The Knitter’s Journal by Jane Klein

The Knitter’s Journal by Jane Klein

The Knitter’s Journal by Jane Klein is a handy resource that we learned about on the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird.

Jane Klein was an elementary school teacher for many years and then a psychotherapist.  After retirement, she got an idea for an on line internet knitting kit company located in NYC. They were just at the Vogue Knitting Expo showing their kits, the book and some accessories as well, the favorite wwas the ‘Grab and Go’ knit which sold out. Another item that was very popular were the animal scarves.
Finally the essential knitting journal that can be customized to meet your personal needs. For the novice, tables of yarn estimates, understanding yarn labels, properties of yarn and recommended books. Knitters of all levels will benefit from the needle inventory, swatch and needle gauge. But what makes this book special is that we have unique features such as 6 erasable swatch pockets to keep track of your current projects and pages that allow you to keep samples of your yarn stash. The spiral binding with elastic page holder add the perfect finishing touches.
We can be found at www.janesknittingkits.com and Facebook.

To listen to this podcast where it aired originally: https://tobtr.com/9773983 and there is video recorded live and broadcast in Marly’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MarlyBird/


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  1. Robin B says:

    Even though there was no key word to use for this podcast with Jane, I really enjoyed her story and gave me hope that you’re never to old to follow your dreams like she has. What an inspiration.

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