Knit and Crochet Cat Hats Book Review

Knit and crochet cat hats are trending again right now. Of course, everyone seems to like the animal hats for humans. In other words, people often look for crochet cat hat patterns for babies, kids, and adults – either with ears or with a full cat face on them. However, what’s trending right now is an oldie-but-goodie – hats for cats to wear. Whether or not your cat enjoys this trend is up to you to find out. But we’re here to share a popular knit and crochet cat hats book that you might enjoy if you’re into this trend.

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knit and crochet cat hats book

Cats in Hats by Sara Thomas

The Cats in Hats book took the craft world by storm when it was released about six years ago. It seemed like everyone was putting knit and crochet hats on their cats for a minute there. We hadn’t seen anything new in this space in awhile until recently these designs started trending again. However, taking a look back at this book, we see that it easily stands the test of time. The 30 knit and crochet cat hats pattern in this collection will keep you entertained for weeks, if not months, as you craft fun designs for cats to wear.

A Hat for Every Cat

If you love dressing up your cat for different occasions, then this book will not disappoint you. Express all different sides of kitty’s personality with this range of different knit and crochet cat hats patterns. They include:

  • An edgy black hat with a pink mohawk
  • Animal hats to make your cat look like a dinosaur, bunny, turkey, fox, shark, lion and more
  • Food-inspired designs including banana, cupcake, pumpkin and candy corn
  • Seasonal knit and crochet cat hats including witch, Santa, and reindeer hats
  • Hats from casual baseball cap to classy top hat

The design include 10 crochet cat hat patterns and 20 knit cat hat patterns.

It’s Also a Great Gift or Coffee Table Book

Whether or not you decide to knit / crochet cat hats, this can be a great book. There are big photos of adorable cats where handmade hats. Therefore, it’s a terrific coffee table book. If you know a crafter who loves their cats, it’s also a great gift book. It’s just a delight to flip through the pages and see those cute creations. It’s also a great conversation starter when people come to visit.

Get The Knit and Crochet Cat Hats Book

You can get Cats in Hats on Amazon. It’s available as a Kindle book as well as in paperback format. Because it does make such a great coffee table book, we recommend the paperback version. You can find used copies available for sale as well as new ones.

cats in hats knit and crochet book

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