Ott Light Cool Breeze Crafting Lamp

We have some amazing friends over at Ott Light. Not only do they allow us to review some of their new products but they also develop some of the coolest products for crafters! All of your lighting needs can be solved by one of the many Ott Light offerings. The Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp is no exception.

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About Ott Light:

Although you may know Ott Light as the craft light it is WAY more than just that. If you start to take a look at the Ott Light website you will find that they not only design craft lighting but also home and office lighting.

Our eyes and our hands are the two most important tools that we have when crafting. We need to take care of them so that we can continue to craft for a long time. There are stretches that we can do for our hands, or to limit their use, but your eyes are needed all day every day.

One of the best ways to help keep your eyes from straining while you are working is to have proper lighting. This is where Ott Light comes into play.

Ott Light Cool Breeze LED Fan lamp Review

Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp:

One of the newer options on the Ott Light website for craft lighting is the Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp. At first I thought that it was an interesting light. One that I couldn’t quite figure out. Why would you need the fan on your crafting light?

Review of the Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp from Ott Light

Although I haven’t quite utilized the fan to its full potential the lighting options well makes up for that. I am excited to give the fan a try as the weather gets a little warmer. Working outside through the summer evenings will be much more enjoyable with my new lamp and fan included.

Putting the fan portion of the lamp aside you will be amazed at what is all included in this lamp.

Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp Features:

There are 3 color modes (warm light, cool light and natural daylight) and 5 brightness settings to brighten your work area. With all of these options you can get customized lighting now matter the conditions you are working in.

Purchase the Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp from Ott Light

You will find that the rubberized flexible neck allows you to position light exactly where it’s needed. The touch activated panel controls the selection of the light mode, brightness settings and fan speed.

With OttLite you’ll see every color accurately and detail clearly with reduced glare and eyestrain so you can do what you love, longer.

I love that although this is a ‘craft’ lamp you really can use it anywhere in your home, dorm, or office. I hope that you will grab one of the Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamps for your crafting area and start enjoying all of it’s features.

  • 3-speed lighted, bladeless fan integrated into the base
  • 5 brightness settings and 3 color modes
  • Touch activated control panel
  • Rubberized flexible neck
  • Maximum of 350 lumens
  • Height adjusts from 15” to 26.5”
  • Base size: 4 x 4.188”
  • Super bright natural daylight LEDs rated to last up to 40,000 hours
Ott Light Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp

Purchase the Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp:

Purchase the Ott Light Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp

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  1. Lisa Stroz says:

    The fan lamp looks great! I’d love to order it through your link but there isn’t a button to add it to your cart. I’ve emailed the Ott company. Joann Fabric has it for more money. It would be perfect for us “ladies of a certain age!” 🙂

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