Knit Booties Baby Jane

Baby Jane Booties by Linda Cyr  is just one of the many wonderful free patterns over at RedHeart.com. These knit booties will fly off your needles!

Like many of you, I am often scrambling to find that perfect little something to bring with me when I go to a baby shower, or visit the newborn at the hospital. Since my friends know I crochet and knit they expect to have a handmade item, and rightly so! Well, these precious knit booties are perfect for the last minute baby shower gift! I just LOVE THEM!

In the YouTube video I show you how to knit these cutie booties from start to finish with a few added tips along the way to make things easier. There are 7 parts to the video but you have the option to watch it all at once or work along with me and make your own booties. I also offer my preferred closure 🙂

This video is part of my awesome new partnership with Red Heart and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed working on the step-outs for this video.

Now, you too can make these adorable knit booties with the free knit pattern and the free video tutorial taught by me, Marly Bird you will have nothing but success.

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Baby Jane Booties 

These cutie knit booties are ones that every mom will love. The little buttoned Mary Jane style will keep them on even the wiggliest baby!


Here is the link for the FREE Baby Jane Booties Pattern


RED HEART® With Love®: 1 skein 1805 Bluebell. (Sample in video used 1704 Bubblegum)

Susan Bates® Knitting Needle: 4mm [US 6] double pointed needles and straights (I used circular knitting needles instead of straights because I find them easier to use)

Susan Bates® Steel Yarn Needle

Stitch Markers

Buttons, sewing thread and needle, OPTIONAL: sew on snaps.

Screenshot 2015-06-09 18.04.13

Stitches Used:

Knit Stitch

M1 increase



Yarn Over

Bind Off

YouTube Video by Marly Bird:

YouTube Video Notes:

In this video you will learn how to increase stitches with a M1 which is also known as a make one. The M1 is a virtually invisible increase which is great to use in this garter stitch patterns.

You will also learn how to bind off stitches mid row, cast on stitches at the end of the row and how to create a button hole.

Last but not least I talk to you about adding a sew on snap in place of an actual button that is functional to make it easier on the mom, IMHO.


Looking for more? I love making quick projects and even wrote a leaflet with Leisure Arts on how to do some fun things! If you too are looking for fun and quick projects go and check out the I Can’t Believe I’m Entrelac Knitting by Marly Bird. 

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  1. Lynne Phelps says:

    I downloaded the pattern, but cannot view the video. It says the link is private. Can’t wait to see it, as I love your Craftsy classes!

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