Pup Purl’s Birthday Giveaway: Win Prym Yarn-It and Pom Pom Maker

It’s hard to believe it but my puppy Purl turns one year old today! In honor of her first birthday, we decided to do a giveaway here on the site. We wanted to celebrate while giving you the chance to win something fun. The details to enter are below. One lucky winner will get a Prym Yarn-It and a Pom Pom Maker. These products simplify your craft life. That way you have more time to spend with your own furry family members!

This post contains affiliate links. When you click on a link and make a purchase, I receive a percentage of the sales. Your price doesn’t change. There is no purchase required to enter the giveaway.

Happy Birthday Purl!

Purl was a Christmas present, so of course she hasn’t lived with us for quite one year, yet. However, she was born one year ago today. She was the best gift ever. And even when she’s poking her nose into my live videos or getting into some yarn trouble, she’s the biggest delight in the house. She turns one year old today! Happy Birthday pretty precious Purl!

Prym Yarn-It and Pom Pom Maker Giveaway

We’re offering two prizes to one lucky winner. See how to enter the giveaway below. But first, let me tell you a little bit about the prizes.

What Is the Prym Yarn-It?

image of woman walking and knitting while wearing a prym yarn-it crossbody.
Prym Yarn-It

The Prym Yarn-It is designed to keep your yarn safe and clean when you take it with you on the go. Put the ball of yarn that you’re working with inside the Prym Yarn-It plastic globe. It’s clear so you can easily see what yarn you have inside. After all, many of us have multiple projects going on, so you want to make it easy to pick up the right project.

The Yarn-It design allows you to switch out balls of yarn easily. This means you can switch projects as well as change colors within a project. The yarn stays neatly in the case. The case has a carrying strap. Moreover, it has two yarn channels for you to easily work from to pull the yarn out as you knit or crochet. Your yarn stays wrapped up in a ball, in one place, and dirt-free while you craft on the go.

Can’t wait to try to win the Prym Yarn-It? Purchase it on Amazon:

Purchase Your Own Yarn-It Here

Prym Pom Pom Maker

woman sitting and making a pom pom with a prym pom pom maker
Prym Pom Pom Maker

There are so many different ways to make pom poms. You don’t need to have special tools in order to craft them. However, the right tools make the jobs a whole lot easier. That’s why in addition to the Prym Yarn-It we’re giving away a Prym Pom Pom maker. You can use it to easily make beautiful pom poms each and every time.

Can’t wait to try to win the Prym Pom Pom Maker? Purchase it on Amazon:

Purchase Your Own Pom Pom Maker Here

How To Enter Purl’s Birthday Giveaway

Pupply Dog Purl with Marly Bird one day after gotcha day.
Baby Pretty Pretty Princess Purl with a very happy Marly Bird

We’re excited to celebrate Purl’s birthday with a giveaway. And it’s easy to enter to win.

First Entry

In order to enter to win, do the following:

  • Visit our roundup of almost 100 puppy and dog crochet and knit patterns
  • Visit a few of the patterns to find one that you love the most
  • Return to this post and leave a comment on this blog post with the name of the pattern you love best
  • Make sure you leave a social media handle or some other information for how to reach you in case you win

Once you’ve completed this first entry, you’re entered to win the Prym Yarn-It and Pom Pom Maker giveaway. However, if you want to gain additional entries, see below.

Multiple Entries

First, make sure that you complete the first entry above. Then, if you want extra opportunities to win, you can also do the following:

  • Find the names of Marly Bird team members’ Cryssi and Kathryn’s dogs. Tip: Look for the post about crafter’s pets here on the site. Leave those names in the comments below for an extra entry.
  • Find the names of Marly’s two other dogs. Tip: We’ve shared them on Instagram @themarlybird but it’s been awhile since those posts! Leave their names in the comments below for an extra entry.
  • Share this giveaway on social media. Make sure that you include the link back to this post and tag #marlybird. Leave a comment on this post letting us know where you shared the giveaway. Five additional entries for the share.

Terms and Conditions of Giveaway

This giveaway starts immediately. We will accept entries until October 27, 2021 at midnight ET. Winner will be chosen at random from the comments on this blog post. Winner will be announced by Friday 10/29/21.

**void where prohibited and limited to continental U.S.*

Purl sitting on the back of a leather couch and black wood table looking at the camera. Words above her read Birthday Girl, under her reads Purl.

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  1. Kelli Wadsworth says:

    I like the Bernat Doggy Draft Dodger. It’s adorable! And Happy birthday Purl!! I can be reached on Facebook under Kelli Wadsworth

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh, my gosh! The Red Heart Huggable Puppy Baby Dress is freaking adorable! I also love the idea of the little Red Heart Puppy Ornament to give as gifts to the dog lovers in my life.

    • Michele Lemon says:

      With a new puppy in our family, Dobby would look quite dapper in the BERNAT FAMILY KNIT FAMILY DOG SWEATER

  3. Dianne Sewall says:

    I just finished the red heart stylish dog sweater following marly’s 2 you-tube videos, and have now started on the sweater knit with O’go!

  4. Jeanne says:

    I liked the “walking the dog for dolls”. My niece would love it and it would be stash busting at the same time!

  5. Mary J Mitchell says:

    Red Heart Dog Leash and Collar. Peggy sue would love new ones. Happy Birthday Pretty Pretty Princes Purl!

  6. Stacie Till says:

    I really love the Faire Aisle Knit Dog Coat – would be a great project for the newly christened boot camp knitter!

  7. Catherine Schuchman says:

    My favorite is the Red Heart puppy toy basket. The sweaters and coats are so cute but I have retired racing greyhounds and that means deep chests, high tummy tucks and very very long bodies. Quite a challenge to alter patterns so the toy basket is exceedingly attractive to me. Besides it will look adorable by the fireplace.

  8. DeAnna Rogers says:

    I need to make the Puppy Toy Basket with Red Heart. With two dogs the Bark Box toys are a bit out of control

  9. DonnaJo Hicks says:

    I am wanting to make a sweater for my Bentley and found the CARON COZY PUP DOG CROCHET SWEATER! I may be able to finally make one!!

  10. Gayle RB says:

    I want to make some baskets when life settles down and the basket was really cute but I think it said knit. I could probably adapt it to crochet.
    I also like the bulldog dish cloth. It is also knit, but once again I think the idea is enough to crochet one. Since the patterns are free I will probably get them.
    Red Heart Puppy Toy Basket
    Peaches and Creme knit dog dishcloth.

    Thanks for showing us those and for the Pom Pom maker link-

  11. Carolyn says:

    I just made a knit horse costume for Halloween for my dog. I think he might like the Bernat Knit Work Sock Dog Coat to be a sock monkey next year.

  12. Rose P says:

    I have to say that I really like the Paw Print Dog Sweater. I don’t have a dog but might have to take the pattern stitch for something else. Maybe make my own sweater since I can’t find one for humans yet.

  13. Rose P says:

    I like seeing Lucy in the dog sweater in one of the videos you did a while back but I still want to see Penny and Purl in costumes.

  14. Rose P says:

    Maybe you could get them and Max and Bumi all together in a crowd pet group selfie for Halloween. Doggie costumes are cute. I like the punny ones. Lol

  15. Kathy Bartholomew says:

    I love the Puppy Dog Hat and doggie ornament..

    Your pups names are Lucy and Penny…

    Happy Birthday Purl????

    You can find me on IG as AYarnKat

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