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With as many projects as I make there are always yarn scraps piling up. I have seen many creative ways of using up your yarn scraps and today I am going to share another. Although you don’t have to use yarn scraps for these items it is an option.

Product Review: Bracelet Box Kit by Ann Williams

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Hi everyone, it’s Katelyn and I am back with another review. It is summer time and the kids are all off of school and looking for fun things to do. If the kids in your life are anything like mine, every time the yarn comes out they want to know what they get to do it with. I found these great kits from Ann Williams group for making great projects with kids which can also help use up your stash or scrap yarn.

Product Review: Bracelet Box by Ann Williams

The kit that I am reviewing today is their bracelet box. The thing that I love about this box is that it comes in two versions. There is a kids version and then there is a teen adult version. Ann Williams has quite a few kits like this. You can purchase these kits at your local JoAnn’s and check out their whole selection. In particular this kit incorporates thread but I have also used yarn to make a few pieces.

About the Bracelet Box:

Bracelet Box Kit by Ann Williams When you get your bracelet box and open it up you will find that almost everything that you need is included in the box. All of the stringing materials and beads and an instruction booklet are included in the box. Really the only thing you need to add to the box is a pair of scissors and some tape. Don’t throw away the cardboard that comes with it. Use it as the perfect work station to keep the beads and other materials from rolling away!

Within the box you will find instructions for NINE bracelets. Each bracelet has the materials to make one. Once you get started you can use these nine projects as a jumping off point and let your creativity make up new creations. One of the bracelets in the set is finger crochet. Inside the booklet they walk you through how to make the bracelet. I am sure that once you or your child makes the first one you will be finger crocheting chains for days with your leftover yarn. Make a finger crochet bracelet in every color!

Who is the Bracelet Box For:

Bracelet Box by Ann WilliamsBecause this kit is offered in two version (or age groups) many will be able to take advantage of this. My 4 year old made one of the bracelets into a necklace for his cousin (see project below). I had to help him a little but he still enjoyed working together with me to make it. I love this box for older teens and even adults because it is a quick way to get some crafting in over the summer when you might not want to have a big project.

Having the cardboard box inside really helps to make these projects portable. Perfect to take with you on vacation or another trip so that you can have something crafty for your hands to do.

How to use your scrap yarn for projects:

Because each box only comes with enough materials to make one of each bracelet use up your scraps or stash to make some additional projects. After making bracelet #9 my son decided that he wanted to make one for his cousin. Since they are pretty young still I thought that we could turn the bracelet idea into a necklace for her.

To start off we went to my stash and found some of my Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie to make a yarn scrap necklace. The original directions had you use embroidery thread but I have way more yarn to pick from than embroidery thread so that is what we used. We pulled out a main color and then a secondary color for the fringe. My 4 year old was able to help me measure out the yarn and cut it. I went ahead and braided it so that there wasn’t any frustration and then he helped me with the larks head knots around the braided core to finish off the necklace.

Making things simple I just put a knot on either side of the center so that they couldn’t move. I cut the fringe on an angle to give it a pointed middle, which I see often with macramé, and called it finished. When we saw my niece we just made a simple knot with the necklace. Since it was cotton and super simple she can wear it as long as she wants and then cut it off.

Necklace Photo Tutorial

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