Crochet Turkey Trot 2020 – Day 1

I can’t hardly believe the day is here! The Turkey Trot Event is one of my favorites and here we are getting started with the Crochet Turkey Trot 2020 – Day 1!

How does this work?

Because I know some of you are new to all this, let me make this super simple. From Wednesday, Nov. 25-Monday, Nov. 30th, you will go to this link here: https://marlybird.com/turkey-trot-mystery-make-along-2020 and scroll all the way to the bottom Get Turkey Trot Clues  HERE ????. If you haven’t already bookmarked that page in your web browser, I highly recommend doing that now. Here is a video to show you what I mean:

You will see a link for each day that has the clues released. Click the link for the day you need. That will take you to a page like this one you are reading now ????. Note: Each day has a different clue and a different page so you must always go back to the original blog post and get the link to the new page; hence the reason I told you to bookmark it!

On this page, you will find the instructions for the next section of the project. You are expected to get through all of the instructions before the next day in order to continue with the next clue.

By Nov. 30th, the hope is that you will have a finished piece that you will be proud to wear.

What if you fall behind?

No Worries! We know that not everybody works at the same speed. And LORD KNOWS the crocheters are going to be faster than the knitters!

If you fall behind, that is absolutely okay. Just work until you are ready for the next clue and go get it. The clue will just be there waiting for you.

Think of it this way, you are letting all the speedy knitters/crocheters find all the mistakes in the patterns before you get there. LOL. (not saying there are mistakes…just trying to make a joke…but let’s hope I didn’t just jinx us!)

Where to post questions and progress pictures?

In the Marly’s Minions Group on Facebook (if you haven’t joined yet, do that now >> click here << ) there will be a dedicated thread for each day. I pin those threads in ANNOUNCEMENTS so you can easily find them.


This is very important. The testers will be checking these threads to help answer questions and it really helps them if we keep the questions for each day in the appropriate thread. I hope that makes sense. Also, the testers can be easily identified by their fb image. Each one is using a picture like this:


As you finish the clue for each day (no matter if it is 3 days later) post a picture of your progress in the progress thread for the day you are working on. It really inspires all of us. Plus, it is fun to see all the different yarns getting used!

Okay, now here is your clue

Below, you will find everything you should need for this Crochet Turkey Trot 2020 – Day 1 Clue! Make a note that each day there might be additional information after materials.

???? Good Luck ????

Crochet Turkey Trot 2020


To Fit Sizes 

S-XL (2XL-5XL)

*the smaller of the two sizes is more of a one size fits all, and the larger size is a little bit larger

Finished Measurements

S-XL — 20.5” x 65″ (52.1 x 165.1 cm) 

2XL-5XL — 24” x 71.5” (61 x 181.6 cm)


15 linked dc = 4” (10 cm); 14.5 sts x 10 rows in ribbing pattern = 4 x 3″ (10 x 7.6 cm); CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the gauge.



Worsted Weight

  • The amounts are an estimated amount (because I don’t know what yarn YOU are using) so to make sure you have enough for the project, have at least the yardage listed for the size you are making
  • Size S-XL: 1500 yds
  • Size 2XL-5XL: 2200 yds


I/5.5mm or size to obtain gauge 


Yarn needle, stitch markers, contrasting color string for holding stitches


Linked DC: Insert hook into 2nd ch from hook, yarn over and pull up a loop, insert hook into 3rd ch from hook, yarn over and pull up a loop, [yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] twice (first linked dc made), *insert hook into horizontal bar (sliding hook from top to bottom of stitch, not to the back of the stitch) of previous linked dc, yarn over and pull up a loop, insert hook into next ch/st, yarn over and pull up a loop, [yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] twice; repeat from * across to end.  When working next row, ch 2, insert hook into 2nd ch from hook and first st to pull up loops.



Day 1 (MAKE TWO of these pieces)


Ch 32

Row 1: Linked dc (see special stitches and video tutorial) across chains, ch 2, turn — 30 linked dc

Row 2: Linked dc in each dc across, turn — 30 linked dc

Continue until piece measures 7” (17.8 cm). Fasten off and set aside. 

See you tomorrow! >> click here to go back to main page <<

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