Kathy Merrick Crochet and Color Expert

Kathy Merricks Babbette Blanket is what she’s most known for, appeared in Interweave Crochet 2006

Kathy Merrick, Crochet and Color Expert was the guest today on the Yarn Thing with Marly Bird podcast. Most people know her for the Babbette Blanket that appeared in Interweave Crochet 2006 and obviously she is known for use of COLOR!

The Boteh Scarf appeared Interweave Crochet in 2007

Kathy began in yarn as a knitter, her grandmother was a knitter and a crocheter, but she learned to crochet from a book. She is especially inspirational as she is LEFT-handed or EXTREMELY left-handed as she says and she finds that everyday she has to admit things to work for her. Liza Prior-Lucy who worked with Kaffe Fasset on the quilting books. When Trisha Malcolm of Vogue knitting was creating the Knitting-on-the-Go books, and Liza volunteered Kathy to send in hats.

She spent time working near Kaffe Fasset, who tickled her one day by asking HER opinion on what he was working on. Can you imagine, KAFFE FASSET asking YOU about color?

Another wonderful Kathy Merrick design that has been overwhelmingly popular is the Boteh Scarf. Click that link, over 1,000 people have made it, according to Ravelry.

She made the cover of VOGUEKnitting Crochet which was a special edition that sold out quickly. 

Kathy Merrick’s CROCHET IN COLOR was published by Interweave Press in 2009


She spent sometime explaining how she plays with color.  Which makes sense we she  spoke of her book, Crochet in Color from Interweave,  with Kim Werker editing. Her favorite project was the Tiny Motif Sweater in that book.

She’s also been fortunate enough to work with Koigu with their pattern books. In fact that Babbette Blanket was made of Koigu yarns. She is excited about a product they are working on and recommends following them on Facebook.

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  1. Shelly says:

    Color! I love color but I am also slight scared of it… This discuss/interview was just what I need to drop the fear. The suggestion about using embordery floss was priceless!

  2. Mary Cast says:

    I love playing with color too! It is so much fun, and I made the Boteh scarf before. It turned out so pretty.

  3. hotknitter says:

    I love color too. The first thing I ever crocheted was an afghan that looked just like Babbette. I wanted to learn how to change yarn colors.

  4. Annette M says:

    Loved the show! Thank you both for the great listening time. I visualized rainbows and color all day. Thanks again.

  5. Shelly says:

    Marly, another very enjoyable interview. I listened while I walked my dogs this morning, laughing most of the way. I love seeing the colors in the morning – the trees, grass, road, sunrise sky… Beauty everywhere. Thank you for bringing the wonderful world of color in crochet to the day.

  6. Colleen P. says:

    It is so wonderful to learn of the different experts and designers that you bring to us listeners each week. It brings color, laughter, and joy to my long days at work.

  7. Kate M says:

    I love color! The best part about starting a new project is being able to walk down the isles of yarn and pick out the colors that I want to use. Thanks for another great show. It was great to hear a crochet show splashed in the line up! 🙂

  8. Lisa Nixon says:

    Oh my gosh…..I have never seen the babette blanket before. The colors in it are awesome – It is tempting to go get all the yarn needed and then break my leg so that I am confined to only being able to crochet and not do housework or yardwork. Color…..it makes the world go round.

  9. Brenda Reynoso Pena says:

    Color, the fear of most of us. I also love color and understanding how color and fibers work is very important in knitting and crocheting. Thank you again for a great interview. Kathy is just wonderful!

  10. Renee' says:

    So enjoyed this show, Marly! Color can make or break a project and learning more about color can really help. Kathy’s work with color emboldens me. Love the embroidery floss idea, too. Thanks,Marly!

  11. Bonnie Jane says:

    Thanks for your inspiration on color! Your interview was fascinating and fun to hear. I am always inspired by hearing parts of your crochet journey and design journey. This helps me keep working on projects each day. Thanks for all the thoughts on color. I too loved the embroidery floss idea.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I love color! But I struggle with expanding my options. Any time I make something I tend towards greys, blues and purples. I loved hearing Kathy’s ideas on color, thanks for a wonderful show!

  13. kim dawson says:

    Colors and rainbows make me think of Rainbow Bright…. Color is what makes my happy… mixtures of colors is even better I have never been someone for light colors. I like the ones that jump in your face and say HELLO!

  14. Sally Hikaka says:

    Fabulous show, thank you very much.
    Kathy’s use of colour is truly inspirational & so much fun. Our local library has a copy of her book, which is how I discovered her.
    Yaye for libraries & for crochet designers who use colour in fun, interesting & stimulating ways.

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