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Laurinda Reddig, Reversible Crochet author, was the guest today on the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird. Clearly she has some talent with a hook and fiber as Marly has claimed Laurinda as her very own!LaurindaReddig

Laurinda called in from Portland, Oregon. She told me in the chat room this was her first time on a podcast, but she didn’t admit that before the show, she sounded like this was what she does every day! Perhaps because she’s been listening to the Yarn Thing Podcast since she discovered podcasts, she knows how it’s done…

In Junior High, her Campfire Leader’s house was on the walk home from school, teaching Laurinda to crochet left-handed by sitting in front of her (mirror technique) without making a big deal of it and in fact, Laurinda did not realize she was crocheting differently till years later. She spoke about picking up yarn at K-mart… While in High School, on a roadtrip through Mexico, her father (who is a knitter!) found a little town known for crochet lace and they were invited into a local’s home and she learned to crochet lace. In College, hair nets and snoods were popular and she incorporated that into her wedding attire.

ReddigMysteryMachine She worked at Michael’s Craft Stores and taught crochet, even though she was unsure at first since she crochets left handed, but that worked out until she started having children. When her son was about six, he wanted a Scooby Doo birthday party. According to her Blog, she considered yarn bombing her own car, but in the end creating an afghan she submitted to the Crochet Guild of America which was very warmly received. In fact it won First Place in Afghans and the People’s Choice in the competitions. She began submitting to magazines and one of the contacts she made was with Marcy Smith of Interweave, who asked Laurinda to write an article about the technique involved in reversible crochet…ReddingReversibleRowanVest

Another project that has gained Laurinda much acclaim is her Reversible Rowan Tree Vest.  It was created in memory of her newborn daughter who lived for a few hours after birth. The fabric she’s created is so precise it appears to be painted. She added beads as berries on one side, and blossoms on the other, making a difference in both sides, but otherwise completely reversible. She sent it to the CGOA competition and it won the Grand Prize… She was wearing it at a TNNA gathering when Marly found her!


Her new book, Reversible Color Crochet, incorporates techniques using different sized stitches, carrying yarn invisibly and working partial stitches with the different colors of yarn. The book has detailed instructions and graphics to explain the process. When she was working on an earlier publications, Charles Voth advised her as her tech editor to pursue publishers who liked promoting new techniques.

Laurinda Redding will be teaching her class at Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival (OFFF) on Reversible Intarsia and judging the crochet competition, and later teaching at the Astoria Stitch Fest. We’re going to see more of her as she continues to share her love of this art form.

Follow her at her website: www.ReCrochetions.com. Laurinda also has a Facebook page and Ravelry Design Page with Ravelry Group Page

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  1. Shelly says:

    Reversablity, is a great idea! I NEED to try this method. I have done color work before and this looks amazing. It seems like it will take my work form “home-made” to “hand-made” if you know what I mean. Great interview my dears.

  2. Linda C says:

    One of the things I love about double-knitting is the reversibility. I didn’t realize that crochet could be reversible, too! Can’t wait to give this a try.

  3. Linda says:

    I had never heard of “reversibility” before–what a wonderful concept. It makes so much sense, especially for afghans, shawls, and scarves. Laurinda is very talented–and very humble, as well. I enjoyed the interview. Thanks, Marly!

  4. EL says:

    Reversibility is a great technique and I’d like to learn it. The Rowan Tree Vest is a beautiful inspiration. I would love to learn to do landscape scenes like that.

  5. Renee says:

    Loved the show with Laura and her concept of crochet reversibility! Love the way her mind works! Great show, Marly, as always!

  6. Renee says:

    Loved the show with Laurinda and her concept of crochet reversibility! Love the way her mind works! Great show, Marly, as always!

  7. Tiffany J. says:

    Looks like a great book! Reversability is an important trait to have in afghans where both sides are public – makes them even easier to use. Can’t wait to check out Laurinda’s patterns and her technique for color crochet.

  8. Michele Byars says:

    Your crochet reversibility techniques are truly amazing and I can’t wait to learn more about them, as long as my daughter doesn’t ask me to make the Scooby blanket, although it is very beautiful!!

  9. Kate M says:

    Thanks for another great show. I love the idea of these patterns and their reversibility. How amazing to do it in blankets but also in her vest!!!

  10. Cheryl Clemons says:

    Glad I was able to catch the show. I love the idea of having reversibility in patterns. This is a must try.

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