10 Reasons to Sign Up for Creativebug Knit/Crochet/Craft Classes Online Right Now!

I try to regularly share with you the latest deals on the knit/crochet/craft classes from Creativebug. However, I’m not sure that I’ve fully explained why you should sign up for these online courses. Here are ten reasons, starting with the fact that if you hurry up and do it right now then you can get a full year of courses effectively for free!

Disclosure note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click the link and take advantage of the deal, I make a little bit of money from the sale. Your price, even if free, doesn’t change. Thank you for the support!

1. Creativebug’s Knit/Crochet/Craft Classes Are Effectively Free Right Now

Honestly they always offer a lot of great deals and discounts on their online courses. But right now you can effectively get a full year’s membership for free. What does “effectively” mean? Well, here’s how it works during this current promotion:

  • You sign up for Creativebug right now at a discounted cost of $50 for the year.
  • That’s already a good deal. After all, that’s less than $5 per month for unlimited online knit/crochet/craft classes.
  • However, during the promotion, you then earn a $50 gift card for Joann’s.
  • If you love to buy art and craft supplies, then you’d likely have spent that money on yarn, etc. within the year anyway, right?
  • So you pay $50 but then you get $50 to spend on craft supplies. Therefore, you effectively pay $0 for a full year’s worth of knit/crochet/craft classes at Creativebug online.


2. You Immediately Get Access to My Knit/Crochet Classes

I teach a variety of different classes online through Creativebug. These included classes in beaded knitting, crocheting short rows, and making specific projects of varied kinds in both crafts. Learn more here.

3. There Are Lots of Other Great Knit and Crochet Classes, Too

Obviously I love when you take my classes. But if you sign up for a whole year’s membership then you really want to make the most of it right? Well, there are also tons of other great knitting and crochet instructors offering courses through the site. Twinkie Chan, Edie Eckman, and Anne Weil are just a few of the great instructors you can learn from through knit/crochet/craft classes online at Creativebug. There’s a whole treasure trove of yarncraft information on this platform.

4. It’s a Great Way to Learn a New Craft

Maybe you toy with the idea of signing up for new craft classes but you don’t want to pay money in case you don’t like them. Well, Creativebug has so many different types of crafts that you can learn online! Sewing, quilting, paper crafts, jewelry making, baking … you can learn to DIY so many different things. So, sign up for the fiber arts classes but then take advantage of all the other things that you can learn here as well.

5. Plus You Can Enjoy Art Lessons

The platform is not just about knit/crochet/craft classes. In fact, they have a strong set of art/design classes. Practicing art can be a great way to creatively express yourself. Creativebug gives you prompts, lessons, techniques, and tools to explore this side of yourself.

6. Oh, and You Can Share These Knit/Crochet/Craft Classes With Your Kids

They have kids’ craft classes and lessons as well. This is truly great fun for the whole family. Really, why haven’t you signed up yet while it’s still effectively free for a year?

7. Daily Dose of Creative Inspiration

Creativebug has a really cool feature called Daily Practice. It’s short, small bits of creative information that you can enjoy daily. It’s a wonderful self-care practice to take advantage of this inspiration. After all, you have to consistently refill your creative well if you want to be able to keep putting out creative things! This is something you can do for yourself at effectively no cost.

8. So Much Other Amazing Inspiration

They have interviews with artists about their creative process. You can checkout various lookbooks on the site. Honestly, if you’ve never had the chance to explore Creativebug, then you’re missing out. It’s at least worth a look.

9. Oh, And There Are Recipes

That’s right. Download recipes to try cooking different things at home. If you love to be creative in the kitchen (or want to learn how!) then this is a terrific added benefit of the platform. You don’t usually find this on platforms for knit/crochet/craft classes. Therefore, Creativebug is a smart choice!

10. Plus, There’s Community There

It’s always good to be part of a craft community, right? Hopefully you enjoy the community we have created here and over on the Marly’s Minions Facebook Page. But you can never have too much community. So check out the forums and other community tools available through Creativebug. You’ll likely find your people there!


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