O’Go Yarn Knit Hat and Mittens Set

Recently I created a matching hat and mittens set using O’Go Yarn. Actually, I created two similar sets: the Shannon Crochet Set and the Sharon Knit Set. This post tells you more about the O’Go Yarn Knit Hat and Mittens Set.

One of the best things about O’Go Yarn is all the colors you get in one donut. I’ve tried to take full advantage of the color array in Caron® Big Donut O’Go for both the crochet and knit mittens and hat sets. The yarn really sings, allowing me to use simple knit stitches to create a beautiful design.

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o'go yarn knit hat and mittens set

What Is O’Go Yarn?

If you aren’t familiar with it, O’Go Yarn isn’t a specific type of yarn. In other words, it’s not a certain fiber or yarn weight. Instead, it’s a format for yarn delivery. It’s an alternative to yarn skeins, hanks, or yarn balls. It’s the O’Go yarn donut, that allows you to easily pull the yarn tangle-free. And it’s available in different yarn brands. For the O’Go Yarn knit hat and mittens set, I’ve used Caron® Big Donut O’Go.

It’s important to note that there are two ways to work with the yarn’s color array. If you want a self-striping or color-blocking project, you just work from one end of the donut to the other. However, you can easily separate out the colors to work with the ones you want at any given time. This makes it great for colorwork, which I’ve showcased in this new O’Go Yarn crochet hat and mittens set.

Yarn Colors

I’ve done something different here because I’ve worked with colors from two different colorways of Caron® Big Donut O’Go. You’ll buy two different donuts of this yarn. One is Lemon Plum. The other is Blue Velvet. Each donut has five colors. You’ll use two colors from one and three from the other to complete the Sharon O’Go Yarn knit hat and mittens set.

Of course, you could also use the remaining yarn to complete a second set. After all, you’ll have three unused colors of Lemon Plum and two of Blue Velvet to combine to create that second matching set of acessories.

Caron Sharon Knit Hat and Mitt Set

I designed this O’Go Yarn knit hat and mitt set for intermediate knitters interested in playing with simple techniques emphasizing color play. It’s an accessory set for adults.

Materials for Sharon Knit Hat and Mittens Set

As aforementioned, you’ll use five yarn colors from two different donuts of Caron® Big Donut O’Go. You’ll also need:

Additional Notes

You’ll note that you need both circular and DPN knitting needles in two sizes each. Use the circulars for the hat; use the DPNs for the mittens. The smaller sizes make a good fit for the hat brim and mitten cuffs, while the larger sizes are for the bodies of those accessories.

Sharon Knit Hat and Mittens Set Pattern

knit hat and mitts set

This is a free knitting pattern. In addition to detailed written instructions, the pattern includes color charts for the hat and mittens.

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