Snowboarder Crochet Chunky Hat

Watching the Winter Olympics is always a treat for me. Not just because it is the greatest example of human competition and perseverance, but because of the amazing knit and crochet fashion of the slopes! You know what I mean if you are an avid knitter and crocheter like me. Well, the other night I saw the amazing Chloe Kim win the snowboarding competition and she was wearing a very simple and fun chunky ribbed hat by Burton. I knew I could recreate my own version of the hat so I did. The Snowboarder Chunky Hat is now a free knitting pattern for you to enjoy!
But, I know I have many crochet fans as well so I have designed a simple knit look chunky hat for crocheters too! That’s right, the Snowboarder Crochet Chunky Hat is now available for you AND it includes a video tutorial!

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Snowboarder Crochet Chunky Hat Pattern by Marly Bird

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Snowboarder Chunky Hat Materials:

Yarn: RED HEART® Super Saver Chunky™–2 balls Soft White; Aunt Lydia’s Cotton Thread Size 3 (for Pom Pom
Hook: N (10 mm) or size to obtain correct gauge.
Notions: stitch marker, 1″ large button, bent tip tapestry needle, Pom Pom Maker (Optional)

Snowboarder Crochet Chunky Hat Gauge:

8 sts and 5 rows  = 4” [10 cm] in the HDC ribbing pattern. It is very important that you get this same measurement for your hat to fit properly.

Hat Dimensions:

Finished Measurement: 24” [60.96 cm] circumference, 13 1/2″ [34.29 cm] when brim is not folded.

Crochet Video Tutorials:

Half Double Crochet
Single Crochet
Perfect Pom Pom (different than what is used in this hat but a great video) 
How to Crochet Snowboarder Chunky Hat 


CH: Chain
HDC: Half Double Crochet
–SCSingle Crochet
–Sl StSlip Stitch
tbl: through the back loop

Snowboarder Crochet Chunky Hat Pattern:


Holding two strands of yarn together throughout, chain 29.
Foundation Row: Hdc in 3rd ch from hook (2 skipped stitch do NOT count as a stitch), hdc in each chain to the last 5, sc in next st, place marker in sc just made, sc in next stitch, sl st in next 3 stitches, turn–27 sts. 
Working in the back leg for ALL the stitches from here forward. 

Row 1: Ch 1, sl st in 3 sts tbl, sc in next 2 sts tbl, remove marker and place it in the second sc just completed, hdc in each stitch tbl to end of row, turn.
Row 2: Ch 2 (does NOT count as a stitch), hdc in each stitch tbl to marker, sc in tbl of marked stitch, sc in tbl of next stitch, sl st in last 3 sts tbl, turn.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the body of the hat fits comfortably around your head slightly stretched. 

NOTE: if you make your hat larger it will require more yarn.

NOTE: My hat had a total of 28 rows and is a little big but perfect if you want a hat that isn’t too tight and doesn’t cause hat hair wink


Finishing and Pom Pom

Fold the piece together so the foundation chain edge meets up with the last row completed. Join the back loop of each stitch on the last row completed to the corresponding stitch at the  foundation chain row with a slip stitch. [see video for help]
Cut the yarn leaving at least 14″ of tail. Fasten off work.
Thread tail onto tapestry needle, then thread the needle through the end of every other row at the slip stitch edge of the body. Pull the tail tight like a drawstring to bring the top of the hat closed. Secure the tail to the inside of the hat. [see video for help] Weave in any remaining ends.

One of the fun things about Chloe’s hat is the floppy pom pom on the top. To make the pom I suggest using a pom pom maker in a large size (4″ or larger) or a solid piece of plastic at least 4″ or larger that you can wrap the yarn around. Use the cotton thread to secure the pom pom and to attach the pom pom to the hat.
I suggest using the 1″ large button on the inside of the hat for added structure and to make the pom pom removable. I show you how to do make the pom pom for this hat and how to attach it with a button in this video.
Fold Brim, enjoy your new hat!

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