Unobtainables: Fake Elements, Real Knits Learn more on the Yarn Thing Podcast

Join Marly Bird and guest Heather and Allison, authors of Unobtainables: Fake Elements, Real Knits, on the Yarn Thing Podcast at 10am MST on Tuesday February 6th. Learn about this awesome book centered around a new periodic table.

Yarn Thing Podcast with guest Heather and Allison, authors of Unobtainables: Fake Elements, Real Knits

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Game Day Super Cowl by Marly Bird

About the Authors:

Unobtainables was created by 2 knitters from opposite coasts, who have common ground as nerds. The book was created from a casual conversation about the periodic table of elements.

Charts in the book are printed large enough to read without having to enlarge them. This book is a blending of 2 knitters and their different styles. Heather has more charts, Allison has fewer. Which makes this book have from simple to advanced knitting patterns.

The patterns are inspired by different elements from scifi, fantasy and even video games but not in a way that is kitschy. This gives the book an appeal to any knitter, even if you aren’t a trekie you will want to make the dilithium crystal socks.

You wont look like you stepped out of a comic book in one of our designs but the nerd in your life will probably love the way it pays homage to their fandom.

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  1. Dee faughn says:

    I haven’t ever read any comicbook’s before. But, love all the comicbook based movies. Captain America is one of my favorites.

  2. Sam Smit says:

    I’m not a massive comic book fan like some other folks but I do proudly own Issue # 1 of Captain Canuck! I was checking out the patterns on Ravelry and I nearly fell over when I saw that Liquid Schwartz was included. One of my all time favourite movies!

  3. Michele Miller says:

    My favorite comic book is Lenore the cutest little dead girl!! But I am also a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies! Groot is the cutest!

  4. Carri Benson says:

    Never was into comics until I had a boy! My favorite comic book was Spider-Man! I noticed Heartherly had a few Pops on her display! My son has collected nearly 150!

  5. Chris Lopez says:

    Such lovely designs. I haven’t read a comic book in probably more years than you ladies have been alive!! My daughter and her boyfriend like the Avengers and Angie was very excited about the Captain America socks.

  6. Mari Johnson says:

    Love all the designs. I’ve never been into comic books, but I did read the comics section of the newspaper when I was young. I have to save Garfield is my favorite.

  7. Beth Rossignol says:

    My favorite comic book was the Archie comic books. That was a looooooong time ago. Thank you for that memory.

  8. Luann wright says:

    I’ve always enjoyed comic books. Some of my earliest memories. Archie was one my favorites. Plus Superman and Spider-Man. Bazoka bubble gum.

  9. Elizabeth M says:

    What a fun, fun, fun podcast today. The book sounds great. I know 6 people in my family who would love the Dalek socks. I don’t read comic books any more, but back in the day I was a Wonder Woman fan.

  10. Phyllis Weaver says:

    My favorite part of show was, all the information on the process of creating the book and the creative genus that went into the complition and of course a chance to win the book!!!

  11. Patricia Reilly says:

    My first comic book Love was Bird Man because there was a Bird Woman and they worked as a team! Yeah, as a pre-teen I was a helpless romantic….

  12. turtlegirl76 says:

    Comic Book! It’s been forever and a day since I read any comic books but I do have the entire collection of Calvin & Hobbes books if that counts. The old school comic books, probably Wonder Woman.

  13. Michelle Anderson says:

    As a comic book and knitting junkie how did i never know about Alison’s comics??? I must find them immediately!

  14. Stephan Burse Jr says:

    I don’t really remember my favorite comic book honestly because I only read the for a short time. I know that I did like the Japanese Manga though!

  15. Susan Oeltjen says:

    When I was younger my favorite comic book was Archie. I also had a thing for Thor. Such a fun book of geek/nerd patterns. I’m putting it on my wish list!

  16. Suzanne says:

    How fun! There is a niche for every interest in the fiber world. Comic books are a big thing in my house. Wonder Woman would be mine but my boys have stacks and stacks. Thanks, ladies.

  17. Regina S says:

    This was a really fun podcast. I thought I knew which comic book I was going to comment about until I read some of the other posts. They have brought back so many different memories. I didn’t really read many of the comic books themselves but definitely watched the tv shows, like Wonder Woman, Archie, the Hulk. I have boys, (they are really men now), but I think they would enjoy receiving a gift of any of those socks. I too, have taught myself how to knit in order to knit socks. I haven’t gotten any done yet, but this book will give me motivation. This book is going on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing your time and talents.

  18. deb rowley says:

    I heard about this book when it was first published and bought it for myself for my birthday in December.I love the patterns and the commentary with each pattern! My favorite comic was the original batman 45 yrs ago when I was a teen. Now I am a Deadpool fan.

  19. Sandi Embry says:

    I’m glad comic books are making a come back. I will be looking on Kindle for these books. I’m a Walking Dead fan.

  20. Mary Alice Helgesen says:

    As a chemical engineer I use the periodic table and love your similar table of fake elements! It is a creative and interesting way to approach knitting patterns. I have never read comic books much. I remember reading Archie on occasion as a young child. I looked at your patterns and am impressed. I particularly like Eitr, and Gold Titanium Alloy.

  21. Missy Schmidt says:

    OMG. I loved this podcast! I am a fan of all the geeky things. My favorite comic book is Squirrel Girl!!!!! But I do have a beloved copy of the Punisher with a knitting cover! Tehe!

  22. Bonnie C. says:

    I honestly haven’t read any actual comicbooks, but I do enjoy watching the tv shows and movies based on the characters such as Wonder Woman and Captain America.

  23. Amanda White says:

    I’m embarrassed to say I’m not that much into comic books but I do enjoy the pop culture media based on them! Thanks for furthering my love of nerdy pop culture knits and crochet arts!

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