Mary Maxim Catalog: Craft Lover’s Christmas Wish List

If you checked out my recently updated roundup of the top 20 super bulky yarn options, then you might have noticed that there were some links to yarn over at Mary Maxim. Full disclosure: I recently became one of their affiliates. So, yes, there are affiliate links in this post, and I get a commission from those sales, which doesn’t affect your price. But that isn’t the only reason I’m here to share all the best stuff from the Mary Maxim catalog with you. It’s also because they have some really great knit and crochet lovers stuff for the holidays. Here are ten things you should be sure to check out over there on the site.

1. Mary Maxim Yarn for Christmas

mary maxim yarn for christmas

There is a lot of great yarn over on the site. However, I specifically wanted to point you to the Mary Maxim Festive Feet Sock Yarn. It’s so perfect for the holidays. It comes in holiday colorways including Mistletoe and Candy Cane Sparkle. If you love another crafter, this yarn is the perfect holiday stocking stuffer. If you love to knit or crochet socks, this yarn will brighten your season as you do.

2. Blizzard Blanket and Other Christmas Throw Pattern Crochet Kits

Mary Maxim blizzard blanket crochet pattern and yarn

In addition to just yarn, Mary Maxim sells crochet kits. In other words, you get a crochet pattern along with all of the yarn that you need in order to complete the pattern. The Blizzard Blanket is a lovely winter crochet pattern. You can choose from several color options; go with soft blue and white for a wintery feel or cardinal red and white for something that really says Christmas.

Other crochet Christmas blanket kits they offer include:

3. Crochet Snowman Christmas Kits

crochet snowman towel pattern from mary maxim catalog

Obviously blankets aren’t the only Christmas crochet pattern / kits in the Mary Maxim catalog. If you want some quicker makes, check out some of their crochet snowman Christmas kits which include:

4. Mary Maxim Christmas Knit Kits

Mary Maxim Christmas Knit Kits Mini  Sweater Ornaments

You’ll find tons of different craft options in the Mary Maxim catalog. And, of course, you know I’m bicrafty. Therefore, I want to make sure that I share not only their crochet Christmas kits but also what they have for knitters. Here are a few of the best Mary Maxim knit Christmas kits:

5. Holiday Traditions Coloring Book

Holiday Traditions Coloring Book from Mary Maxim Catalog

Sometimes during the holiday season, you might want to take a break from knitting and crochet. If you’re working on a lot of handmade gifts for the holidays, sometimes the crafts aren’t as relaxing as usual. So give yourself the affordable gift of a Christmas coloring book.

6. Mary Maxim Jigsaw Puzzles

vintage tins jigsaw puzzle

Another relaxing alternative to yarn crafting and coloring is to work jigsaw puzzles. The Vintage Tins Jigsaw Puzzle has a bit of a Christmas feeling to it, doesn’t it? Some other good options for Christmas and for crafters include:

7. Yarn Mystery Box

yarn mystery box from mary maxim catalog

Treat yourself to a little surprise on Christmas morning. Order the Mary Maxim yarn mystery box. When it arrives, leave it unopened. Perhaps even wrap the whole box in nice wrapping paper. Then stick it under the Christmas tree!

Of course, you could also order the yarn mystery box as a gift for another yarnie in your life.

8. Starlette Sparkle Worsted Weight Yarn

starlette sparkle yarn from mary maxim

Of course, if you want to know exactly what yarn you’re getting, then Starlette Sparkle is a terrific holiday choice. In contrast to the first Christmas yarn on this list, Starlette is worsted weight. It’s actually used in quite a few of the crochet Christmas kits listed above.

9. Mary Maxim Knit and Crochet Clubs

Treat yourself or another crafter you know to a year of craft club projects in 2022. Mary Maxim has a variety of clubs for crafters. Crocheters can try small projects with the Crochet Club of the Month. Alternatively, work on blankets with the Quarterly Crochet Afghan Club. Similarly, there are monthly and quarterly knitters clubs.

10. Cats With Yarn 2022 Felt Calendar

mary maxim yarn felt calendar

One of the most unique items in the Mary Maxim Catalog is their felt calendars. These are actually calendar kits. They have a variety of them, but cats with yarn is probably the most popular one among knitters and crocheters. The calendar comes with the image printed on the felt. However, then you add the sequins and beads. It comes with a dowel for hanging. So, you get to play with a little crafting while creating your calendar for the new year. This is another Mary Maxim item that is great not just for you but also for gifting.

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