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Coffeehouse Knits is a brand new book out from Interweave. This is a collection of patterns and essays designed to help you feel part of a community and find patterns for your next stitch night. Let me show you inside the book and what you will find.

Inside Coffeehouse Knits:

When you open the cover of this hardbound book you can see the difference in the style of the book right away. Reading through the essays and the patterns I feel like I am transported to the local coffee shop, sitting with other knitting friends. Whether or not you are fortunate enough to have a group of knitting friends locally knitting in a coffee shop brings around this idyllic feeling of the craft.

Inside Coffeehouse Knits you will find a variety of patterns and styles. There are 20 different patterns in the book from various designers. Along with the patterns you will find a variety of essays sharing the authors perspective on their relationship with knitting.

Book Review of Coffeehouse Knits-Knitting Pattern Book with images of patterns featured in the book.

I appreciate that the projects range in time required and difficulty so that you can pick what works for you at the time. You can work on the smaller or easier projects the next time you meet up with friends or take along a more challenging project and work together to figure out the finer details.

As stated in the book, it was written as an invitation for you. Pour a cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage, and curl up in your favorite spot and enjoy you knitting.

Purchase Coffeehouse Knits:

Be sure to grab a copy for yourself of Coffee House Knits. The patterns inside are beautiful!

Purchase Coffeehouse Knits

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