Loop-It, loop-It real good…NEW Loop-It Yarn from Red Heart

Loop-It, loop-It real good…NEW Loop-It Yarn from Red Heart! This loopy, puffy yarn is great for blankets, scarves, cowls, hats, ponchos, etc. You name it, and you can finger knit it with this great Loop-it by Red Heart Yarn!

Red Heart is at it again with a BRAND NEW YARN just for you. This yarn is not just for knitters and crocheters though, it is for all crafters. You can learn the mechanics of knitting with this loopy yarn and without having to wrangle the needles to get that really great knit look.  How do you knit without needle? Well, that’s easy, you use your fingers!

UPDATE: It’s no longer as easy to find Loop It Yarn. However, you can use Bernat Alize Blanket – EZ yarn in exactly the same way. Feel free to substitute this yarn in any of the Loop It Free Patterns you want to use.

Yay, simple finger knitting with a puffy yarn that is designed to help you work the stitches without dropping a stitch. What, did Marly just say “no more dropped stitches”?  Yes, yes I did. The loops of the yarn combined with the construction of the actual yarn make it so the stitches stay in place as you work across or around the project. *I can hear you celebrating all the way over here*

Okay, are you ready to learn how this yarn works? Let’s go ahead and Loop-It, loop-It real good…NEW Loop-It Yarn from Red Heart

Red Heart Loop It Yarn

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Get this great puffy Loop-It Yarn Here! 

About Loop-It Yarn:

Red Heart Loop It YarnFun, fast and easy, Loop-It is a new kind of yarn that requires no hooks or needles! Just use your fingers to easily pull the loops through one another and watch the fabric appear. Loop-It is finger looping fun!

When you first take a look at the yarn you might see it as another trend yarn. Yes, if you are a knitter you don’t really need to get this yarn but if you are looking for a fast project away from your needles this is the one you want to pick up. Not only is this a great in-between project but a great yarn to use to craft with others that don’t know how to knit.

Super soft loops make it easy to and fun to work with. When you are finished you will have a super warm and squishy project. Although the stitches look like knit stitches they do behave a little different. You will not find the stretch with this yarn as you would with regular knitting. It is possible to cut the loops so that you can weave in your tales without the entire ball unraveling.

There are 12 difference colors that you can choose from and mix and match. You will be able to find two solid colors to pair with each of the variegated colors. More and more Loop-It projects keep popping up. Grab your yarn and get started today!

Purchase Loop-It Yarn:

Loop-It yarn is currently only available for purchase in Michael’s Craft Stores or on the Red Heart website. This is an exclusive yarn for them. Please be sure to shop your local Michaels or online to get your own Loop-It Yarn.

Red Heart Loop It Yarn

Free Loop-it Patterns:

I’ve been working on new patterns using Loop-it yarn. Here are a couple!

Loop-it Puffy Seed Stitch Cowl by Marly Bird -- Free Pattern --


Red Heart is giving you the chance to win THREE balls of your very own! This is a great opportunity to try out the yarn and let everyone else know what you think about it!

Enter through the rafflecopter form below, good luck.

Red Heart Loop-It Yarn


Here is your chance to get 3 balls of Red Heart’s new yarn, Loop-It. The giveaway will run through midnight MST on September 16, 2018.

Giveaway is only open to US residents. You must enter your name and email address into the Raffelcopter form so that we can contact the winner. We will not sell your email address and you will not automatically be put on our mailing list. Should you want to be on the mailing list please use the link below in the Follow Marly section below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Learn how to Knit:

Click here to watch this video on YouTube

Learn how to Purl:

Click here to watch this video on YouTube

Learn how to Bind Off:

Click here to watch this video on YouTube

Learn Loop-It Garter Stitch:

Click here to watch this video on YouTube

Loop-It Ribbing:

Click here to watch this video on YouTube

How to add a new color or ball:

Click here to watch this video on YouTube

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  1. Lynne Baltzer says:

    I would like to see a stockinette blanket with a border to prevent rolling.
    I wish it came in superhero colors. It would make a great make it with at nephews project if there were colors to interest them. Even just a medium blue and red would add so many boy possibilities

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