Tunisian Crochet Blanket Patterns

Tunisian crochet is the ultimate BiCrafty technique, combining skills from both knitting and crochet into an original craft. You can make many different things using this technique, of course. However, it’s especially great for blankets. Although there are many different versions of the technique, including the option for lace, it’s generally a dense stitch, which makes it comfy and cozy for blanket design. Here are some Tunisian crochet blanket patterns to get you started.

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Tunisian crochet blanket patterns roundup

Tunisian Peek-a-Boo Baby Blanket

tunisian crochet baby blankets

Tunisian crochet blankets make terrific gifts for baby showers and first birthdays. Even your friends who have seen all of your crochet blankets before will be surprised by this new approach. You’ll use Tunisian Simple Stitch and Tunisian Purl Stitch to complete this baby blanket.

Bernat Tunisian Honeycomb Blanket

bulky yarn tunsian crochet blanket pattern

You’ll use those same two Tunisian crochet stitches to create this blanket. However, this is a larger blanket, measuring 50″ x 60″ when complete. Moreover, you get the opportunity to use bulky Bernat Blanket yarn for this one. You don’t see bulky yarn a lot in Tunisian crochet projects, but it works really well.

Tennin Tunisian Blanket

tunisian crochet blanket patterns

Learn how to use the Crow Foot Tunisian Stitch combination to create wonderful texture for this blanket pattern. The pattern comes with detailed notes to assist you along the way. And you can make it seven different sizes from baby through King size. Therefore, this might become one of your favorite go-to Tunisian crochet blanket patterns.

Bernat Tunisian Entrelac Baby Blanket

tunisian entrelac crochet blanket pattern

Tunisian crochet is well suited to the entrelac design. In this crochet baby blanket, you combine the technique with rainbow colors for a bold, bright, beautiful finished product.

Tunisian Crochet Checkerboard Throw

tunisian crochet checkerboard throw pattern

You can use this crochet blanket as just a blanket. However, the instructions also come with information on how to make a bunch of small pom poms that you can use as “checkers” to turn this blanket into a picnic game.

Tunisian Mitered Throw

mitered throw tunisian crochet blanket pattern

Most Tunisian crochet blanket patterns require you to use Tunisian crochet hooks, which are longer than regular crochet hooks. However, since this blanket uses small squares, you can actually use a regular crochet hook if that’s all that you have. This makes it a good starter pattern in the craft.

Tunisian Crochet Color Block Throw

tunisian crochet blocks blanket

Here’s another of the Tunisian crochet blanket patterns that doesn’t require a long hook if you don’t want to use one. (That said, you might find it easier if you do.) It’s designed with spring colors in mind, making it a perfect lightweight crochet blanket project.

Bernat Woven Blocks Blanket

tunisian crochet blocks blanket pattern

If you enjoy working in motifs, then here’s another Tunisian crochet blanket pattern for you. It’s a really simple pattern, and yet it looks interesting because of the color choices and layout. There’s a color diagram for assembly.

Orchid Square Tunisian Crochet Pattern

floral tunisian crochet square pattern

This is just a pattern for a Tunisian crochet square. However, you can make a bunch of them then use your favorite joining technique to turn it into a full blanket of any size you choose.

Grandmother’s Tunisian Crochet Garden

floral tunisian crochet blanket pattern

Just like there are more shapes than granny squares in traditional crochet, there are more than square motifs in Tunisian crochet. Work with a new shape and lots of bright colors to make this floral crochet blanket.

Timeless Tunisian Blanket

tunisian crochet blankets with texture

In this pattern, you’ll combine Tunisian simple stitch with textured crochet stitches such as cluster stitch. The result, as you can see, it a stunning detailed blanket.

Tunisian Monstera Blanket and Pillow Set

tunisian crochet blanket and pillow set

The Monstera is a beautiful leaf that’s started to show up in a variety of home decor designs. Here we find it worked in Tunisian crochet to create a matching blanket and pillow set.

Red Heart Wistful Waves Lapghan

advanced tunisian crochet blanket patterns

At first glance, you might not even realize that this openwork design is worked in Tunisian crochet. However, indeed it is. In fact, you’ll get the chance to practice a variety of stitches including reverse Tunisian simple stitch, reverse Tunisian slip stitch, and extended reverse Tunisian double crochet! This is one of the best Tunisian crochet blanket patterns for advanced crafters.

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