Throw On The Go: Hexi-Quilt Crochet Blanket Pattern

Yarnspirations recently did a roundup of all of their best “throw on the go” blanket patterns. These are blankets that you can knit or crochet in small pieces. Obviously, these are great for summer because you don’t want the heat of a huge blanket growing on your lap. They have tons of great designs to choose from, of course. Today, though, we wanted to draw your attention to a unique one: The Red Heart Hexi-Quilt Crochet Blanket.

throw on the go crochet pattern

Why Choose Throw on the Go In Summer

The Throw On The Go route is perfect for summer. If you’re looking for a summer-long project that will keep you busy, then a blanket is always a good choice. Or a series of blankets depending on how fast you knit or crochet.

And yet, as aforementioned, most people don’t like to crochet blankets in the summer because it gets so hot. In the winter, we love having all of that yarn growing into a bundle on our laps. In the summer, it’s just stifling. So, instead, we choose motif-based throws. We can quickly and easily make those motifs without getting warm.

Additionally, many of us travel more in the summer. Whether you’re getting on a plane or just waiting to pick kids up from swim practice, you want projects that are easy to take on the go. The motifs that make up a Throw on the Go are just that. Make a motif while you wait. Work on a few of them on a plane or during a road trip.


Reminder: Take Flat Marly on Your Trips This Summer!

Red Heart Hexi-Quilt Crochet Blanket

There are so many knit and crochet blankets to choose from in that motif-based blanket roundup. However, we wanted to draw your attention specifically to the Red Heart Hexi-Quilt Crochet Blanket. It’s a great option for crocheters.

Cute Hexagon Motifs

Knit and crochet hexagons were trending a few years ago. Then they seemed to drop out of style. However, they’re really so fun to crochet. You get to make something that’s different from your typical old granny square. It’s still small and easy and fun to make. And yet, it’s a little bit different from the usual shapes you often work with.

Cute Finished Blanket Shape

There are plenty of ways to put together hexagons in order to create a traditional rectangular or square blanket. However, you don’t have to make all of your blankets square! It’s absolutely okay to go on a non-traditional route when you crochet a blanket. This one ends up as a big hexagon itself. It’s a unique design and one that really catches the eye. It’s perfect for your own decor or for gifting.

A Colorful Blanket Without Lots of Color Changes

Each crochet hexagon in this blanket consists of a single color. Therefore, you don’t have to change colors in each round of the motif. When you’re on the go, you often don’t want to deal with frequent color changes, so this is perfect. However, you’ll make motifs in a variety of colors, so you’ll still end up with a colorful quilt-inspired blanket at the end. Best of both worlds. You can bring Color A with you, crochet all of the hexagons you want in that color, then move on to the next color.

Because you do use a lot of different colors in the project, though, this is a great stashbuster!

Get The Pattern

crochet hexagon blanket

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