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It’s always fun to try a new yarn. However, sometimes people are a little worried about doing that, too. After all, you invest good money in your yarn. Even affordable yarn still costs cash. Moreover, you invest your time in using it. So, if you’ve never tried a certain yarn before, you might put off trying it because you don’t want to take the risk. Well, the Marly Bird team has been trying out Wonderfluff Yarn recently, and we have to share that we really like it. Get it here.

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What Is Wonderfluff Yarn?

Wonderfluff is a bulky yet lightweight yarn. It’s super soft, made from natural animal fibers. However, it also has nylon for stretch and durability. It comes in nearly two dozen beautiful colors. You get 142 yards per 50g at a cost of $8.99 currently on the WeCrochet site. Therefore, although it’s not the cheapest yarn on the market, it’s an affordable yarn that gives you good bang for your buck.

If you look at the description on WeCrochet, you’ll see that it begins, “Softer than a kitten, fluffier than a cloud.” That might sound like an exaggeration but the point comes across – this feel like a luxury yarn. It’s a delight in the hands as you knit or crochet.

Great Stitch Definition for a Fluffy Yarn

As team member Cryssi mentioned recently in one of our BiCrafty Bootcamp Live Videos, this yarn has a lot of halo. Halo is basically the amount of fluff that you see when you look at the yarn. Sometimes people don’t want to work with yarn like this. After all, it can be an indication of potential pilling. It’s also usually not great for stitch definition. However, as Cryssi also pointed out, Wonderfluff Yarn has surprisingly great stitch definition for a fluffy yarn.

This is due to the blend of fibers. This yarn is 70% baby alpaca and 7% soft merino wool. That’s where all that kitten softness comes in. However, it’s got nylon for the rest of it. More than that, WeCrochet explains that the animal “fibers are blown into and caught in a lightweight tube of nylon mesh.” As a result, you get great stitch definition. It’s easy to work with. And yet it’s soft. It’s uniquely well-made yarn.

Alpaca Yarn That’s Not Itchy

Marly never really knows if she’s going to enjoy working with alpaca yarn or not. More often that not, she’s allergic to it. However, she’s had no problems at all working with this yarn. She’s also been able to comfortably wear what she’s crafted with it. So, if you tend to have problems with the itchiness of animal fibers, it might still be worth giving this yarn a try.

Crochet Hat with Wonderfluff Yarn

We used Wonderfluff Yarn to make a crochet top down hat with the BiCrafty Bootcampers. You’ll use 1-2 balls of the yarn depending on your hat size. It uses simple stitches and easy construction so that you can work it up quickly. For the hat, we recommend a size K crochet hook. That said, Wonderfluff is unique as a bulky yarn that’s still really light, so you can actually use a range of different hook sizes when working with it for other projects. Have fun playing with it!

Get The Yarn

Get Wonderfluff Yarn over at WeCrochet.

Wonderfluff Ombre

This wonderful yarn also comes in an ombre version! This is a 100 gram cake and there are ten different ombre colorways. Check it out. In fact, it’s one of the yarn suggestions we gave for the knitting option of Turkey Trot 2021.

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