Easy, Casual Striped Knit Slouch Hat for Men and Women

Are you looking for an easy knit hat pattern that works for almost any adult? If so then bookmark the striped knit slouch hat design. It’s a unisex designed worked in four colors. It’s super slouchy, which makes it cozy and comfortable and casual. Therefore, it’s the perfect design for different ages and styles. Work up a bunch of them to keep on hand for gift giving, extra accessories, or donating to charity.

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striped slouch knit hat

A Super Slouchy Knit Hat

This knit hat is designed to be super slouchy. That makes it a great choice for a very casual look. It’s something that you can throw on and it will instantly give you sporty style. It works on bad hair days. It works for all genders. It’s a very versatile design that oozes coziness, comfort, and casual ease.

I designed the hat to use Chic Sheep yarn. This is 100% merino wool yarn that is soft to the touch. That makes it luxurious even though the hat itself is casual. It’s a delight to knit with. It’s also comfy to wear in different seasons of the year.

Playing with Colors in Striping

striped slouch hat free knit pattern

One of the things that makes this hat so fun is the way that you can play with different colors in this pattern. The body of the hat is worked in a main color that starts with the brim and alternates every other row. Then you use an additional three colors to make the other stripes. The result is a sophisticated, easy design pulled together by that main color. And yet you can make a bunch of different designs by switching up the other three colors.

In the original design, I’ve used subtle, complementary colors that work for almost anyone. They aren’t dull, though; you can see the pops of brightness in some of those rows. But you could also go much bolder with different color choices. A hat in one set of colors might look completely different than a hat using a different set of colors. That allows you to use this knit slouch hat free pattern over and over while creating different designs for different people.

Get the Striped Knit Slouch Hat Free Pattern

This is a versatile, easy knit slouch hat pattern. And the pattern is free. Get it here or click the image below:

Knit Slouch Hat Free Pattern-2

In this hat pattern, you’ll work the brim, the body, then the crown of the hat. You’ll use knit stitches in combination with kfb (knit front and back) stitches. This gives you some texture while keeping things simple. This is designed as an easy hat pattern for the advanced beginner knitter. Intermediate and advanced knitters will find it to be a simple, straightforward hat design.

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