Marly Bird’s Most Popular Knitting Video Tutorial

Yesterday, I shared my most popular ever YouTube tutorial with you. It’s a crochet video tutorial. However, as you know, we’re BiCrafty around here. We love knitting and crochet equally. And I celebrate both of them over on YouTube. So, you might find yourself wondering, what is Marly Bird’s most popular knitting video tutorial? I wanted to tell you today!

Marly Bird's  Most Popular  Knitting Video Tutorial

A Little Bit About Marly Bird on YouTube

I hope that you’re already subscribed to my YouTube channel. I really love sharing video content with you there. So, if you’re not, head on over and hit subscribe. On the fence? Here are some things that you might want to know about the Marly Bird YouTube Channel:

  • I launched the channel way back in 2014, starting with a series of lessons on the basics of crochet.
  • When I became a Red Heart Ambassador, and then a Yarnspirations Ambassador, my video content really began to soar. I started offering lots of crochet and knitting tutorials including many for their free patterns. These remain some of my most popular videos to date.
  • I launched the Yarn Thing podcast as an audio podcast. However, then it eventually moved to YouTube. That way you could see the people I was talking to and the yarn, books, and patterns that we were talking about.
  • I have 291K subscribers on YouTube to date. I’d love for you to join me if you’re not already one. Help me hit this year’s goal of 300K.
  • My most popular ever video is a crochet video, as I said. It’s for a beginner throw pattern. It has over 1 million views.
  • In total, the Marly Bird YouTube Channel has 21,536,609 views across all of my videos. Thanks to each and every one of you who watches my videos there.

Marly Bird’s Most Popular Knitting Video Tutorial

Okay, so we know that the most popular crochet video is for a beginner crochet blanket. But what about the knitters? What do they love most? What is Marly Bird’s most popular knitting video tutorial? Here it is:

That’s right; it’s my video tutorial for My First Big Comfy Sweater. People have really enjoyed the “My First” and “Absolute Beginner” knit and crochet video tutorials that I’ve done over the years. It’s a great way to get step-by-step visual instruction to complete a pattern for something you’d like to create even if you’re new to the crafts. In this case, you can start as a beginner knitter and end up with your first sweater!

This sweater pattern uses garter stitch and stockinette stitch. You create two same-shaped (T-shaped) knit panels and then stitch them together. Therefore, you don’t need to learn increasing and decreasing, yet, to complete this oversized sweater pattern. It’s an easy design that you’ll be able to be super proud of when it’s done!

My Most Popular Knitting Video By The Numbers

I first published this video on Oct 5, 2016. It’s received almost 450K views since that time. So it’s not as popular as my most popular crochet tutorial, but it’s still gotten lots of love. 10,000 people have hit that thumbs up button on it. If you like this video, then you can do the same to support me in a simple way! It’s received over 500 comments.

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