to create little bumps across the fabric that resemble seeds.

Of course, you do this differently in knitting and crochet, and the results are a little bit different due to the unique nature of each of the crafts, but ultimately you end up with a relatively similar stitch whether you’re using hooks or needles.

In both instances, you get a uniform, reversible textured fabric that has density as compared with lacier designs. Seed stitch is good for making warm accessories like cowls as well as items that require texture such as scrubbing dishtowels.

Crochet Seed Stitch

Crochet seed stitch utilizes a combination of single crochet double crochet. You alternate the two stitches across the row. (In other words, you work sc, dc, sc, dc, over and over across the row.) Then you turn the work and again you’re going to alternate the two stitches, strategically placing a double crochet in each single crochet from the row below (and vice versa). (In other words, in the second row, you’ll work dc, sc, dc, sc, over and over across the row.)

Other Names and Similar Stitch Patterns

Every crochet designer has their own interpretation of different stitches, even basic crochet stitches. When it comes to textured stitches, we don’t always think of them as the same as one another. Therefore, you might also this stitch called:

  • Moss stitch
  • Bean stitch
  • Granite stitch
  • Tweed stitch
  • Linen stitch
  • Griddle stitch
  • Lemon peel stitch

However, be aware that sometimes you’ll see one of these and it’s not the same as the others. For example, while moss stitch might be worked in the same way as the alternating sc, dc described above, it might also be a different combination or placement of stitches. You might have spacing in between clusters of sc, dc for example. For example, I use a version of moss stitch in planned pooling crochet, and it differs from these seed stitch instructions. Therefore, you should always follow the details of the crochet pattern when working with textured stitches like these.

Crochet Seed Stitch Patterns

Get ready to have fun with texture when you make use of these crochet patterns.

  1. Cuddles Baby Blanket

Combine seed stitch with striped colorwork for a cozy, eye-catching crochet baby blanket. You can buy this pattern over on Ravelry.

Crochet seed stitch baby blanket pattern

2. Gray Shades Tartan Scarf

This is such a unique crochet scarf pattern. It uses seed stitch worked in intarsia crochet to give you a plaid / tartan design. Have a lot of fun with this free pattern!

Gray Tartan Plaid Scarf free crochet pattern

3. When We Were Young Crochet Hat

The body of this free crochet hat pattern is worked in seed stitch. This is a warm, dense pattern repeat, so it’s great for crochet hat patterns. This is a one-ball crochet pattern that works up quickly.

Griddle stitch crochet hat pattern

4. Thrummed Crochet Mittens

If you’re not familiar with the term, thrum is a wispy bit of roving that’s worked into your yarn mittens. It’s used more commonly in knitting but here you can see it used in crochet. It makes these mittens extra warm and cozy.

Crochet mittens with thrum

5. Denver Football Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

Originally published in the Love of Crochet Holiday 2012 issue, this crochet pattern is now available for free here on the site. You can adapt the colors to suit your favorite team or express holiday spirit when making this crochet scarf.

Denver Football crochet scarf free pattern

Knit Seed Stitch

The knit seed stitch is very similar to the crochet version although you might not realize if you only do one craft or the other. In knitting, you alternate knit stitches and purl stitches across the row. Then, on the next row it alternates purl stitches and knit stitches. In other words, you always work knit stitches into purl stitches and purl stitches into knit stitches. As you can see, that’s similar to how in crochet seed stitch you stack the single crochet on the double crochet. In both instances, you get that seedy texture from alternating both horizontally and vertically.

Other Names for Knit Seed Stitch:

Just as with the crochet version, you’ll find knit stitches that are similar to or identical to knit seed stitch. For example, many people use moss stitch interchangeably in both crafts. That said, most designers will work the knit, purl pattern for one row in seed stitch but two rows in moss stitch.

Stitch Story explains, “The American Moss Stitch pattern, which is a variation on the British Moss Stitch, is also known as Irish Moss Stitch so it’s no wonder things can get a little confusing.” You might also see the two different stitches called even seed stitch and odd seed stitch.

So again, you might find slightly differing pattern details or names of stitches when looking at simple textured stitches like the knit seed stitch. Pay attention to what the pattern asks you to do.

Knit Seed Stitch Patterns

Knit seed stitch is a great way for beginner knitters to take their skills to the next level. Advanced knitters might find that they can do meditative crafting with seed stitch. So, here are some knit seed stitch patterns for you to enjoy:

  1. Seed Stitch Chic Hat Free Knitting Pattern

This is a one ball knitting pattern. You can start and complete it in just a few hours. Then you can put it on and have a nice warm hat to wear. It is designed as a one-size-fits all beanie. However, you can make it a little bit larger if you want a slouch hat instead of a fitted beanie.

Seed stitch chic hat free knitting pattern

2. Loop-it Puffy Seed Stitch Finger Knit Cowl

Finger knitting is a great way to really enjoy the luxurious texture of working with yarn. RED HEART® Loop-it™ is a perfect yarn to explore this with. Finger knitting is also great when teaching children how to knit. Combine the yarn with the seed stitch for a fun knit cowl with plush texture.

Finger knit cowl free pattern with texture

3. Teacher’s Gift Seed Stitch Knit Cowl Free Pattern

I originally designed this to give as a teacher’s gift. It’s always nice to recognize teachers at the holidays for all of the hard work that they’ve done to help our kids. Of course, it makes a great gift for anyone. If you’re looking for an accessory to knit up quickly as a holiday gift, this free cowl pattern does the trick.

4. Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl

This garter stitch shawl, originally designed as a knit-along, includes a section of knit seed stitch. In addition to the regular pattern, I’ve written up the that section row-by-row, making this a terrific pattern for beginners.

garter stitch knit shawl free pattern

5. Mariposa Chic Knit Shawl

This knit shawl pattern, worked in four sections, has fun color play and a lot of texture. Naturally, some of the texture comes from the knit seed stitch.

Knit shawl free pattern with seed stitch

6. Bird Seed Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

This crochet cowl pattern relies heavily on the yarn to boost the texture even more. It’s so squishy and fun to wear. And the way that the colors come together as you work is a delight for the eyes.

Bird Seed Cowl free knitting pattern by Marly Bird

7. Rainbow Knit Hat

The Rainbow Knit Hat combines knit, stocking, and seed stitches. Topped off with a big pom, this is a fun winter accessory. The simple stripe and the pom both add bold color. You’ll stand out in a crowd in the best of ways.

rainbow knit hat free pattern

8. Bernat Seed Stitch Throw

This knit blanket pattern uses Bernat Maker Big, a tubular chunky yarn. It’s great for showcasing seed stitch. And it makes for a very cozy blanket. You work this using large knitting needles. However, you could also finger knit this blanket.

Bernat seed stitch knitting throw pattern

9. Long and Stripy Beginner Knit Shawl

Beginners can use this free knit shawl pattern to practice a variety of different easy stitch patterns. It’s fun to play with different simple patterns. They all work well together while building up your skills. The result is a striped shawl in a chic contemporary color palette.

beginner knit shawl free pattern

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