The Velvet Acorn joins Marly on the Yarn Thing Podcast

Join Marly Bird and guest HeidiMay, of The Velvet Acorn, on the Yarn Thing Podcast at 12pm MST on Tuesday October 17th. Learn all about HeidiMay’s story of getting starting and about using her own daughters as models. HeidiMay has amazing patterns that she creates in both knit and crochet that will make you want to stitch up one of each.

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About HeidiMay of The Velvet Acorn:

Hello, my name is HeidiMay and I have a true love for nature, and the outdoors. One of my favorite things is to sit with a cup of coffee in the morning and stare out at the mountains and trees, whether they are filled with snow, falling leaves, or billowed out with spring foliage. I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be.

Inspired everyday by my children, and really the simple things in life. I have always had a love for knitting and crocheting, there is just something about wrapping up in a wonderfully handmade item. Truly filled with love in every stitch.

When my first daughter was born I was always looking for items that where feminine, practical with a natural earthy flare. This is where my business started, The Velvet Acorn. I have three wonderful children. Time goes by so fast and I am very thankful, I cherish every moment we share together and seeing the world through their eyes. I really enjoy cooking, gardening and just curling up in front of the fire with a great book or my basket full of yarn. I can only hope to share with you my love for nature and all the simple things in life one design at a time.

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Listen to the Show:

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Find HeidiMay online in the following locations:

The Velvet Acorn’s Website

Ravelry Pattern Shop for the Velvet Acorn

The Velvet Acorn on Facebook

Instagram Account for The Velvet Acorn

HeidiMay’s YouTube Channel

The Velvet Acorn’s Etsy Shop

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  1. Nikki Nothstein says:

    Heidi you are always INSPIRING and I’m definitely INSPIRED by your patterns! I’ve been a fan for years and often make your projects for others. I’m glad I got to listen to the PodCast today.

  2. [email protected] says:

    Heidi, You have definitely been able to inspire me throughout the last few years of my adventure in knitting. I love your patterns (and so do my granddaughters!). My next purchase will be your daughter’s favorite, the Kist sweater.

  3. Rachael Redmond says:

    Heidi, your patterns have been so INSPIRING! I’ve been crocheting for almost two years and I hope to be able to become a designer some day!

  4. Jill Klasen says:

    Loved listening to the podcast and love THE VELVET ACORN patterns. Her patterns inspire me to be a better knitter and crocheter and her patterns are so wonderful and hip!!!

  5. Beth Masog says:

    Heidi I started making your crochet patterns and I was INSPIRED to learn to knit from you! My first knit hat was your Brielle Slouchy! Thanks for INSPIRING me. I can’t wait to try your newest patterns I picked up yesterday! I hope I can INSPIRE others to step out of their comfort zone and try new things! Thanks!

  6. Michelle says:

    This was a wonderfully inspiring interview. I so enjoyed the idea of the projects being in both in crochet and knit. Inspire ON!!!

  7. Debbie Natcher says:

    Hello Heidi, Listening to the podcast today has been inspiring. I have seen some of your patterns haven’t gotten any yet. Have an inspiring day!

  8. WallflowerGal says:

    Heidi’s amazing work and dedication to her designs is so inspiring! Thanks for being a relentless stitchin’ boss momma!

  9. Diane Dicke says:

    Heidi, your patterns have INSPIRED me for some time now along with your photographs. There are many days when I see one of your photos and it definitely picks me up. Thank you for your awesome patterns and all that you put into them. I hope you continue to INSPIRE us for a long time to come!!!

  10. joyofchrist777 says:

    I am always inspired by your designs!!!! I share and love every crochet post and I own a bunch of your patterns. They are easy to read and work up. I’ve made a ton of them!!! The aura pullover is a big seller for me this winter!!

  11. Jessica Lake says:

    Listening ro podcasts have been inspiring me to try new techniques and yarns. Thank you Marly & HeidiMay for another inspiring show.

  12. Sam Smit says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast today. It was my first time listening! I feel INSPIRED to complete the Azel Pullover pattern with my sister. Heidi, your patterns are great and the photography for them is lovely. You have managed to INSPIRE me to try to pick up a crochet hook! Marly, thank you for keeping me company this afternoon as I stitched away on a vest for my son 🙂

  13. Chris Lopez says:

    Another awesome first date! So uplifting and the designs are beautiful. Hearing that her while family is involved in the business will inspire any family to work together!!

  14. Sonya Aplara says:

    When the crojo block hits, there is one place I can always turn to for inspiring ideas, HeidiMay! Absolutely love her designs!

  15. Kathy Mederios says:

    What an real inspiration HeidiMay is!!! There is something in me about keeping my family warm in the New England winters. I love using her patterns! I always have a difficult time narrowing down my choices because there are soooo many I want. It treat myself, download the pattern(s), purchase the yarn, and enjoy the whole process of the knitting. I usually pick a pattern based on the recipient, so I enjoy thinking of the one I’m creating the item for throughout the whole process (the person’s favorite color, or animal, new winter jacket, holiday, or other occasion.) The feel of the yarn passing through my hands to pass to another’s…is there a better gift? HeidiMay’s additional support with her patterns is terrific. Also watching me knit her patterns, has inspired my granddaughters to want to learn to knit too like Nana!!

  16. Donna Frunzi says:

    Loved listening to HeidiMay! Her patterns are wonderful and inspire me to grow more in my crochet and knitting skills. Funny how Marly is going to stalk her 🙂

  17. Kim Landy says:

    I am so inspired by Heidi. Her story about how she started has started my wheels spinning about how to jump into designing. I am so grateful that Marly brings on interesting people to chat with.

  18. Ida Williamson says:

    Another wonderful podcast to inspire me to get my hooks moving (and another local Washingtonian). Thanks Marly and HeidiMay!

  19. Emily G says:

    I loved listening to Tuesdays podcast. Heidi’s work is amazing! Heidi your designs inspire me to step out of my box and try new designs. You and your family are beautiful and I love that you all work together. Thanks for inspiring me!!

  20. Wendy S Senter says:

    I am so inspired by all your gorgeous patterns–I want to make them all! Thanks for a wonderful interview!

    Wendy (Wendeluu on Ravelry)

  21. Alyx Perry says:

    Inspired Designs and Inspiring story. Love the crafty world and all the inspiring people. Makes me want to go a design my own pattern.

  22. LISA L NIXON says:

    Oh my….as soon as I finish writing this post – I am going to send suggestive posts to my daughter and soninlaw that they need to have a baby – after looking at Heidi May’s work I am inspired!

  23. Laura says:

    Another inspiring podcast! I am amazed at what she has been able to do while still having kids at home and her designs are beautiful.

  24. Taylor Lynn says:

    Heidi you’ve inspired me to work on improving my
    Photos for my blog so that they fit a brand. It is so true that you can see any photos that you took and posted an sisntantky know that they are from you. Love it!

  25. Showanda Mosley says:


    I just recently discovered your podcast and definitely love listening to you and your guests. Heidi has some great patterns and beautiful photographs of her designs that inspire you to try something new and be bold in either knit or crochet.

  26. Trisha says:

    The story of Velvet Acorn and Heidi’s patterns are inspiring. I love the idea of patterns written for both knitting and crochet since I do both.

  27. Stephanie Axman says:

    I didn’t recognize her name, but when Marly described her patterns I knew instantly who she was. I have loved her patterns, they are just adorable! What an inspiration to hear that her family is part of her business!! And that all her patterns are available in knit and crochet, wow, how awesome!! Thank you for inspiring me to start some baby gifts!!

  28. Robin Delano says:

    I’ve made several of Heidi’s inspiring patterns, love the animal cowls and the bulky yarn works up so fast. She is one of my go to designers. Nice to hear her story.

  29. Suzanne says:

    Yay for having Heidi on the show! I think her designs are so inspiring and I always want to see what she is creating. Her photos are fantastic.

  30. Rachel says:

    So interesting to hear Hedi speak of her inspiring design journey into the world of knit and crochet. She does such beautiful designs with lovely photography.

  31. Valerie says:

    To live in a way so as to inspire others is amazing. I hope some day people can say that of me as they already do of Heidi. Wow!

  32. Anita says:

    I have made a few of Heidi’s patterns and love them. And her photograpghy has always inspired me. I love that her style is so easily recognizable. Always inspired by her. One of my favorite interviews.

  33. Bonnie says:

    Heidi’s story is so inspiring! I love that she has her kids help with the photography. I’ve seen her patterns on pinterest and would love to make the little fox hood. So cute!

  34. Derek Pryor says:

    You inspire me to make more time for knitting. All of the patterns are inspiring me to make garments for my baby. Wonderful episode.

  35. Heather Richardson says:

    Heidi, your patterns are wonderful and I enjoyed listening to your interview with Marly. You inspire me to try new styles and designs with my knitting and crochet! These words come to mind when I think of you and your designs: Inspirational, Natural, Serene, Productive, Iconic, Revolutionary, Elegant.

  36. Jenny says:

    Heidi’s patterns on Etsy are so beautiful. I can’t wait for my friends’ kids to start having babies as I am so inspired to knit them!

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