Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl Knit-along Details

The Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl Knit-along  is sponsored by Red Heart.

This is the very first KAL I’ve hosted that is based on my own pattern and includes a full set of HD videos of me demonstrating how to do each step of the shawl!


A SHAWL! Something that is rather simple, uncomplicated and gauge isn’t something that is super important. The project for this KAL is a rather easy shawl but it packs a lot of punch. There are many learning opportunities for me to teach you while you make this garter stitch shawl.



The official start date is March. 30, 2016 – April. 27, 2016. There will be one video released each week along with the pattern instructions for that section. You will find a full schedule at the end of this post with links as they are available.


There is a dedicated Facebook group for this KAL that is monitored by me and several of the WONDERFUL sampler knitters who tested this pattern for me. We are all there to help you with this project. Please join us!


During the KAL timeframe each section of the pattern will be released at the same time as the corresponding video release. This will help everybody who wants to participate in the knit-along (KAL) stay at the same pace and subsequently make it easier for me to help!

Once the KAL is complete the full pattern will be available at MarlyBird.com.

Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl KAL

Queue it up and Like the Pattern on Ravelry


As I mentioned, one video will be released each week during the KAL timeframe. In these
videos I walk you though making this sassy shawl and offer tips and tricks and suggestions to help your knitting on this project and future projects. Here is a link to the introduction video #1. 

You will be able to find all the videos at: https://www.YouTube.com/MarlyBird.


Suggested Yarn: Red Heart, “Soft” (100% Acrylic; 256 yds/141g): 2 balls of Color A and C, 1 ball of Color B. [ETA 4-3-16: please note the yarn amount required for Color C has been changed to 2 balls] 

Need Color Suggestions?

Here are the colors used in samples: 

On the Mannequins in the background–

Color A (2 balls): Lt. Grey Heather

Color B (1 ball): Really Red

Color C (2 ball): Teal

Color A (2 balls): Deep Sea

Color B (1 ball): Guacamole

Color C (2 ball): Teal

Shown on camera and the one Marly is making on the video–

Color A (2 balls): Lt. Grey Heather

Color B (1 ball): Honey

Color C (2 ball): Mid Blue

Color A (2 balls): White

Color B (1 ball): Coral

Color C (2 ball): Turquoise

Color A (2 balls): Lt. Grey Heather

Color B (1 ball): Berry

Color C (2 ball): Charcoal

Video Playlist for this Marly Bird Knit-along 2016 is available here:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCtrs9o46Za5n78z7-wDimWtrtuiiBTxW

Needles: 9 (5.5mm) 24″, 36″ circulars. You can use even longer circulars if you want to as the shawl gets larger but that is totally up to you.

Notions: 4 Stitch markers in two different colors, 1 removable stitch marker, tapestry needle


Sample Shawl Measurement:

Wingspan 73″ /185.42 cm

Depth at center 20” /50.8 cm


Wait for it…I’m actually not going to give you a gauge for this shawl. I don’t want that to be your focus. How often will you find a designer telling you that? Honestly, I want you to relax and enjoy knitting. As long as the fabric you are getting is what you like then GREAT!

ETA: When the actual pattern instructions are released I will add the gauge so that those of you who choose to use a different yarn know how big the stitches should be 😉 In the meantime…the shawl has 17 sts =4 inches.


…Should you accept it. Gather your materials, join the facebook group and let’s make this fantastic project 😉


March 30, 2016 Section 1: Garter Stitch and Color Block
April 6, 2016 Section 2: Garter and Stockinette Stripes
April 13, 2016 Section 3: Seed Stitch
April 20, 2016 Section 4: Applied i-cord
April 27, 2016 Special Video: Finished Shawls from Facebook Group

Knitaong Facebook Group


Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl KAL Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl KAL Free PatternJoin the Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl KAL

New Knitter and want a little class? Well, check this out:

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  1. Mary says:

    I like to read an entire pattern before I start a project. Since no full pattern is available, I’ll have to pass. Thanks anyway.

    • MarlyBird135 says:

      That is okay, Mary. The full pattern will be made available after the KAL is complete. Maybe then you will want to knit one. If you are worried about getting help or understanding the pattern please remember that I am here (along with many people in the facebook group) to help you along the way.

  2. Joanne Mooney says:

    I am on a very strict budget and cannot afford to buy yarn at this time. Can I use the Red Heart SuperSaver instead? I have lots of colorways to choose from and I am sure I can make this work if the SuperSaver is okay to use.

    • MarlyBird135 says:

      You can use any yarn you want. The biggest thing is that you will want a fabric that is not too stiff. If you find that you are not getting 4 sts per inch at MOST with the RH SS you might want to go up a needle size. That would be totally okay 🙂 Don’t forget to join the FB Group.

  3. Sue says:

    Hi, I cannot find the link for the pattern download on your site. 🙁 I’ve found two ads for pdf downloads, links to Raverly and Facebook feed, the first video, but not the pattern. Thank you for any help you can advise. Sue

    • MarlyBird135 says:

      The pattern section will be released each week during the time of the KAL. You will be able to find the pattern here on MarlyBird.com
      After the KAL the entire pattern will be made available in full.

  4. Lynne Baltzer says:

    Could you give a guage estimate? I would really like to see if any of my stash would be suitable. I know how to do a guage swatch and how to adjust needle size or yarn so I won’t bug you with questions.

  5. KittySue says:

    I am always looking for easy-to-knit items to make for local charity groups. This shawl is very attractive and seems like it won’t be too complicated. Our local County Home always needs shawls that are suitable for men. By adjusting the colors and enlarging the size a bit, I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with a “manly choice”. Thank you for this knit-a-long.

  6. Caroline says:

    I bought red heart soft in these colors one teal one berry two of jewel tone are these good combinations?

  7. Jeanette Holmes says:

    Just joined the fb group and I can’t wait. I am so happy that you are using acrylic yarn 🙂 FINALLY a KAL that I can use the actual yarn called for 🙂 If you haven’t figured it out, I’m allergic to wool 🙂

  8. Jonell says:

    I want to do this, but am having my knee replaced April 13. Will the pattern and videos be available after the finish? I know I don’t knit well enough to knit on strong pain killers!

  9. Cassandra Motz says:

    I went to 4 stores to get the colors I wanted. I am soooo excited and can’t wait for the knit along to begin. I also met some young ladies at the orthodontist office that want to learn to knit so I have passed on the info. I would love to see them get into the group.

  10. Lori Biamonte says:

    I’m in! I’ve been anxious to find a project for the yarn I bought on vacation in France. I’m so glad that’s allowed. I am swatching it right now to see what needle I want to use. This will be fun.

  11. Donna says:

    Look for knitting needles in though sizes and can only find 9″23. Can you use them instead of the ones you wrote in pattern

    • MarlyBird135 says:

      It is best to use longer needles. If you can find 40″ needles use those. At one point you will have over 300 stitches on your needles…you want to have the space to accommodate that.

  12. Miriam Olsen says:

    I would like to join in but I cannot get the “Love” yarn where I live. Can I substitute with a different worsted weight yarn?

  13. Vivienne friedman says:

    Hope you had a nice trip.
    In the garter stitch section if I am one row short in my numbers can I just do another row.
    I am really enjoying doing this shawl.

  14. Vivienne says:

    I have knit section C and I am coming out with more rows that I should have.
    What do I do Without having to rip any out?

    • MarlyBird135 says:

      If you have the same even number of stitches on either side of center you should be okay I think.

  15. Anne Ramberansingh says:

    Thank you, I love the shawl, almost finished, I am a new knitter, the sides of my shawl look unfinished, do you have any suggestions as to how I give a finished look? Any help will be appreciated.
    Anne Ramberansingh

    • MarlyBird135 says:

      There are some people in the facebook group who have single crocheted along the edge. You might give that a try.

  16. Joan H Keckstein says:

    I’ve 103 stitches, completing a,row,1pattern. Next row is a row 2 pattern using color c, and will have 105 stitches…this should complete a wrong side row. But…it doesn’t. Where did I go wrong? Row 3 should be right side and when completed is 109 stitches. I’m losing my mind. Can you help? Joan

  17. Kirsten Wotton says:

    Is it possible to still get help with this garter stitch shawl? I am new to knitting and I am on the second to last row of the stripes section. I should have 303 stitches to make the last row 305 but I only have 301, I am short two. Can I add two to my last row or should I take it apart to the last matched count of 205? Thank you.

  18. Antonella says:

    Hi, i’ve tried to contact you in many ways, bit it seems that no one works.

    I hope this is the good one.

    Dear Marly,

    I’m Antonella an italian knitter.
    I found out your YouTube channel about 2 Years ago with the garter stitch shawl kal.
    I loved it, but i could not deal with it until now.
    I almost completed the section 2 the stripes and i was looking for the pattern of section 3, the seed stitch, and i have a question on the pattern.
    The first row start with the (k1, p1) increase, then one knit stitch followed by a repetition of p1,k1 until the center marker – this means that the stitch before the first center marker is knitted – the istruction of the first row continue with: slip marker, k1, slip marker, k1 and a new repetition of p1, k1 to last stitch that is worked with the (p1, k1) increase.

    This means that we interrupt the seed stitch on the center of the row.
    The same thing happens in the second, seventh and eighth row, but not in the other row.

    Can you tell me way? It’s a mistake or give something of speciale to the pattern.

    I hope I managed to explain myself.

    I watch all your video, i’ve done the socks kal and i’m waiting for the next KAL from you.



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