Marly Bird’s Kids Craft Camp 2018

Marly Bird™ Kids Craft Camp 2018 is a fun event where kids and caregivers can connect over Crafting and YouTube! That’s right, you all get to enjoy working on a fun kids craft while I teach you how to do it on YouTube Live. On this post you will find the themes for each week and a list of materials you will need to follow-along with the live video for the week.


Did you know that in recent studies it has been determined that Generation Z can’t live without YouTube? Seriously, 95% of them watch it on a daily basis (sounds like me and my relationship with yarn). My kids are 16, 14 and 12 and I know first hand how much they LOVE YouTube. When I asked them about this Marly Bird™ Kids Craft Camp idea they thought it was perfect. Jojo (age 12), “It’s like you’re trying to make crafting cool for kids by putting it on YouTube. I think that is a good idea, Mom. Can I be on it too?” LOL, he is always trying to get on camera.

Learn on YouTube with Marly Bird™


There are some items that require the use of an item that is not suitable for children (ex: a hot glue gun) for those projects we are asking that the adult is the one to work with that item and follow the safety instructions that come with the item. Marly Bird™ or Yarnsports llc is NOT responsible for any injury caused by the use of any items in the materials list provided. Use your common sense, if there is something that you don’t think is safe for a kid to use then that is a chance for you to step in and be the adult super hero ☺ .


The kids craft camp is for kids of preschool age to 6th grade, but the age suitability of the craft is ultimately up to the parent/caregiver. Again, use your common sense and it you think a project is too much for your child maybe choose one of the other projects suggested in that weeks blog post.


Great! You want to be a part of this fun summer kids craft camp, here is what you have to do (Let me make this as simple as possible):

Marly Bird YouTube Channel
  1. Subscribe to the Marly Bird YouTube Channel and click the bell icon so you are notified when I go live on the day listed for each project @12 pm MST.
  2. Take a look at the themes and projects list below. Pick and choose which weeks you think you would like to be a part of and then gather the materials.
  3. Grab your favorite beverage, a snack, sit back and relax because ???????? that’s it!




Team MB and I put together a fun list of themes and projects for the Marly Bird™ Kids Craft Camp that we think you will love to do with the kids in your life.

Please note: there will be a separate blog post for each individual theme of the week with more ideas than just the one I will be teaching on YouTube Live. So if the theme interest you but maybe you want a different project we will have some suggestions for you! 

All items listed with a link are available online via Amazon, Dollar Tree, and/or Michaels. These are affiliate links so if you purchase from the link I do make a little extra money at no extra cost to you.

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June 4, 2018– Games

DIY Cup and Ball


June 11, 2018– Beach/Pool

Beach Cover-up

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

June 25, 2018– Bird House 

DIY Birdhouse (updated supplies 6-25)

  • Toilet Paper Tube
  • Bird Seed
  • peanut butter (fewer additives and “extra” ingredients is better for birds)
  • Yarn
  • Scissors


July 2, 2018– Wands and Swords



July 16, 2018– Puzzle Pieces

Variety of Items with Puzzle Decorations


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