Mystery Knit Lit Author Betty Hechtman

Mystery Knit Lit Author Betty Hechtman shared her love of crochet and writing with Marly Bird on the Yarn Thing Podcast. She says she likes the genre Cozy Mysteries (more about people and less about gore – there are dead bodies but everybody has a good time!) better than Mystery Knit Lit, and I do too.Betty Hechtman profile pic

Betty says as a kid she fell in love with Granny Squares and wanted to learn to make them, finally found a kit in FAO Schwartz ‘Learn to Make Granny Squares’. Finishing the second one was her Golden Moment of Crochet. Learning to knit, she went into a yarn store with a friend and bought very LARGE sized needles, knitting four strands together. She prefers crochet… perhaps that’s reflected in her writing, as her crochet mysteries outnumber the other series.

Betty says she loved reading books as a kid and told herself stories, she wrote her first story at age eleven when it occurred to her to write one down. In high school, she wanted to be a mystery writer. When she purchased that kit (as an adult) she also got the idea to try to combine her literary writing with her handcrafting. She already had an agent and that person said, ‘write it and I will sell it’. It turned out that her first series created a bidding war between two publishers.

BHWoundUpInMurderBetty actually has THREE series, the Crochet series has nine books so far, the Yarn Retreat has three (both she is promised to do two more) and her third (not shared during the chat) is a Young Adult series called the Blue Schwartz series has so far one, about a young babysitter who finds a priceless necklace. I wonder if Blue likes Granny Squares…

BHWorry and Marple

You can follow Betty Hechtman at her website at www.bettyhechtman.com  or in Facebook. (Find her on Facebook, she’s been posting some fun photos of her Worry Doll and guests like Miss Marple.)

I’m including her profile in Goodreads too, as it gives you several options of websites where you can purchase books.

If you’ll be at the Knit and Crochet show in San Diego, look for her at the Crochetville booth. Hopefully, you’ll find Marly there at the Red Heart Yarns booth… Maybe you’ll be there when they meet in person.



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  1. Laura says:

    Fun show today! I love the Worry doll appearances on Betty’s FB page. And if Betty reads this I would also love Audio book versions! I read a story I have almost memorized to my son earlier today while crocheting and its a good thing I didn’t have to count above 5 or I never would have managed it!

  2. kathy b. says:

    Yes, I join Laura’s comment, hoping that Betty’s books will be produced as audio books!! Not to worry, I am sure Betty’s publishers will get on board with producing Betty’s books as audio books soon because all crafters I know listen to audio books–and also commuters, so there is great opportunity out there! And Betty’s Worry Doll is very cool!

  3. jrouton says:

    Worry Dolls bring me back childhood memories in a round about way. My grandfather polished beautiful stone and always gave them out and said here is a worry stone to take your worries away!!! Another great podcast

  4. Linda says:

    Not to worry about waiting for audio books–you can already listen to Betty’s books using the “text-to-speech” feature on a Kindle. It’s not the same as a professional audio book, but when you’re dying to know who did it and want to crochet or knit at the same time, it does the trick. I love Betty’s books–they’re pure fun. Thanks for the great interview! (I would like to disqualify myself for winning one of Betty’s books–I already have them all and would like someone else to enjoy them, too.)

  5. Sarah Short says:

    I had never heard of a worry doll prior to this podcast. I’m now making one for my niece so she can sleep.

  6. Deb Wagner says:

    I love the description of Betty’s books – someone is dead, but don’t worry ’cause everyone has a good time. Sounds like my kind of book. I’m looking forward to starting the series.

  7. Theresa says:

    Loved the show today. I never worry when listening to a Marly Bird podcast because they are always fun and interesting. I live listening to audiobooks and knitting. I don’t buy them as much as I check them out from my local library.

  8. Leanne Holland says:

    I really enjoy Betty’s books so it was such a treat to hear her interview. I never have to worry about finding a good read with Betty’s books!

  9. Ida Middendorf says:

    Fabulous podcast. Love listening to Betty’s story. I think many of us need a Worry Doll to take our worries away. Thanks so much.

  10. Ann Le Roy says:

    I enjoyed the podcast, it ended sadly. I like Betty’s Crochet Mystery’s and look forward to reading Yarn Retreat Mystery’s. I don’t usually read mystery’s but I have so enjoyed the three Crochet Mystery books that I read so far. I hope to see more of them at the book store soon.

  11. Lori Biamonte says:

    I think it would be awesome to read Betty’s books while knitting. It would take all my worry away! I hope they do come out on Audible even though I can knit and read at the same time. Once again, I enjoyed the podcast.

  12. kayleigh says:

    I am looking up the books and very interested in reading these mysteries! I agree though, I worry that reading will cut into my knit/crochet time, I’d love to see audiobooks come out!

  13. Amy says:

    Another fantastic podcast! I have read Betty’s books for years and am excited that she has a new series. I second, third and forth everyone who is in favor of The books coming out in audio – can’t imagine anything better than knowing/crocheting to Betty’s delicious yarn mysteries! I get so lost in the stories I forget all my day to day worry-ing! Thank you Marly, Tammy and Betty for an hour of information and fun!

  14. Carol says:

    When Betty said the word worry, I thought of the phrase ‘Don’t worry, be happy’. But I know that she was talking about a worry doll, of which I have never heard of before. I would love to get some of her audio books to listen to at work. Thanks for a great podcast, as usual.

  15. Christi B says:

    I have read Betty’s books and love them. It was so nice to hear her live and talk about her love for granny squares. I might have to give one of the worry dolls a go. They sound fun and I like that they will be what they will be.

  16. Melissa C. says:

    I worry that I’ll never get around to reading Betty’s books, maybe when the last kiddo starts school in August! Great podcast!

  17. KnotTheorist says:

    I’ve never heard of a worry doll before, but I just might make one…
    I do love crochet and mysteries, though, which is why Miss Marple is one of my favorite fictional detectives.

    I also hope that Betty’s books come out as audiobooks – they would be the perfect thing to listen to while crocheting!

  18. Missy Schmidt says:

    I’ve never heard of Betty before… but I’ll be stocking my kindle TONIGHT! I do love to listen to my books while knitting and crocheting! And on my kindle I can use the text-to-speech to listen to books that aren’t on Audible yet! I don’t have to worry about it dropping stitches while I’m listening!!!

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