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Underground Crafter, Marie Segares joined Yarn Thing with Marly Bird on today’s program. It was two greatUndergroundCrafter logo/designers having a meeting of the minds!

Marie learned from her grandmother to crochet and knit when Marie was 9 years old. Grandmother went to a needle arts trade school! Marie was really interested in crochet… In 2002, she received a book and learned to read patterns and became fired up, making things for family, meeting crafting people locally. She took the Craft Yarn Council’s Craft Instructors program in 2007 without really any intention of teaching. Because her grandmother died right after she took that course, she again felt inspired to move on along that path. Marie did give a try at participating at craft fairs, but found that using the patterns that she had created to teach Marie Segares Thadens Asymmetrical Shawl1others to crochet, and with the help of a mentor through the CGOA, Mary Nolfi, began submitting designs to magazines, self-publishing. All of the lead to her blog, which she started in 2011. She also got involved in different online communities and eventually the work she did outside of crafting and crochet became overwhelming. She left that in 2013. She feels she divides her time between yarn and teaching.

Underground Crafter was a way for Marie to share with others what she found, allowed her to keep herself involved with a variety of things going on all over the world. She loves the feed back she gets, which doesn’t come from magazine submissions.

CYE show logo 1400The Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show podcast is a brand-new way for Marie to share this info in audio format, and can also be found in iTunes. Marie and Marly know people in the yarn industry who do a VARIETY of things to make a living. This really different from person to person, so no two ways are going to match up. Marie’s podcast focuses on the different things that must be considered by someone pursuing a career in the craft industry.

This episode of the Yarn Thing podcast gave callers an opportunity to ask questions of BOTH ladies. One topic was: should a designer offer FREE patterns verses PAID-for patterns? Both ladies offered their experiences and the choices they have made, and what they found. (THIS was really informative, but you’ll have to hear it for yourself.)

Another question was about family and friends asking for patterns you have for sale or finished products for FREE. Marie’s suggestion was to tag gifts with how many hours it took to create, or barter something in exchange.

The next inquiry was about blogging or podcasting and keeping motivated to continue on with fresh content. Marie said because she’s concerned about quality, if she’s not feeling up to it, she won’t post, such as earlier this month when she was sick. Marly says, 10:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays is where she is most enthused about learning about her guests and learning new things from them. She realizes her weaknesses and recruits help where she needs it. (You’ve heard her gush about her contract knitters and her social media assistant…)

A wonderful question was whether paid or free patterns how can we support our favorite designers? Stepping out of your comfort zone and SHARING what you love. either by pattern reviews on our own blogs, or verbally sharing the link to a pattern we’ve used and loved. A designer may be thought rude or even banned from selling their patterns outside of their own social pages, but if YOU are sharing what you love and why, who doesn’t love or admire that?

Marie Segares is also offering a 20% discount to all Marly’s listeners, of Marie’s Ravelry Shop: MARLY2015



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  1. Kim Wilkinson says:

    I love both of your podcasts. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to bring us amazing shows. Is it difficult to do a podcast?

  2. Karen B says:

    This was such an inspiring podcast! I really enjoyed it and I’m happy to have been
    introduced to Marie. I just subscribed to her podcast and can’t wait to start listening

  3. Audrey says:

    I am a much more knowledgeable knitter because of your podcast. Loved hearing Of Marie’s design business. I think the way she tags gifts is brilliant.

  4. Knitting Daddy Greg says:

    This podcast episode had truth bombs dropping all over the place. It was awesome! I loved all of the behind-the-scenes “inside baseball” talk about how the industry works from a designer’s perspective. The discussion about finding a balance with free patterns and paid patterns was especially informative. Thank you both for a great conversation. I’m sure this episode will be one to keep coming back to and listen to over and over again. Great job, ladies!

  5. Linda says:

    I didn’t get to listen to the podcast live today, but I was able to listen later. Very enjoyable!
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

  6. deb says:

    As a call in caller mentioned, this too was MY favorite PODCAST. As a designer myself, I could relate to many of the topics. I look forward to listening to the next podcast of yours. Knit On!

  7. Ally Belser says:

    Thanks Marly! I seriously enjoyed today’s podcast with Marie. I’m a firm believer in paying a fair price for a good product and patterns are no exception. More than not I’ll purchase a pattern before downloading a free pattern. Everybody that works should get paid. I’m looking forward to hearing your next show.

  8. Lori Biamonte says:

    I cleaned up the kitchen and knit a round on the Icelandic sweater I’m knitting for my granddaughter while listening to this podcast. It was very interesting. I always enjoy your podcasts.

  9. Michelle says:

    What a wonderful podcast, as usual. It was such a pleasure to hear a snip-it of behind the scenes information about the yarn industry. Keep up the good work ladies!

  10. barb ssito says:

    Great podcast. I never understand why anyone would think you should work for free. I love the model of ads paying for free patterns. People still watch network tv! Keep dinging to the choir!

  11. Lisa Nixon says:

    Listening to this podcast was like sitting at the next table and eavesdropping on a fascinating conversation. I appreciate the discussions on free vs paid patterns.

  12. Theresa says:

    Love the podcast Marly! Thanks for introducing me to a new podcast. My crafting podcasts are taking over my phone. I really enjoyed the conversation about free v.s. paid patterns. I knitted a few of Marly’s free patterns when I first started listening. That is what brought me to the paid patterns. thanks so much

  13. Mary K. says:

    A very interesting podcast. The conversation about what is involved in designing and paid vs. free really evoked a new respect for people who do this. Good job.

  14. Susan Crosby says:

    My best takeaway from this podcast, informative as they all are, is the designers perspective on making money, if not an actual living, from their pattern sales. I think this is the second time this topic was broached on Yarn Thing. It’s made me much more aware of the real cost of the patterns I scroll through on Ravelry. I’m more willing to pay for patterns now than I used to be with my new understanding of the people behind the patterns and how much work goes into a good design.

  15. Suzanne says:

    I Always enjoy your podcast, Marly. The conversation between you and Marie left me thinking about so much. My favorite topics were about the potential yarn holds and the gift tags. Thanks!

  16. Lisa Sauer says:

    I have been enjoying the interviews on this podcast, and found this one very interesting. As a consumer, I try to be supportive of the designers to the best of my ability and appreciate the work they put out. But it was enlightening to hear about the economics and dirty underworld of the knitting and crochet industry.

  17. kwilkin1203 says:

    I am leaving another comment. This is a question for you and Marie, can you both do a podcast on teaching crochet (and or knit). I have been invited to teach at a local yarn store and would just enjoy some insight into the ins and outs if teaching.

  18. Melissa C. says:

    Thanks again for a great podcast! I love hearing the behind the scenes, but the realness of your discussions hooks me. I’m not to afraid to buy patterns anymore, that’s for sure!

  19. joyce hancock says:

    Very different podcast today! I knit for the pleasure of it, so I guess I can’t relate too much to most of the discussion about patterns. Except, maybe I will be more aware of giving credit to a designer when I make something.

  20. Carol says:

    It was another great podcast Marly! Marie is very interesting to listen to. I am going to have to try her new audio podcast on itunes. It sounds like it will be enjoyable to listen to.

  21. Rose Ruffolo says:

    Wow! That was another great “PODCAST!” Thank you both for your honesty and sharing your thoughts and opinions on such a controversial topic. It took a lot of guts!

    I myself am the type to download patterns both for free and paid for. I try to support the designers I like as much as possible. I do like the suggestion of passing on links and praise for the designers we support. I try to do this as much as possible also.

    I feel the need to apologize for all those who exploit or try to exploit you, your kindness and your work. We the customer need to understand that, as much as you love what you do and as much as you would love to give all your proceeds to charity and the greater cause you are still a business, ( a business with heart but a business none the less), and as such you must conduct yourself as a business.

    As for the designers who do not support your decision to go the route of free patterns, that is unfortunate. We as women and those of you women in the business world should support each other. We certainly have enough obstacles to overcome without turning on one another. I hope with time and open and honest communication this changes. Hopefully, you can all support each other even if having diverse and varying opinions.

    Until then, know that we love and appreciate you and your work and anything you can and do do to help us the customer as well. Be strong, make educated decisions, follow your instinct and know that we are here to support you!

    Wishing you all, all the best!

    Rose Ruffolo.

    PS Marie, I look forward to “getting to know you better” through your blog and podcast. You seem like an amazing person and from what I have seen of your work an amazing designer!

  22. Cheryl clemons says:

    I love listening to Marly’s podcast. She has such interesting guests. I am looking forward to listening to Marie.’s podcast.

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