2 Ways to Use O’Go Yarn Colors: Break It. Make It. Or Just O’Go.

I’ve been telling you a lot about O’Go yarn in recent months. It’s some of your favorite worsted and bulky weight yarns wound in a new format that makes it tangle-free. And you know what else? It makes it easy to decide on different ways yo play with color. You can effectively Use O’Go Yarn Colors in two ways. First, you can “Break It. Make It.” In other words, you can easily separate out each color in the set and use them in the order you want. Or you can “Just O’Go.” In other words, work from one end to the other through the colors as they’re laid out for a self-striping design. With so many different O’Go colorways to choose from, these two different options for using O’Go Yarn Colors.

#MARLYMADEMEDOIT Binary Code Knit Super Scarf

MMMDI Knit Super Scarf

I recently released my #MARLYMADEMEDOIT Binary Code Knit Super Scarf. Designed by Stephanie Menefee, this scarf uses binary code, assigning colors accordingly, to spell out different words. In my free pattern, it spells out #MARLYMADEMEDOIT. But I’ve also given you a way to get the free binary code charts for all upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and some symbols. Therefore, you can spell out whatever secret message you’d like on your scarf.

What does this have to do with O’Go Yarn Colors? Well, we used Caron O’Go Big Donut yarn for this scarf. We used two different colorways: Frostberry and Blue Moon. Frostberry is a single color for the whole donut. So, with that part, you can “Just O’Go.” However, Blue Moon actually has five different colors within the donut. However, we only used a few of them for the scarf. Therefore we used the “Break It. Make It” method. In other words, we easily separated the two O’Go Yarn Colors we wanted for the scarf. We can always use the other colors for a different project later.

The Binary Code Knit Super Scarf is a terrific project for you to use to play around with O’Go Yarn Colors. There are so many to choose from. And you can really personalize your design with both the color and the message.

Marly’s 3 KAL O’Go Yarn Patterns

3 O'Go Yarn Projects by Marly Bird

The 2021 Joann SAL is now complete. That means you now have full access to my three knit patterns that were part of this stitchalong. They’re all free on Yarnspirations. They also all have video links to help you along. And moreover, they’re all made with Caron® Colorama™ O’Go™(6.4 oz/180 g; 228 yds/208 m). Those three projects are:

As you can see, you use colorwork in each of these knit projects. You can follow the patterns exactly to get the color layout I’ve created. Alternatively you can “Break It. Make It.” In other words, separate out the colors and then put them in the order that you prefer instead. It’s easy to play with O’Go Yarn colors.

Color Play or Self-Striping for Any Project

2 Ways to Use O'Go Yarn Colors

I hope that you enjoy playing with the knit O’Go patterns I’ve shared with you above. However, there are also lots of other knit and crochet O’Go patterns. Plus, of course, you can use this yarn with any stitch pattern to create projects of your own. Use it to make a half double crochet scarf, a crochet shell stitch blanket, or a granny square tablecloth.

If you love to make color decisions yourself, then “Break It. Make It.” Separate out all of those colors. Then, for example, make each round of your large granny square tablecloth whatever color you pick. If you’d rather just let the yarn do the work, that’s okay, too. “Just O’Go” instead. For example, pick an O’Go Donut, start at one end, and half double crochet your self-striping cozy scarf. The colors are there for you to have fun with in whatever way you want.

More O’Go Yarn Patterns

Head to this page to see more O’Go yarn patterns. You’ll discover that they have links to “Break It. Make It.” patterns as well as links to self-striping Just O’Go patterns. There are both knit and crochet patterns for each. That way you can easily find cool projects to work on in the color style that you prefer.

Make It. Break It. Or Just O'Go Yarn.

FAQ About O’Go Yarn

To learn more about O’Go yarn, check out my original review, which includes a video showcasing how it works. That said, here are answers to some of the FAQ I’ve seen about O’Go yarn online:

Is O’Go a Center Pull Yarn Ball?

No. O’Go Yarn is a totally different format. It’s not a ball, a hank, or a skein of yarn. It’s a donut. The yarn is wrapped around the donut in such a way that it’s tangle-free and easy to use. So you do not pull from the center. You pull from the outside.

Where Do I Put My O’Go Donut While I Knit or Crochet?

Are you the type of person who likes to use a yarn bowl to keep your yarn in place while you craft? Obviously, the O’Go yarn format doesn’t fit neatly into a yarn bowl. However, it’s designed to stay put pretty easily as it is. Therefore, you can just set it on your lap, on the seat next to you, or inside of a project bag. You should find it easy to work with in any of these options.

O’Go Seems Less Bulky Than The Original Versions of The Same Yarn. Is The Yardage Less?

The O’Go format is designed not to just be tangle-free but also to have a slim profile. In other words, you should be able to easily take your O’Go yarn on the go. However, that doesn’t mean you get less yarn. For example, Red Heart Super Saver yarn comes in the regular format and as an O’Go yarn. Check the labels. It’s the same yardage on each. The same is true for the Bernat Blanket yarn.

What’s The Best Way to Store O’Go Yarn?

Re-usable bags that you’re able to seal and re-seal are a good choice for storing many types of yarn, including O’Go Yarn. If you “Break It. Make It.” then just take the colors you haven’t used and put them each in their own re-usable bags. If you haven’t started working with your O’Go yet, place the entire donut inside of a re-usable bag. This keeps everything dry, safe, and organized.

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