Yi-An “E” Lee of The Crochet Lounge

Yi-An “E” Lee of The Crochet Lounge met up with us at the Yarn Thing Podcast wThe Crochet Loung logoith Marly Bird.

Yi-An (sounds like E-Ann, so usually she uses the moniker “E”) Lee is a ‘Designer, Choreographer of Hooks & Strings at The Crochet Lounge’, a Mom of four, ‘playing with home-schooling’, loves social media especially Facebook with her growth from 10,000 to almost 80,000 on The Crochet Lounge Facebook page in the last year. This has inspired her to starte a second arm to her business, the Lulu Lounge, more about that later, but both created for busy moms who need look professional and put together as well as comfy.

“E”‘s mom and grandmother both crocheted. She watched them and they were FAST, so it was about at about 8 or 9 that she attempted. In college she got out her crochet hook and made scarves, just whipped them out. When pregnant with her firstborn, she was inspired again.

The Crochet Lounge started as a group on Facebook, grew into a blog and website. She has a computer-science and IT background. She uses these different platforms like Word-Press to blog with to learn, because she’s heard many successful businesses use them. She started in a few groups within Facebook and early on became administrator of a large group. She began her own group in 2012, as a more hands-off gathering, where everyone talks about everything.

yi-ann leeRight now, she has a pay-it-forward program that she is very excited about. She is about 50% through a beanie drive to help an area in California where so many people were displaced by fires. (This link is to a group, please asked to be included, if you’re interested.) Much of “E”‘s mission currently is to encourage others to take the first step their heart’s desire, to not be afraid of failure but to Fail Hard, not to wonder if you could share what inspires you and never try.

She started another company, which can be found as a group on Facebook also, call Lula Lounge. This group is for everyone to have clothing they like, is fresh and inspiring. She doesn’t consider herself a designer but her website and posts in Facebook. is chock full of interesting pieces. People must love her patterns because of that growth mentioned earlier, either the design itself or the modifications they could make to it for themselves.



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  1. DeeSadie says:

    Great podcast again Marly, I was curious about the maxi skirts but without a FB account I can’t see her shop. Does anyone know if she has an etsy shop?

  2. Elaine B. says:

    Thanks Marly, for another fun and entertaining podcast. I usually listen on my way home from work. You always make me laugh. I’m home now and getting ready to check out E’s Lula Lounge.

  3. Michelle says:

    Hey Marly! I am a regular listener. I have not heard of E’s Lula Lounge before so thanks for haveing “E” on. You two are adorable together. Thanks for the giggles 🙂

  4. Kim Wilkinson says:

    Marly, I love listening to your podcast. I have actually done a pattern test for Yi-An before and absolutely love the hat that we made. I am so glad that you found a Nother way to also subsidize funds through Lula lounge. I will have to check it out when I get done working today. Good luck in all of your ventures and I am looking forward to seeing more things from you.

  5. Renee says:

    Fun, fun, fun, Marly! Yi-An was great! She is so encouraging, like you, Marly! Had a bit of difficulty looking for E’s Lula lounge online (didn’t feel like dancing at the moment-LOL) but realized what I’d done wrong and found it on her Crochet Lounge site. Really enjoyed seeing her designs and loved y’all’s talk! Thank you, Marly, for such great shows!

  6. Missy says:

    Great show! I loved listening to you guys and loved hearing about Lula Lounge and the Crochet Lounge! I’m making plans to start making some hats for E’s PIFF campaign! Have a lovely day and keep smiling! 🙂

  7. Susan Crosby says:

    There’s a lot going on over at The Crochet Lounge and Lula Lounge website. What a dynamo of creative Yi An is! Great interview but it was kind of hard to hear it in my car. I appreciate you staying consistent with posting episodes Marly so don’t mind if things aren’t so perfect sometimes.

  8. Greg says:

    Thanks Marly, for another great podcast! As always, I love hearing about designers do the magic they do behind the scenes. I especially love learning more about crochet, which is definitely not (yet) in my wheelhouse. What a great interview with Yi-An Lee! I wonder if dudes like me are welcome in the Lula Lounge…. 😉

    –KnittingDaddy Greg

  9. Rose says:

    Lovely show ladies and such lovely ladies! The support and goodwill that both you Marly and Yi-An “E” Lee were exuding was so nuroushing to the soul. God Bless you both. All the best to you at LULA LOUNGE! I know I’m going to go check you out right now!

  10. Lisa Nixon says:

    Y-An “E” was a super guest – obviously she is a very compassionate person who share many characteristics of Marly – ie being very giving and fun. I am going to be checking out E’s Lula Lounge.

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