Lace Knitting Expert Anna Dalvi (Mystery Knit Alongs)

Anna Dalvi’s first published book SHAPING SHAWLS was published by Cooperative Press in 2011
Anna Dalvi, Author and Designer
Anna Dalvi

Lace Knitting Expert Anna Dalvi (Mystery Knit Alongs) today’s guest on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird takes Mystery and Lace knitting and mixes it just so.

Just home from Sweden (Marly just wrapped up Stitches Midwest, so they are both a bit jet-lagged) called in from Ottawa. She began knitting when very young and enjoyed it as a teenager. In her 30’s, her daughter asked her to teach her when she realized her bus driver was a knitter.  Daughter made a scarf, Mom made an afghan and found it fueled her to create more.

Mystic Waters was Anna Dalvi's first design for her  popular Mystery Knit-a-Long.
Mystic Waters: Anna Dalvi’s first design for her popular Mystery Knit-a-Longs

She was invited to a Mystery Knit-a-Long (or MKAL) back in 2007 in a Yahoo Group (before she became a member of Ravelry) and enjoyed it. She decided to create one, too, and 1,400 people joined up with her first one!  She enjoys it and the camaraderie that working as a group on something naturally creates. Marly asked if she produces a design as the MKAL progresses (a good question for someone that’s not done one) but Anna says she has finished the design and the pattern is written before it’s the MKAL has begun. Most of her designs are well-known lace shawls. MKALs lend themselves naturally to shawls because there is no worry about fit, (and a little flexibility with gauge) and lace patterns can be broken up and blend themselves when broken into chapters.

Anna submitted her designs for publication and began to consider trying to publish her patterns herself when she began conversing with Shannon Okey at Cooperative Press. Since then, she has had three books published.  The newest book MYSTIC SHAWLS (Ravelry link to view the patterns) is a charted pattern collection of all the knitted lace shawls she’s created for her MKALs, with a few updates but of various shapes and sizes but all absolutely beautiful.

NEW Mystic Shawls book
NEW Mystic Shawls book

She has another Knit-a-Long, The MYSTIC OCEAN SHAWL KAL starts this Thursday. Information about that can be found in her Ravelry Group and at her website. There are about 300 signed up already! Anna sees no end in her future for MKALs as she loves seeing what others create and how we all get through a challenge together.

Anna’s website is https://www.knitandknag.com/ where you can connect with whatever is new and cool with her, in her blog, Knit-a-Longs and patterns.

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  1. Bonnie Jane says:

    To be a mystic and enjoy wearing Mystic Shawls could be a marvelous life. Thank you for sharing more gorgeous patterns.

  2. Audrey says:

    These shawls are ethereal. I can see in my minds eye, these magical gossamer creations on the shoulders of a goddess high on a mountaintop reading Rumi, the ancient mystic poet of the Sufi’s, on her journey toward a higher state of consciousness. Truly magical lace shawls.

  3. MarieAnge (Angel) says:

    I just finished listening to the podcast, while viewing the collection of shawls in the new book Mystic Shawls. Wow! I’m absolutely gobsmacked at the beautiful shawls on display!

  4. Thekla says:

    What a challenge these mystic shawls look to be…very exciting. Thank you for bringing this designer to us, Marly.

  5. Kate M says:

    Wow the mystic shawls book looks amazing! I haven’t tried lace yet but thes patters really make me want to try. Thanks for another great show!

  6. Larry Edman says:

    Your mystic shawls are all wonderful! Would love to knit some of them. Must check to see what the status of the current KAL is.

  7. joyce says:

    What an interesting blog! I love hearing how people in the industry got started. Anna’s new book, Mystic Shawls, sounds like a fantastic book to have. I will have to put one of her shawls on my que.

  8. Anita says:

    Another great interview. I love that Anna named her shawls Mystic. The name seems very appropriate, their beauty is mystical.

  9. Kelly says:

    I loved listening how the Mystic shawls came together as knit alongs. I loved looking at the book on the Cooperative Press site while you were talking about them. I can definately see some in my future!

  10. Abby M says:

    I am not much of a mystery joiner. I usually wait until about clue 3 is released before jumping into a mystery KAL! But I just love the mystic shawls. Wonderful job Anna!

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