Get Warm and Cozy with this Knit Butterfly Hat Free Pattern

Knit hats are both functional and fun. They keep you cozy as the temperatures start to drop. Plus they provide the perfect pop of color for accessorizing. This knit butterfly hat free pattern gives you a chance to practice a fabulous textured dip stitch.

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About the Knit Butterfly Hat

This is a basic knit hat worked bottom-up in the round. It’s designed for you to work it up quickly and easily, especially if you’re an intermediate or advanced knitter.

The hat starts off with K1, P1 ribbing that will keep that brim close to your head to keep out the chill.

Then you make the main portion of the hat using a dip stitch also called the knit butterfly stitch.

There is a slight change to the repeating pattern at the top. This creates a beautiful radiating star pattern that closes the hat up.

This is a one-size hat pattern designed for adults.

Things You’ll Practice With This Knit Butterfly Hat Free Pattern

Although this knit butterfly stitch hat is fairly straightforward, it still offers the opportunity to learn / practice some new things:

  • Casting on in the round, which is a great way to make a seamless knit hat
  • Why I use the long-tail cast on (hint: stretch plus stability)
  • Knit one, purl one ribbing
  • Increasingly evenly when knitting in the round
  • How to knit two together including through the back leg

Of course, the main thing that you’ll practice is the textured stitch that makes up the main body of this pattern. It’s a version of the dip stitch. In the pattern, it’s called the butterfly loop stitch. As you can see by looking at it, it’s got a texture that loops similar to butterfly knit stitch. However, it varies in how it’s created and the final shape that forms. The texture is dense, which makes the hat extra warm and cozy.

Learn the Knit Butterfly Hat Techniques

I have created a video to show you each of the different techniques used in the knit butterfly hat free pattern. Once you work through the video, you’ll be able to complete the pattern with ease. Hopefully, you’ll learn some new things along the way. Here’s the video:

The Yarn for This Hat

Caron Yarn Swirl Cakes Lovely Layers

This knit butterfly hat free pattern calls for the use of a luscious yarn: Caron Lovely Layers Swirl Cakes. This is a #5 Bulky Weight yarn. That’s why the knit hat works up so quickly. Moreover, this bulky yarn will keep you extra warm this winter. Plus it feels really great to the touch.

Caron Lovely Layers Swirl Cakes is blend of acrylic and wool (approximately three quarters acrylic, one quarter wool). One 8 ounce skein contains over 250 yards of yarn. That’s a lot for such a bulky yarn; at less than $10 per ball, it’s one of the most affordable yarns on the market. Of course, you will only need one ball of this yarn to complete the knit butterfly hat.

Get the Knit Butterfly Hat Free Pattern

knit butterfly hat free pattern

Click the image above to get the knit butterfly hat free pattern. The video that I’ve created will show you a lot of what you need to know in order to complete the pattern, of course. However, the pattern itself has the full written instructions. Therefore, you’ll want the free pattern download as well. as the video.

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