Long Island Yarn and Farm is our special guest on the Yarn Thing Podcast

Long Island Yarn & Farm is an amazing small business. I have been using their hand salve to keep my hands from drying out throughout the winter. It is perfect for those of us that work with our hands since you can put it directly on the ares that need help. Learn more about their salve, yarn and their farm.

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About Long Island Yarn and Farm:

Long Island Yarn & Farm is the most diverse supplier of local raw fiber, roving and yarn on Long Island, utilizing fiber from their own farm as well as from others, all shorn by Founder, Tabbethia Haubold. They are committed to the well being of camelids and all other livestock. Long Island Yarn & Farm’s award winning llamas and fleeces speak for the quality of the fiber they have to offer for the spinner’s and knitter’s delight. Their product offerings include raw fiber, roving, hand spun and homespun yarns, hand made lanolin skincare, finished fiber products and hand-knit items.

Tabbethia resides in Yaphank, NY on a 17 acre fiber farm that is home to a herd of about 20 llamas, along with an alpaca, sheep, angora goats, angora rabbits and pot bellied pigs. With a BS in Animal Science and an original love affair with horses, Tabbethia began raising llamas in 1997 and then started showing in 2001 on the local, regional and national level. As an educator by nature and profession, she utilizes her animals for educational programming for both youth and adults in various venues. Tabbethia also has an extensive shearing business that involves over 1,000 animals. She travels from VT to GA and everywhere in between to shear llamas, alpacas, angora goats, and sheep.

Each skein of Long Island Yarn & Farm yarn is labeled with the following message from Tabbethia:

“Shearing is an intimate process between the animals and myself. My relationship to them is always one of patience and positive approach. Fiber, wool, and mohair are the by-products from the animals I work with. Long Island Yarn & Farm uses this fiber in the creation of our own yarns. These yarns put a face with the fiber, and through the hand knit garments they make, connect people to the animals we love.”

Listen to the Show:

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  1. Karen Biron says:

    I love llamas!!I am from Long Island and left to join the Army. I now live in Germany and call Montana home!

  2. Lorinda J McKinster says:

    I loved the podcast about the llamas at Long Island Yarn & Farm. They are very beautiful creatures.

  3. Deatra says:

    I feel in love with Llama’s when my now 19 and 20 yrs old boys became obsessed with the “empire’s new groove”. It would be so cool to have a llama to have the personality of Kuzco.
    Now my daughters are just as obsessed with collecting toy llama’s

  4. Christina Cavallo says:

    I really enjoyed this podcasts. One of my favorite. What I loved the most was seeing Evan the llama.

  5. Rachel King says:

    I loved seeing all of the animals, especially the LLAMA, on the podcast, it really connected my yarn craft to it’s roots.

  6. Aida Hartmann says:

    What a wonderful podcast! Really enjoyed learning about fiber farming with Llamas, Alpacas and Angora. So informative! Especially loved the animals on the show and the pig was so cute! How beautiful was the brown, black and white Llama she bought into the camara! Your endorsement of the body butter and salve helped me decide to put a jar in the hubby’s Christmas stocking as he gets awful dry skin in the winter. Will need to get some when I’m at the Sheep & Wool show in a couple of weeks!

  7. Ida Fowler says:

    thank you i am sorry that i missed the show live but i would love to try crocheting with the lama yearn thank you very much

  8. Ann Paradowski says:

    I was watching live but had to go before the end of this podcast. I loved seeing and hearing about the llama. I also would love to get some of your yarn and moisturizer products. I will have to rewatch this podcast to get the site.
    Thank you. Ann Paradowski

  9. Chris Lopez says:

    Ok Marly you know I love you and all your podcasts are great but this one! I mean come on! A walk on appearance by Evan the Llama! He stole the show! But I did really enjoy Tabbethia and hearing about her adventures shearing, the farm, and the body care line. Oh and the pictures you posted on your website are are awesome.

  10. Carol says:

    Greates show ever!! Did not realize a llama was that large. Evan was just great and that was the 1st time I ever saw a Angora rabbit.

  11. Mary Alice Helgesen says:

    I would love to see your farm and try your products. I can’t say I ever met one, but I love llamas and their fur! The llama pillow with his name was great!

  12. Debbie Carter says:

    I love the show, Evan the Llama was the star. I’m so going the their web page and look. I love the pig and rabbit too.

  13. Amanda White says:

    I have to agree with Marly that this was the cutest podcast episode ever! Evan the Llama and his friends were adorable! Thanks for bringing Tabbethia on the show and giving us some perspective on how natural fibers are processed to make the squishy yarn we all know and love

  14. joyce hancock says:

    This podcast was amazing! So cool, especially with the live guests, including the llama. I would love to try her yarn and lanolin products.

  15. Sandra Pellerin says:

    Great podcast. I think I can speak for everyone when I say this podcast with the Angora and the Llama was fun and exciting.

  16. Thadis Bostock says:

    This was a very interesting podcast. It totally changed my opinion about llamas. The one on the show was so nice and tall LOL.

  17. Karen Powell says:

    love your podcast, love meeting and learning about other crafts ppl in the industry. Llama …very educational podcast. I buy lanolin oil to use on my dry skin , but the form i have does not go soft skin it stays sticky. I willhave to look into her brand. thx

  18. Donna Frunzi says:

    What a wonderful, informative podcast. Thank you so much for sharing! What cute guests as well. Not sure which I loved more….Llama, pig or angora bunny!

  19. Diane Samp says:

    Llama!!! I loved this podcast. It was so entertaining with all the animals and very informative. Thanks for doing this one.

  20. Carri Benson says:

    What a fun podcast! Mozart and Evan were so adorable! That lady on the yellow sofa was okay. So was the gal in the pink glasses. (Haha! jk) Tabitha was very interesting and informative. I’m going to start following her on IG. Marly you always do a great interview! Thanks! No drama just a LLAMA.

  21. Kathy Jenks says:

    Llama tell you I thought this was a great show. Informational, funny and fast paced. Love the animals bunny, pig and llama.

  22. Apple Walton says:

    Hi, I enjoyed this podcast immensely and it was so educational. I thought Evan, the llama was so adorable. I use to work in a hospital and one of the ointments used for diabetic skin care was lanolin but it isn’t used anymore. I hope to win the lanolin products because I do have very dry skin.I will definitely have to purchase some the yarn.
    Great podcast.

  23. Sandra Ponte says:

    This was an awesome podcast…so informative and fun…loved the angora rabbit and the Llama!! Also, the shepherdess products look amazing! Would love to try them on my eczema!

  24. Debbie A says:

    I used to have a beautiful llama named phantom. I sure do miss him. I loved this show it was so much fun!! I can’t wait to check out their website.

  25. Luann Wright says:

    Everyone loved this show, took me forever to get to the leave a comment section. So informative and I must admit you were having so much fun! A little extra joy today. I learned about goats, bunnies and natural fibers. ♥️♥️♥️

  26. Lynnette M Cantrell says:

    One of the items on my “want to make” list — is a Llama!!! From the red heart pattern site!!
    This podcast was great!!! Epic!!!

  27. Amberly says:

    I would love to try crocheting with llama Fiber! I loved the animal guests on the show today. Her little angora bunny is adorable (I love rabbits), but not sure I would love grooming them as often as they need it.

  28. Lilly says:

    Llama Face!!!
    Every time I think of llamas I have to quote The Emperor New Groove. I have not played with llama yarn and I really want too.

  29. Colleen Caro says:

    My son loves “llama llama rojo pjama” and he loved to see evan the llama and Mozart the bunny. Thanks for a fun podcast. Will need to get some skin care stuff as the annual eczema is back in the windy city of Chi-town =)

  30. Bonnie C. says:

    I loved all the animals on this episode! I especially loved seeing the llama and would love to try some llama yarn. Thank you for introducing me to Long Island Yarn and Farm!

  31. Pam says:

    Llama (Let Me) tell you how much I love llamas, I truly wish I had room for a few on my property! They are my go to animal at the fair every year, they are amazing! Great podcast episode!

  32. Betsy L says:

    What a fun podcast! I learned so much about Llama(s) that I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing your Llama love and the angora bunny 🙂

  33. Serena Lee says:

    What an awesome show! I’ve only worked with acrylics and wool, I will definitely have to get something from a llama! I would love to win the skincare… if not, I think I’ll have to buy some anyways!

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