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Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

It’s not too late to make crochet Halloween decorations. Whether you’re going to have a party this year or stay at home as a family, Halloween crochet patterns can dress up your house and make for a more festive mood. Taking the time to sit and crochet for a holiday can really help you get grounded in the season so that you celebrate it instead of letting it just pass you by. Get started with these free Halloween crochet patterns, which run the gamut from coasters to costumes.

10 Free Crochet Halloween Patterns from Red Heart

Let’s start with a set of ten classic Halloween crochet patterns made using Red Heart Super Saver yarn. After all, this 100% acrylic worsted weight machine-washable yarn has been a favorite for over three decades.

With over 120 colors and counting, I know that you will find the perfect color for any project that you work on. Super Saver comes in solids, stripes, and ombre. Best of all, it is made in the USA.

Here are ten of the best free crochet Halloween patterns available using Red Heart yarn. They are each pictured in the image above.

Halloween Coaster Free Pattern: Ghost Coasters

Designed By: Kara Gunza

This Halloween coaster free pattern is really quick and easy to make. Use one skein each of 316 Soft White A and 312 Black B Super Saver yarn and a 5 m (US H-8) crochet hook to craft these Halloween coasters. They look like fun, bright, adorable little ghosts. Use them under drinks at a Halloween party or string them into a garland.

Download the FREE Crochet Ghost Coasters Pattern

Halloween Top Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Designed By: Sharon Mann

Do you need a simple crochet hat that doubles as a Halloween costume? If so, then this free Halloween top hat pattern is a top choice. Using 2 skeins of 254 Pumpkin A and 1 skein each of 312 Black B and 512 Turqua C, you can create a bold accessory that will have everyone asking about your crochet skills. This hat requires a few extra materials that you can’t purchase through Red Heart to get the full effect.

Download the FREE Halloween Top Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Halloween Patterns: Jar Cozies

Designed By: Nancy Anderson

Use two different crochet hooks and two Red Heart Super Saver yarn skeins to craft these adorable Halloween jar cozies. Fill them with candy or other treats to give as gifts. Since most people don’t give Halloween gifts, they’re an extra special treat. Alternatively, use them to decorate jars around the house for candles and other spooky decor.

Download the FREE Halloween Jar Cozies pattern

Free Crochet Halloween Pattern: Party Banner

Designed By: Kara Gunza

Whether or not you’ll have a Halloween party this year, a Halloween party banner is a fun project to crochet. It’s easy to make but adds a big pop of seasonal color to any room.

Download the FREE Halloween Party Banner pattern

Free Crochet Halloween Pattern: Ghostly Candy Bowl

Designed By: Michele Wilcox

Use stuffing and black floss in combination with intriguing Red Heart Super Saver Yarn choices to craft a candy bowl for Halloween. If you’re handing candy out to trick-or-treaters, then this will be a surprise treat for them to see. Alternatively, place it as a centerpiece on your table to enjoy throughout the Halloween season.

Download the FREE Ghostly Candy Bowl pattern

Free Halloween Crochet Patterns: Ghost-A-Glow Candle Cozies

Designed By: Sahrit Freud-Weinstein

Candles warm the season. You can make creative ones for nearly any winter holiday, starting with Halloween. This free crochet pattern gives you yarn ghosts to cover Smart Candles. That way, the house stays safe, but you still get that seasonal glow. These also make cute gifts.

This pattern requires a few additional non-yarn-related items. See the pattern for a full list of materials.

Download the FREE Ghost-A-Glow pattern

Free Halloween Crochet Patterns: Spiders Climbing Walls

Designed By: Michele Wilcox

Crochet just one of these Halloween spiders as a statement decor piece for any room. Or crochet a set of them to climb the walls. Place them outdoors to delight (or frighten) your neighbors. Have them climb the bathroom walls during a Halloween party. Or lay them out on tabletops for Halloween mealtime fun.

Download the Spiders Climbing Wall pattern

Pumpkin Face Throw Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Designed By: Michele Wilcox

Halloween comes and goes so quickly. However, you can keep the spirit around all winter long by creating a themed throw blanket. This one has bright colors that will delight the senses. Put it away when the sun comes out and bring it out again next year to start the season anew.

Download the Pumpkin Face Throw pattern

Free Halloween Crochet Pattern: Spooky Spider Jewelry

Designed By: Cristina Mershon

Slip on a pair of bold Halloween earrings to note the season wherever you go. Whether you’re attending a party that you don’t want to get fully in costume for or just heading to the corner store to pick up some extra Halloween candy, these earrings will announce your seasonal spirit. They don’t use very much yarn and work up quickly.

Download the Spooky Spider Jewelry pattern

Free Halloween Crochet Patterns: Gift Trims

Designed By: Salena Baca

These are a set of free Halloween crochet patterns that you can wrap around gift bags to decorate them for the holiday. They also make great appliqués for a wide variety of different projects. They’re small and you can work up a bunch of them really quickly without using up a lot of yarn. Have fun with this project.

Download the Halloween Gift Trims pattern

Other Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

Those Red Heart Super Saver Yarn patterns are top choices for quick Halloween crochet projects. However, there are so many different patterns for the holiday that you don’t want to limit yourself! Here are some additional ideas and free Halloween crochet patterns:

Free Crochet Pumpkin Patterns

Free pumpkin patterns

Pumpkins are the quintessential symbol of Halloween. Here are ten free crochet pumpkin patterns to play with.

Halloween Coaster Free Patterns

Crochet coasters are always a smart choice for decorating. The ghost coasters at the beginning of this post are popular Halloween coaster free patterns. However, any appliqué pattern can make a good coaster. Look for free patterns for ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and other symbols of the season.

Crochet Witch Patterns

The witch is another classic symbol of Halloween. Crochet a witch’s hat for an easy costume. Alternatively, you might want to crochet the Harry Potter sorting hat, a free Hogwarts crochet pattern.

More Free Patterns

Here are ten more free patterns for Halloween.

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