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My Two Ladies® Knitting is taking the knit and crochet world by storm! Their unique craft products for hand-healthy knitting and crochet and their story are something exciting and fresh in a centuries-old arena. We think every knitter and crocheter needs to try these ultra-comfortable knit and crochet tools!

Why? Well…

I met Alexis at an event in Woodstock, NY, years ago. I stopped by the My Two Ladies® Knitting booth, intrigued by their new adjustable knitting needles. They also had some ergonomic crochet hooks on display, which were “smooth as buttah,” (my words exactly)! I remember pulling Alexis aside and telling her she should make Tunisian crochet hooks. She took my advice and said they’re super successful sellers for her! I am so touched to have had even a small part in her story! And so grateful these amazing crochet and knitting tools are out there for you!

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My Two Ladies® Knitting tools

About Creator and Owner, Alexis Mantione

Out of frustration comes genius! Alexis was working on a big, bulky blanket with friends and became incredibly frustrated. The blanket’s heaviness made it painful to knit for long periods of time. 

Alexis Mantione - owner of My Two Ladies® Knitting

Then, she had an idea…

Grabbing some knitting tools and supplies, she created a knitting needle prototype and found herself knitting quickly and effortlessly! She could knit for hours without straining her hands and wrists—no more pain!

She wondered how no one had ever thought of this knitting tool design before, then she got to work! 

Fast forward to today, and the My Two Ladies® Knitting Patented Luxury Knitting Needle System is available for all to enjoy, along with a growing line of hand-healthy fiber art tools and knitting and crochet accessories. 

These comfortable crochet and knitting products are beautiful, functional, luxurious, and so gentle on your hands!

My Two Ladies® Knitting Patented Luxury Knitting Needle System

Patented Luxury Knitting Needle System

Let’s talk first about these knitting needles! The luxurious rosewood glides through your hands and yarn alike! Woodworking artisans handcraft and hand-polish them to a gorgeous shine for a snag-free knitting experience! This beautiful wood is warmer to the touch than metal needles too. These knitting needles hold your stitches perfectly at the needle tips, right where you need them! 

These ergonomic knitting needles absolutely make a difference! They allow you to knit quicker, easier, and longer, with less stress on your hands and wrists. This is a total game changer for people like my assistant Cryssi who struggles with arthritis.

These knitting needles have a kink-resistant, pliable cord that rotates effortlessly. This is fantastic for avoiding that struggle with a fixed cord we all have come to dread! The sliding adjustable stopper helps keep your knitting stitches exactly where you want them.

Patented Tunisian Adjustable Crochet Hook Set

Patented Tunisian Adjustable Crochet Hook Set

Stepping out beyond knitting, Alexis found a way to help out crocheters, too! 

My Two Ladies® has invented and manufactured the only Tunisian crochet hooks with a patented sliding toggle. This toggle makes crocheting Tunisian style easier, quicker, and more gentle on your hands and wrists. It allows you to crochet for longer periods of time with reduced pain and cramping! 

With the same luxurious, smooth feel as the knitting needles, these Tunisian crochet hooks are made of dense and strong birch wood. They have rotating, pliable flex cords to keep your Tunisian crochet project free of snags and tangles!

My Two Ladies® Knitting Tools & Accessories

There are so many other beautiful tools and accessories available, too! From winders, swifts, and caddies to yarn bowls, drop spindles, and accessories. My Two Ladies® Knitting covers you for the most swanky, comfortable, pain-free crochet, knitting, Tunisian crochet, and crafting experience ever. 

Hand crafted wood shawl pin
Wood yarn bowl by My Two Ladies® Knitting

AND, Alexis has been so kind to provide a coupon code just for you!

Use code MBB20 to get 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER! 🥳

Go check out My Two Ladies Knitting NOW, and get crafting pain-free!!!

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