Knits for Dog Lovers

If you are a dog lover we have a book to share with you! There are many ways to express your love of your dog and their breed but here is a whole new idea for you. Inside Dogs on Sweaters, by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne, you will find a collection of dog images to use in sweater and other items. Check it out and see if your breed is available!

Dogs on Sweaters-Knits for Dog Lovers

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Inside Dogs on Sweaters

If you are a dog lover looking for a way to get your love able pooch into your knitting this is the book for you. This book is filled with fun, stylish knits that feature your four-legged friend.

The projects in this book can be created into different projects for men, women, kids and babies. The premise of this book is that you can use the charts that they have put together and add the dog images to any project that you want.

Purchase Dogs on Sweaters-Knits for Dog Lovers

Don’t worry, you aren’t on your own when trying to get a base project. There are patterns in the book for simple sweaters and hats that you can use to add your dog to.

If you can’t find your breed in the book the authors have you covered. They have instructions for customizing your own dog pattern. This book is a great collection of knits for dog lovers. Be sure to check it out today.

Purchase Dogs on Sweaters

Purchase Dogs on Sweaters

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  1. Sanjani Ramkissoon says:

    Thank you for sharing this, can’t wait to read.

    Another great cozy mystery series is The Vampire Knitting Club by Nancy Warren. There are now 14 books in the series and all are great. She even has a Facebook Page where people share their knit, and crochet projects, and love for the books.

    Happy reading, knitting, and crocheting everyone ????

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