Knitting World Exclusive Interview Kristin Omdahl’s NEW Big Adventure

Knitting World Exclusive Interview Kristin Omdahl‘s New Big Adventure featured lots of REVEALS of what’s new and hot with Kristin who called from her home in Florida!


Let’s start with Congratulations to Kristin for being in TEN years in the the fiber business! And what a long way she has come in such a short time…  Let’s start with her website styledbykristin.com  You can click on her patterns there or take a peek at the patterns in Ravelry, but notice she now has e-books! Her first ones celebrates her first ten years, divided into two collections, one for Knit patterns and one for Crochet patterns, both AWESOME as they contain SO many patterns, 37 in the knit one and 34 in the crochet! She’s also done a BRAND-NEW book, Beachy One which features 6 patterns that can all be done with one skein of yarn and with your purchase comes a skein of her …

Brand-New YARN! Bamboo So Fine is (description from her website because it sounds so Yummy!) “is spun, milled and hand dyed in the United States of America, this lustrous and silky soft yarn gets even drapier and silkier after hand-washing in your favorite delicate wash. The colors are bright, saturated and inspired by tropical flowers and candy. Each large skein boasts a whopping 650 yards and gives new meaning to one skein projects!” bamboosofineThis is a wonderful fingering weight yarn in such awesome beach colors, Turquoise, Coral, Amethyst, Lavender, Soft Yellow and Raspberry! It wasn’t mentioned in the program but it comes with a sample of Wrapture which is a wash for your hand-knits that Kristin has featured on the Yarn Thing podcast before. The really cool thing that Kristin is proud of is that ALL of her products and their packaging are North American Made (US and Canadian). Kristin has put together a wonderful YouTube.com video that shares descriptions of the patterns in Beachy One and lots of suggestions for how to wear each item.

She’s considering putting together Retreats, featuring crafting, of course, but cooking and yoga, and adding other amenities. Kristin will be putting together a survey, so watch for the opportunity on her Facebook page or the Blog on her website (look for What’s New at the above link) to give your opinion!

The third thing that Kristin waited until today to announce is about the doodling and drawing that she’s always loved. She’s become a fan of Zentangling recently and started to receive suggestions for fabric designs. One of the companies that are very interested in Kristin Omdahl Fabrics is Erin.Lane Bags which is a Yarn Thing favorite product! This news completely left Marly speechless. (Admittedly rare, so I hope you heard that!) These will be announced at Stitches Midwest but they are working toward having them available later on, potentially Stitches East in October… THAT is another reason to stay tuned!

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  1. Ann Le Roy says:

    I really enjoyed listening to the podcast sounds great. I like bamboo yarn, and crocheting things with one skein.

  2. Sandy says:

    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast! I also LOVE Erin Lane Bags! I can’t wait to see a preview at Stitches Midwest! I’ve just come back from a Knitting Retreat in MN, I love knitting retreats! I love that your new yarn Bamboo so Fine has 650 yards of USA made bamboo yarn! Such gorgeous colors!

  3. Hannah says:

    Just got to look at your new Bamboo So Fine yarns and they look absolutely wonderful! I love all of your lacy patterns, they are all so delicate, feminine, and beautiful! I taught myself to knit and later to crochet and have been doing both for many years now. I always look forward to any and every book you come out with and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  4. Debra Helstrom says:

    Great podcast today!! I loved hearing about everything Kristen has coming up! I can’t wait to try her Bamboo yarn! That is a LOT of yardage in one skein of yarn!!

  5. Renee says:

    Wonderful show, again, Marly! (We’re sounding redundant here, but give credit where credit’s due!) Although this guest, Kristin, was one I am very familiar with and enjoy her skills and designs so well already, I didn’t know all these knew announcements and additions to her repertoire! Would love to do the retreat, although I’d have to help in the kitchen as I have Celiac Disease and therefore have to eat a very healthy, gluten-free diet. But sounds like a lot of fun and learning combined! And her bamboo yarn looks so beautiful! Makes you drool!

  6. Deb Buckingham says:

    Wonderful show! Congratulations Kristen, on so many things. Bamboo is my favorite fiber to knit with. And your yarn, Bamboo So Fine, in the Turquoise colorway, will soon arrive in my mailbox. And YES! I am so interested in coming to Florida for a retreat with you. And Marly, the sound quality is amazing!

  7. radinnh says:

    Bamboo is one of my favorite fibers! Kristen’s yarn is so gorgeous. I have been a fan for awhile now. Keep surprising us with your innovations. Good luck with the new endevors,

  8. Shelly says:

    Wonderful podcast! Bamboo is a yarn I haven’t tried yet. I love the colors of Kristin’s new yarn, just lovely.

  9. Barb says:

    I’m a new listener and since I work I listen to the podcast later. I’m listening to all these giveaways and pouting about having to work during the live broadcast. I am so going to go pick up a skein of your new BAMBOO yarn! I knit a little girl’s dress out of bamboo and it came out gorgeous. Thanks for giving us “later listeners” a chance!

  10. EL says:

    Wonderful interview with Kristin! I have worked with bamboo and I love it, and Kristin’s new bamboo fingering yarn sounds great.
    If she does a knit-crochet retreat on the beach, it will be paradise.

  11. Edith M. Smith says:

    I love your patterns Kristin! I can’t wait to try your Bamboo So Fine yarn. I ordered my first skein today.

  12. Stephanie Axman says:

    I’m so eager to try knitting with bamboo yarn that I had to order the yellow skein! Can’t believe the yardage!

  13. Priscilla says:

    Loved the show! Marly the new sound system is great. I can’t wait to try Kristin’s new Bamboo So Fine yarn! Erin Lane is my favorite brand of projects bags, I look forward to seeing them at Stitches East. What an awesome way to celebrate her first ten years in the business.

  14. Linda says:

    I enjoyed the podcast with Kristin and her new announcements. I never worked with Bamboo yarn yet so it would be great to give it a go and the size of the skein 650 yards, shouldn’t have a problem finding a project to create. Looking forward to seeing Bamboo so fine being sold near me.

  15. Gina M says:

    Wonderful podcast this week! Listening to Kristin always makes me smile. I love that so many nice things are happening for her. I’m especially excited to try out her BAMBOO yarn!

  16. Audrey says:

    Love Kristin’s generosity of spirit and creativity. Can’t wait to try the lusciouos bamboo yarns and patterns in her new e-books!

  17. hotknitter says:

    Great discussion with Kristin. I have knit with a bamboo blend sock yarn, and would love to experiment with a bamboo shawl.

  18. CraftyLadyMel says:

    I loved the show and it was the first time I was able to listen live. How fun!!! I love the Bamboo yarn and went right over to Kristen’s site and bought the turquoise one. I can’t wait to get it in the mail! I love the idea of a weekend retreat with Kristin as well. What a wonderful show Marly! Keep up the awesome work. I LOVE listening!!!

  19. Annette says:

    What a fun show. I reminded me of Oprah’s favorite things episodes where prizes just kept coming. And the concept of 100% bamboo just blows my mind. I will have to find a special person for a shawl project…..maybe me?!

  20. Dominik says:

    Well, that Kristin certainly always has something up her sleeve!!! What an amazing woman! Her new shawl collection is absolutely beautiful… and knit or crocheted up in that bamboo yarn? Simply Sublime!! I can’t wait to get my hand on a skein or two!

  21. SandraR says:

    However is yarn made from Bamboo? Great podcast as always. I shall subscribe to Kristin’s blog it sounds great.
    Rav i.d. SanRum

  22. Christine says:

    Great podcast – it sounds like Kristin gets done so much in a day!! I’ve ordered a skein of her new bamboo yarn and can’t wait to try it!

  23. Sandy says:

    Just finished listening to Kristin’s episode. So many great things happening. I’m looking forward to trying the new Bamboo So Fine. All of the colors are so luscious. I’ll be looking forward to updates about the bags and the possible retreat. Thanks Kristin and Marly!

  24. Vicki Lynch says:

    So many great things are going on. I love the new bamboo yarn. I’m going to have to do einny, meany, ming, mo to pick a color since they’re such amazing colors. Marly-the sound was just great, but I’d listen even if it sounded like it was coming through static on an A.M radio

  25. Carol T says:

    Wonderful show. I loved your interview with Kristin Omdahl. I can’t wait to try out her new bamboo yarns. All of the colors are so incredible! Thanks for all you do Marly.

  26. Emily Frick Horacek says:

    So glad I caught the show on podcast even though I missed it live and a chance at all the prizes. I have a hard time listening while I knit because I keep wanting to navigate over to all the things you are talking about. I’ve worked with bamboo blends before but not 100% so I can’t wait to try Kristin’s new line. Keep up the good work and the great guests!

  27. Susie says:

    I plan on ordering some of Kristin’s bamboo yarn. Can’t wait! Thanks for a great podcast, Marly!

  28. kim dawson says:

    I love me some Krisin Omdahl. I have always loved her wash and now she has Bamboo yarn! Amazing woman and i really want to get my hands on some of that yarn.

  29. Greg says:

    Thanks to Tammy for recommending your podcast to me! I had a great time listening to it on my drive to work today. 🙂 Her Bamboo So Fine is beautiful — and I *love* that it has such a generous yardage! I knitted a shrug for my daughter with bamboo yarn once before, and loved working with it. Kristen’s line looks absolutely luxurious! Love this podcast, I’ll be coming back for more. 🙂

    -greg, KnittingDaddy

  30. joyce says:

    What a fantastic broadcast! Kristin sure has exciting things happening in her life. Kudos to her. Her new bamboo yarn sounds wonderful. I didn’t realize that she made wash for knits.

  31. kellwillknit says:

    I loved listening to this episode! Knitting and crocheting with Bamboo So Fine will be a pleasure, I’m sure. Bamboo and Kristin and Marly – all in one podcast! Woooo! Kristin has definitely been busy designing, and her sketches are wonderful! I’m also looking forward to the Erin Lane bags with her fabric designs.

  32. Robyn C says:

    What a great podcast! I loved hearing how Kristen overcame adversity and is now thriving. Can’t wait to try out her new Bamboo So Fine yarn and to see her new fabric line. Go Kristen! (…and go Marly!)

  33. Lisa Nixon says:

    I don’t believe that I had heard of Kristen before this podcast – but will be setting aside some time later today to research her and her patterns. Bamboo – sounds like a wonderful yarn to try. And since my husband associates yarn with being wool, cotton or acryllic – I can ignore his request to stop purchasing until I use all that I have

  34. Linda Close says:

    What a great idea to have such a large skein of the Bamboo So Fine yarn, and patterns to go along with it! I am definitely feeling inspired by all the wonderful colors available.

  35. kim dawson says:

    Her Bamboo yarn is sooo pretty I really want a Coral Skein so I can make something from her pattern

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