Social Medusa Take Over

Social Medusa Take Over the first time in 2016 today of the Yarn Thing Podcast, USUALLY with Marly Bird. But as she’s away….

Tammy wishes to focus on what’s happening with our sponsors.

  • Erin Lane Bags has created a super cute commemorative bag, that will be available in limited quantities. It is available for pre-order and will be picked up at the event. In the meantime, they’ve been super busy creating wonderful new bags, please follow their facebook page.
  • Creativebug constantly creating new content of subjects we want to learn, Follow their website www.creativebug.com and Facebook page.
  • Green Mountain Spinnery has been offering a couple of beautiful hats, one was a club that closed a week or so ago, but there is another blog post with another beautiful hat in the last couple of days. Lots of beautiful color in their blog… Their website is www.spinnery.com and you can follow their page in Facebook.
  • Kristin Omdahl has been busy, she has a couple of trunk shows on her calendar, offering her yarns through Amazon now, a new book due out in March (according to Amazon) and SO MUCH MORE! Hopefully, she can slow down enough to visit Marly soon, but in case that doesn’t happen find her website, www.KristinOmdahl.com or her Facebook page. Don’t forget to sign up for her Newsletter!
  • Buffalo Wool Co attended a National Bison Conference last weekend, came home in time for their Facebook page to hit 40,000 likes! Congratulations Ron & Theresa! They’ve added a few dates to their calendar, one is that they will be at Edinbugh Yarn Fest. Follow their website www.TheBuffaloWoolCo.com.
  • Kismet of Lo-Lo by Barmaids has been traveling quite a bit. There were just a few beautiful posts from Peru last fall and she was on the road yesterday. Perhaps gathering new wonderful ideas and supplies? Her SUPER Cute shop located in downtown Vancouver, Washington, not only features all her lovely products but the handcrafts of local artisans, so I would recommend a stop by their if you are in the Portland, OR/Vancouver area. Her website www.bar-maids.com and her Facebook page. At Stitches West you can find them in Booth: 738
  • Marly announced last week on the program that she will be filming a new Craftsy Class this week, so I’m not giving anything away by saying that we her fans can’t wait to hear what THAT’S all about. Craftsy gathered all their awesome teachers for an event last weekend you may have noticed lots of wonderful posts from various folks.
  • Red Heart Yarns, aside from being the smart folks to bring Marly on as their spokesperson, is currently working on a campaign to create blankets to aid the Red Cross in comforting our neighbors during crisis. Marly has created videos for knit and crochet that you can find at her YouTube channel, find their website www.RedHeart.com and Facebook page.

PS. We kinda started to share a list of charity projects as we were talking today so I thought I would post links. (If you know of one, or I missed one, please share that in comments.) I’ve had these on my mind a lot as we prep for Stitches West, that would be Halos of Hope, Knitted Knockers and Mama Bears. You may have heard me suggest that if you are going to the event, fill your suitcase with these things to donate and then you’ll have room to bring your treasures home! Wonderful Nancy in Oklahoma suggested the Ships Project, and we spoke together about the Linus Project, Helmetliners (which I am seeing on Ravelry a statement that the Military no longer accepts. Perhaps your soldier may need them so sharing anyway, plus I knit Jared Flood’s Turn-a-Square FREE PATTERN to use the leftover bits for off duty beanies which my nephew’s squad liked as much as the helmetliners). Beanies and Hats are also appreciated by local NICU, Purple ones raise awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome. Also, Craft Yarn Council supports Warm Up AmericaCheck with animal shelters, in some areas blankets for cats are comforts, blankets and little sweaters for frightened or chilly pups are helpful. Many areas, including Birmingham, Alabama, are putting scarves and hats in trees for passersby in need of them, so that’s great idea, too! PLEASE CHECK WITH THESE ORGANIZATIONS before you begin as some have fiber requirements.

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  1. JulieRKnits says:

    Tammy I know you have troubles with leading the show yourself but I do have to say you do an AMAZING job. Marly should be very honored that you are a part of her life and help her to stay organized. Kudos for a job well done. You do a wonderful job on all the show notes you provide for the podcast. Thank you for all you and Marly do for the knitting and crochet community.

    PS: I never realized how close we are in age LOL I really thought you were much younger!

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