Salena Baca Returns to talk about her new Crochet Book

Guess who’s back!!! My dear friend Salena Baca is back on the Yarn Thing podcast. This time she is share about her brand new book and all of the other amazing things that she is working on. There is so much to catch up on and I hope you will join us for a great conversation about crochet, business, and her new crochet book.

Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird and special guest Salena Baca
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About Salena Baca:

Salena Baca learned to crochet before grade school and has been wildly obsessed ever since!

After crocheting “in the closet” most of her life, Salena burst out after finding Ravelry in 2009. Learning that an entire world of crocheters were available to connect with was life-changing. It determined her next career move; crochet design and networking.

She began designing patterns that appealed to her style, and has formed platforms such as Salena Baca Crochet, the Design Wars Challenge, Happily Hooked MagazineThe Pattern Pack, and the American Crochet Association.

She’s published over 200 patterns, has very strong ties in the crochet and fiber arts community, and is the author of Crochet for Christmas and My Crochet Closet. Salena currently lives with her family in Oregon.

Listen to the Show:

Find Salena online in the following locations:

American Crochet Association Website
Salena’s Ravelry Page
Salena on Facebook
Salena on Pinterest
American Crochet Association’s YouTube Channel

Shop Salena’s books:

Crochet books by Salena Baca

Crochet for Christmas
My Crochet Closet
Crochet in a Day

Salena’s Past Episodes:

This is not Salena’s first time on the Yarn Thing Podcast. We are so happy that she could come back again. She was on the show for the first time to talk about her Craftsy class, Modern Crochet Afghans: Color & Texture and the last time she was on she talked to us about the ACA (American Crochet Association).

Purchase Salena’s Craftsy class here:

Modern Crochet Afghans Color & Texture Craftsy Class with Salena Baca


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  1. Becky Linville says:

    Keyword is fast! I love Salena’s patterns! So fun and beautiful! I can’t wait for the Crochet in a Day book! I will be spending the summer with that book for sure!

  2. Andrea Edmon says:

    I love to crochet but with 2 kids and a family full of ADHD(me included:) I need FAST 🙂 patterns so I can actually finish them

  3. Barb turcotte says:

    I love FAST and quick project to give a break in between hours of working on a big project. Thanks for the chance and it was a fun lunch hour with you both today 😉

  4. Dee Thompson says:

    Knitting is usually my jam, but I’m learning crochet and it truly is much FASTer and also easier to fix mistakes. Still love knitting too though.

  5. Paula says:

    I just found this and love love love the Fast patterns. thank you for being my go to place for everything crochet…You are my friend that I listen to..Ty for being there…

  6. Tina Arnold says:

    My crochet is much faster then my knitting. I have been crocheting since 2010 but knitting since late 2018.

  7. Libby says:

    I am collecting projects for my retirement. Fast or slow – it matters not but I just cannot get to them all while working!!!!!!! And retirement is arriving FAST!

  8. Tera Liles says:

    I just love fast projects I can complete in a day, especially with taking care of my 19 month old granddaughter!!

  9. Carleen Roberts says:

    Loved “meeting” Salena Baca on The Yarn Thing podcast today. I am making her Hygge Chic Throw pattern using Marly Bird’s Chic Sheep yarn in linen. With 17 skeins it’s not a fast pattern, but it is a lovely one. Looking forward to making some fast and fun crochet items Salena’s newest book.

  10. Cheryl Kettner says:

    You pairup nicely!
    What a great interview.informative and so entertaining.
    I love fast patterns, I crochet and knit items for the homeless and those in need .Makes it all so worthwhile, being able to do what I love while helping those less fortunate and you both help me by offering your beautiful patterns to bring some happiness to to those lovely souls.
    Thank you,so much for sharing!!!

  11. RaeAnn Rees says:

    Fast!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new book. I have a couple of friends that were instant connections, we remain close even when we aren’t in constant touch. Love it!! Another great podcast.

  12. Serena Lee says:

    I can knit fairly fast, but now I’ve learned to crochet and I’m trying to crochet fast also! Your book sounds amazing!

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