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Maria Bittner, Pattern Paradise called from New York as part of the Yarn Thing Podcast by Marly Bird’s focus on crochet bloggers.patternparadiselogo

Maria remembers when she was very young always wanting to craft, playing with a friend who’s aunt brought home scraps from her job in the garment industry and profile IMG_4931dressing their Barbies. A friend of her mother’s often came to chat and always brought her handwork. When she noticed Maria trying to imitate her, she taught her a few stitches, and later Maria would borrow books from the library or purchase when she could from the local Five & Dime store.

She knew she wanted a business of her own but never found the right fit. Maria’s tradition was always to welcome new babies in the community around her with a blanket and other goodies. A woman who owned a vintage linen shop asked her to create products for sale in her shop. Later, with her son’s encouragement, she sold items online in an Etsy Shop. She was often approached for the patterns to her products and that evolved into her website: https://pattern-paradise.com/

One of the things that Maria’s challenged herself to do with her website was to create a series for her community to participate in. Last year she created the Chameleon Hat and with it she changed the style every month to fit the seasons. This year she is working on a series of patterns using X-stitches.

Maria patterns include tips and tricks, rather than strictly ‘publisher’ written. She finds for herself that she needs a little variety in her written directions.


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  1. Jackie Watson says:

    I have followed Maria around lots of places on the internet! Loved the show and loved the chocolate talk!

  2. Sarah Short says:

    Really great show! It’s always nice to hear from new designers while I’m sipping my hot chocolate.

  3. Mary McElroy says:

    I love the slant toward crochet since I don’t knit. I love discovering artist like this that I had never encountered.
    All the talk of chocolate is going to make me have chocolate dreams

  4. Michele C. says:

    I really loved listening to the show as I was eating chocolate! I checked out the Pattern Paradise website and it is lovely with so many wonderful patterns.

  5. Rose Ruffolo says:

    Hi All!

    Congrats on another great show interviewing another great designer….and crocheter too boot! Crocheters rock baby!

    I took a peek at your Ravelry page Maria and you have some beautiful pieces!

    Speaking of things that rock and beautiful pieces I think it’s about that time that I snag a piece of “CHOCOLATE” and get ready to listen to Marly’s Thursday’s podcast!

    Rock on fibre friends!
    Rose Ruffolo

  6. Lisa Nixon says:

    I do much better with chocolate than I do with crochet – but soon…..I will master the crochet so that I can try some of Maria’s patterns.

  7. Michelle says:

    This podcast was a lovely as a great piece of chocolate. Thanks ladies for a fun hour of crochet news you can use!

  8. Vicki Lynch says:

    I have to admit to a bit of a dark chocolate habit. The new ones with sea salt and caramel are extra yummy! I loved hearing how Pattern Paradise got started.

  9. barb saito says:

    All of my chocolate has been put aside for Lent. Thank goodness I have yarn to crochet!! I am always happy to hear how someone has created a business for themselves in crafting. You Go, Girl!

  10. Renee' C., says:

    Chocolate is my reward and crochet is a necessity! Fun show hearing about Maria and Pattern Paradise! Thanks, Marly!

  11. Debbie Rotondo says:

    I just looked at your patterns on Ravelry and love the Cape Cod Shawl, which I plan to purchase. It looks like a fun crochet project. I add a pack of sugar free hot chocolate to my cup of hot coffee since I have to limit sugar in my diet.

  12. Stephanie Axman says:

    Wow, there are some great baby patterns on ravelry. I love making baby gifts for baby showers. I’m may try to make a chocolate colored baby boy sweater next.

  13. Citabria G. says:

    My daughter would agree that yarn and chocolate are two of my favorite things as well as two of hers. I really enjoyed hearing about the patterns and checking them out on ravelry. I’m sorry I didn’t get to use the coupon but I will certainly be purchasing a few of them. Loved the show!!

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