10 Secrets to Perfect Planned Pooling in Crochet

Perfect Planned Pooling Video Secrets by Marly Bird Well, I’ve jumped in the deep end of planned pooling and I LOVE IT! Today I am going to share with you my 10 Secrets to Perfect Planned Pooling in Crochet.
As many of you know, I published the BEST Crochet Tutorial Planned Pooling Video about  the technique a couple weeks ago. And since then I’ve perfected a few things. So, of course that means I have to do a new video and call it,

10 Secrets to Perfect Planned Pooling Crochet!

Planned Pooling Argyle Crochet Blanket by Marly BirdBelow you will find the 10 Secrets listed out and the video to watch them in action. I think you are going to love secret number 5! My video will show you all that you need to know to be successful in planned pooling argyle.

You can read more about my journey with planned pooling on my blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I have more planned pooling videos coming out soon, you don’t want to miss them.

10 Secrets to Perfect Planned Pooling in Crochet:

  1. Chain through a full color sequence of the yarn. If you are having a hard time knowing where the sequence ends, go past the point at which you think it ends then you will be able to see where the colors begin to repeat themselves.
  2. You can choose color placement from the start. Once you have the full sequence chained, you can then plan where you want what color to begin.
  3. On row 1, first sc in the chain, the rest AROUND the foundation chain. note: in the video I accidentally forgot to do the ch 1…that is what happens when I talk and try to crochet. You want to do the ch 1 after each sc. There is more about this in the video description. 
  4. Count the number of stitches in each color, then maintain that number throughout the project. Remember that the first ch 3 turning chain and the remaining ch 2 turning chains count as a stitch. That is why you work into the space created by them. So include the color of your tch in your stitch count.
  5. The color of the stitch is MORE IMPORTANT than the gauge or tension or even the actual stitches used. This is where a lot of crocheters get mixed up because we are so used to maintaining gauge/tension to complete a project. For planned pooling argyle you are more concerned with the color of the stitch rather than the gauge/tension/stitch used. If you get the color to shift every other row you are on the right track. note: the stitch color will shift one to the left every other row if you’re right handed, or shift one to the right every other row if you are left handed. 
  6. To get the correct color of the stitch you might need to change hook sizes…even mid row! Yes, this is contrary to almost everything you have been taught in crochet but TRUST ME!
  7. To get the correct color of the stitch you might have to change the turning chain amount or the actual stitch used. Again, this is contrary to almost everything you have been taught in crochet but TRUST ME!
  8. Using the same dye lot on a project is a MUST and how to match colors to join a new ball of yarn. There will come a time that you will need to add a new ball of yarn, whether to make your project longer or because you got the dreaded knot in your yarn. It is not hard to do as long as you match up the color sequence.
  9. To make a project larger than one color sequence wide simply chain more than one sequence, then work multiple sequences across the row maintaining the same number of stitches in each color. REMEMBER to count the turning chain stitches as 1 stitch in that color.
  10. Planned pooling is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! Planned pulling is also FRUSTRATING! It doesn’t care how long you’ve been crocheting, it will try to defeat you. Take control of it. I know you can do it.


Of course you are, you are ready to jump into the pool too! The best place to start is right here. 

Planned Pooling Argyle Poncho Free Pattern by Marly Bird with Video Tutorial

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Yarn Pooling Made Easy by Marly Bird:

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  1. Carlotta says:

    Can you pull from the middle of your yarn or is it better to use from the outside when doing planned pooling.

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