How to Knit a Blanket With Jumbo Yarn

Thick yarn making quick knit projects is always popular at this time of year. Who doesn’t enjoy a quick project now and then? Additionally, with the holidays quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about how we will accomplish all that we want to do.Thick yarn is a great answer. You can even learn how to knit a blanket really quickly if you use extra thick yarn. And I know the perfect free pattern for how to make a blanket with the thickest yarn.

how to make a chunky knit blanket

The Wonderful Big Stitch Throw

I’m going to show you how to knit a blanket quickly using Red Heart Irresistible yarn. We’ll use it to knit the Wonderful Big Stitch Throw, which is a a super bulky knit blanket. The free pattern is fairly easy to follow. But anyone can learn how to knit a blanket by combining the pattern with my free video tutorial below. It’s part of a series I did of teaching my mom how to knit, so you get to see us work together as she learns how to make a jumbo knit blanket for winter.

More About Irresistible Yarn

Irresistible is a #7 bulky weight yarn. On the standard yarn weight chart, that’s as thick as you can get for yarn. In fact, they only added yarn this thick to the chart not too many years ago. Before that, #6 super bulky yarn was the last one on the list.

Irresistible is 90% acrylic and 10% wool. It’s available in over 20 different colors. Therefore, you should be able to find a hue you love. This mega-thick yarn is the perfect choice for trendy fashion and home decor projects, including the Wonderful Big Stitch Throw.

Tips for How to Knit a Blanket With Jumbo Yarn

Before you get started on your first ball of jumbo weight yarn, you should consider that you will need to get a few additional tools.

To accommodate the thick yarn you will need a large hook or needles. When using the Red Heart Irresistible yarn it is suggested that you use a set of US 50 (25mm) knitting needles or a size Q (15mm) crochet hook.

Along with the larger needles and hooks, you will need to purchase a set of finishing needles that will accommodate the yarn as well. Susan Bates has a great set that I love where the eye runs the whole length of the needle allowing the yarn to easily pass through. A tiny little bent tapestry needle just isn’t going to cut it for weaving in ends when you are learning how to knit a blanket with jumbo yarn.

Finishing your Jumbo Knit Blanket

We must also take into consideration how we will finish off the projects. Unlike when using thinner yarn, it is much easier for the ends to come out of a bulky weight yarn. In order to combat this, I suggest that you split the yarn as you weave it in. I even go as far as pulling the two plies apart to make it more secure.

Splitting the yarn will help it stick to itself and stay in place. One of the great things about Red Heart’s Irresistible super bulky yarn is that it is 10% wool. This means that it will felt to itself to make a more secure finishing of your project. That’s why I think this pattern,  using this yarn, is a great choice or learning how to make a super bulky knit blanket for winter.

Why You Should Learn How to Knit a Blanket, Not Buy One

Who doesn’t love a handmade warm blanket on their couch for those chilly winter days? You can make blankets out of any thickness of yarn but using a super bulky yarn will show off the stitches and work up quickly for any deadlines that you have.

Lately while I have been out shopping I have noticed that there are a lot of bulky weight knit options in the store. Looking closer at those blankets I noticed that they are using roving, which will end up piling with use and washing. I believe that you are much better off making your own handmade version. Irresistible is the perfect option for blankets, since it slightly spun to help keep it all together.

Besides, it’s always a bit more special when you make something yourself, isn’t it?

Wonderful Big Stitch Throw Pattern

The Wonderful Big Stitch Throw is a free pattern at Yarnspirations. Or click the image below:

how to knit a blanket with bulky yarn

Wonderful Big Stitch Throw Video Tutorial

In the video tutorial I will show you how to cast on using the large needles. Moreover, I will how to join a new ball of this thick yarn. Plus, I’ll even show you how to weave in the ends the way that I described above. So, sit back, watch and work along with me and my mom as we learn how to knit a blanket with jumbo yarn. Fun fact: this is one of my most popular ever YouTube knitting videos.

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  1. Terri says:

    When I looked at how much this yarn costs, $14.99 for 31 yards, @ Red Heart’s web site, and you said you need 8 balls/skeins, this would cost approx. $120 to make. It’s really nice, but that’s a really expensive project.

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