Social Medusa interviews Marly Bird

Social Medusa interviews Marly Bird today, which makes for a very unique episode, and because of that, the show notes may be a little bit unique also! This is Tammy, I want to say first of all Thank You for stopping by to get caught up!

Marly Social Medusa 2015
The most recent photo of Marly Bird and Tammy Burke (aka Social Medusa) taken by Marly.

I wanted Marly to receive the full Royal Treatment she gives to her guests. Discovering someone who is upbeat and wanting to share all things cool and wonderful about yarn is what attracted me to listen to the Yarn Thing podcast and I have not missed an episode since.

As Marly always does, I asked ‘my guest’ how did she get into yarn? Marly’s grandma crocheted and Marly always wanted to learn. In first or second grade, Marly is remembered as a finger knitter. Marly always was crafting with her mom, and they sold stuff at craft fairs. In college, Marly’s grandma came to visit and Marly asked her to teach her to crochet. Marly was able to further her education by internet and she was HOOKED! Later she learned to knit from the pastor’s wife (she’s told us before she wanted to learn knitting to make socks).

Her husband has been a great supporter of her pursuing this as a career, and she says she knows in her bones she was meant to be in the fiber industry. She began podcasting in 2007 and says this project has come so far since those days (the early episodes are missing because it began at a different website which no longer exists) and it was the first crochet podcast listed in iTunes. It’s always been about the yarn, not solely knitting or crochet, so it’s the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird and probably never be anything else. She wants it to be a positive review of the crafts we love.

MBbookMarly’s FIRST BOOK (keep in mind that she has contributed to others, including Knitting for Dummies) has been appearing in our mailboxes for the last couple of weeks, COLD WEATHER CROCHET. (We hope you’ll use this link, it’s Marly’s affiliate link at Interweave, the publisher’s website). Marly has shared with us the funny story of the names of the projects, how she submitted them thinking the names would be changed by the publishers as happens with magazines and was surprised to see the names she gave to identify the projects actually stuck!

  • Big Pink Hat (These are the links to view the pattern info in Ravelry) is the first to share that simplicity, created for a bulky weight and a larger hook, works up super fast!
  • Cabled Shawl created in Drew Emborsky’s Gemstones (YAY for awesome Yarn Thing sponsors) in a larger shape in the lighter weight merino makes super comfy that is a multi-seasonal hug!
  • Thrummed Slippers incorporates two strands of an easy to find yarn (Cascade 220) and roving to make super-cushy footwear!
  • Lace Motif Wrap to us it’s apparent it’s totally inspired by Kristin Omdahl. So special, though, is that Carol Sulcoski, of Black Bunny Fiber, did a special colorway called Blue Bird, get it?
  • New Favorite Socks, another great original name, beautiful colorwork on the ankles which are not hidden in shoes!
  • African Flower Afghan Marly says is inspired by Heidi Bears, who has been on the program calling in from South Africa. She wanted the colors to not be so matchy-matchy with a little texture.
  • Newsboy Cap uses wonderful aran-weight Blue Sky Alpaca yarn and the brim is wired to stay in place. Don’t forget to make the decorative flower!
  • Pretty in Pink Infinity Cowl is a similar coloration to Neopolitan Ice Cream with a wonderful backward single crochet trim.
  • Pewter Slouchy Hat is created with Lion Brand Angora Merino for luscious softness.
  • Denim Infinity Scarf is lacy to be comfortable in any climate with a bit of Crocodile stitch for texture, with a slow change colorway of Freia Hand-Paints, which is also used in Ombre Cowl and Fingerless Mitts
  • Chevron Coordinates Hat & Cowl are not at all matchy-matchy but can be worn together for comfort and fashion.
  • Tilt-a-Whirl afghan is a wonderful carry-along project that uses motifs can be join as you go, or as Marly prefers when they are all done and assembled at once.

This was a long episode, full of love and laughter, where we hope to convey our love of the listeners and supporters of the podcast. We also appreciate you using the affiliate codes for the book to help defray costs of mailing all the prizes each episode! Well, to be truthful, to help with any of the costs of operating the podcast.

If you missed getting to hear this live, we hope you’ll go back to where it aired originally to hear it as an archive: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/yarnthing/2015/11/12/social-medusa-interviews-marly-bird or in iTunes!


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  1. Nancy says:

    The podcast as much, much better than ANY Oprah episode. It is inspiring me to take the next step in my crocheting, and try new skills. Thank you Tammy and Marly!

  2. Colleen says:

    New mommy brain made me miss it live. Enjoyed it later =) and I always find your show way better than the Oprah Show =)

  3. Michelle says:

    This was a fun podcast! If Oprah was a podcaster you would give her a run for her money! Congratulations on a lovely book. Blessings to you both.

  4. Vicki Lynch says:

    Congratulations on creating a wonderful book. The Oprah of the fiber world is a spot on comparison to use when trying to explain how fantastic you are Marly. Tami-wonderful job with the interview.

  5. Audrey says:

    Oprah is no doubt jealous of your gift of laughter Marly! You and Tammy produced a joyful episode. Congrats on the new book.

  6. Mary Anne Cox says:

    How fun to hear the Oprah Show today! (Wonder if Oprah knows how to crochet or knit?) Really enjoyed hearing Tammy as show moderator. Tammy brought the book to knit night and it’s beautiful! Would love to win it but if I don’t, I’ll be looking to buy a copy of my own.

  7. Theresa says:

    I’m so sad that I couldn’t listen to the show on Thuraday. I was flying to SC to visit family and couldn’t call in. You truly are the Oprah Show of the yarn world. Can’t wait to check out this book.

  8. Lorraine Sutherland says:

    I really enjoyed listening to The Oprah Show of Yarn. Lol. You Guys Rock!! You and Tammy make such a fantastic team! It was another great episode and I loved hearing the stories behind the various pieces in the book. I look forward to seeing you at Stitches South in March!

  9. Ida Williamson says:

    Great show Marly and Tammy!! I make sure I listen to all of your podcasts but I rarely went out of my way to catch the Oprah Show 🙂 I was wondering if there was a special prize under my seat!

  10. Vanessa Smith says:

    I don’t listen or watch the Oprah show. I listen to Marly and the Yarn Thing podcast every week and I even listen to the podcasts over and over again. Keep up the good work and I really do enjoy you and your show.

  11. Cindy says:

    I love Green Mountain Spinnery and I have actually visited the spinnery since my daughter went to college nearby. Now I knit for her children and enjoy doing it……I used to knit while watching the Oprah Show, now I knit while listening to you.

  12. Wendy says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the “Oprah Show.” I am multi-craftual and I don’t actually crochet much because I’m not as comfortable with it as knitting. Your new book makes me want to pick up my hooks for sure–I love everything in it! It will definitely be in my library soon–if not under the Christmas tree than I will use my Christmas/birthday money to buy it! Thank you for another awesome episode!

    Wendy (Wendeluu on Ravelry)

  13. Lori Biamonte says:

    I really enjoyed listening to the Oprah and the Barbara Walters of the knitting world! Good luck with the new book. It looks awesome. I am having shoulder surgery soon and need to make some cute hats to cover the hair I won’t be able to style with one hand.

  14. Suzanne says:

    I was bummed I couldn’t listen live to the Marly Bird version of Oprah’s Fav Things. It was truly a delight to hear Marly celebrate her patterns and be interviewed by the lovely social medusa.

  15. Amy L. says:

    For once I was available to listen to this episode live but my phone wouldn’t cooperate!! I’m so lucky to be able to catch it after the fact via download, and it made me laugh out loud several times. Marly, you are truly the Oprah of yarn! Great job with the interview Tammy!

  16. Katherine T. Howard says:

    So much fun listening to the Oprah show of the yarn world. I can’t listen live because I’m at work but I download your show and it makes my commute so much better.

  17. Laura says:

    Loved the Oprah yarn show! Marly, I know some reviewers give you crap about laughing so much in your podcast but I love it! And the candid nature of the podcast. I often listen to your show at night after the kids (age 1 & 3) are in bed and hubby is gone on travel. You are so bubbly and up beat that it makes for a nice ending to the day; especially if its been a rough one.

    The hooded scarf on the cover is my favorite pattern in the book. Though I do love the lace wrap as well.

  18. kayleigh m says:

    Yay the Oprah of yarn was in full swing in this episode! It was fun to look through all of your designs in the new book during this podcast. I’m putting this book on my Christmas list!

  19. Rachel says:

    I only got to listen to a little of this Oprah show live, but finally listened to the recording. This has been one of my favorite episodes. Please bring back this guest soon!

  20. CraftyLadyMel says:

    I also feel you are the Oprah of the yarn industry! I have enjoyed your podcast so much and have learned about people and items I would not have known about otherwise. I now own several Erin Lane bags and several Bamboo So Fine skeins! My hubby may not feel this has “helped” me, but I certainly do! Love the podcast!!!

  21. Kathy Z says:

    This was my first time listening and what a great show for me to pick. Thanks for sharing about your new book. I used to watch the Oprah show and you really were like Oprah giving away a car to everyone! Giving away yarn is pretty close to that! 🙂 Looking forward to the next show.

  22. Stephanie Axman says:

    Loved today’s “Oprah” show!! I so enjoyed hearing the thought process behind the pieces in the book. I need to add this to my Christmas list!!

  23. Thekla says:

    Oprah’s got nothing on you two!…I saw Tammy’s copy of the new book and have put it on my list of things to buy…thanks!

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