Joi Mahon, aka DESIGNER JOI

Joi Mahon, aka Designer Joi, our Guest on the Yarn Thing with Marly Bird, June 3rd. 2014

Unlike our typical guests, Joi Mahon is not a knitter, crocheter, dyer or other yarn type person, we are going to adopt her into the fiber lovers neighborhood. She crochets so she gets us. Her trade actually is designing clothing. Her business is Designer Joi, Dress Forms Design. She has a wonderful website for her business, Designer Joi, Dress Forms Designs which exhibits her wonderful work. https://dressformsdesign.com/word/

She teaches knitting as well, and hopes that unlike those that taught herself and Marly that it’s more encouraging and less, “sew and rip, sew and rip…” as Marly says. She has new classes at Craftsy (here are the codes which lets our sponsor know we sent you and gets you a little discount, so please use them):

Her classes demonstrate making things that fit. THIS is important information for those who don’t fit most patterns. In addition to her classes, we will be able to learn a lot from a new book coming out… Here’s the link to find it at Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Create-Perfect-Fit-Measuring-Solutions/dp/1440239614/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1401817701&sr=8-1&keywords=Joi+Mahon


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  1. jrouton says:

    Wow this this wants me to make want to get back into sewing my garments. Fast track fitting would be a better way of wearing clothes that actually fit!!!

  2. Sandra Kaye-Kjarum Seidel says:

    I so enjoyed listening this morning! It seems I’m always looking for clothes I love to wear & I’m so excited about fast track fitting. I think it could be the beginning of a new & beautiful chapter of life for me : )

  3. Margo says:

    What an informative podcast. Fast track fitting sounds like it would solve all my fit issues. All I have to do is learn to sew and get at least 1 of the 3 non-working sewing machines I have repaired.

  4. radinnh says:

    Both my boyfriend and I are learning to sew better. Fast track fitting will help us both make better garments. Thanks for a great interview.

  5. Debbie says:

    Wow! I loved the podcast today! I’ve noticed Joi’s classes, and never thought about such a strong correlation between knitting and sewing. But, in the end, it makes sense – it’s all adapting and custom fitting. I love her fast track fitting ideas.
    Thank you !

  6. Amy Bingham says:

    I don’t know if I can wait until I win to watch Joi’s fast track fitting class. I’m so inspired to tailor fit my patterns. I’ve been thinking about what I can adjust all day.

  7. Kate M says:

    This was a great show. It was so interesting to hear Joi talk about fast track fitting and how she approaches things. Although she was talking about fitting with sewing she also made a lot of sense on relating it to knitting! Thanks for another great show!

  8. Iryna Boehland says:

    What a great show, truly enjoined it! Thank you, Marly, thank you, Joi!
    Marly and Joi, have you noticed that you have the same personality vibes, happiness, passion and laughs? Or it is just me? 😉
    I just purchased Joi’s Fast Track Fitting in the Details class and cannot wait to watch it!
    I am Jack-of-all-trades so to speak. There is nothing I wouldn’t try! But sewing is my old and dear passion. I do apply lots of sewing technique to my knitting/crocheting. Well, engineering degree helps too.
    Love your show!

  9. Renee says:

    Thanks, Marly! Between your class, Curvy Crochet, and Joi’s class about fast-track fitting, we have all the answers we need to make form-fitting knits to flatter us!

  10. Gwen Buttke McGannon says:

    Fast track fitting is just the ticket for fitting garments. I enjoyed this episode so much, I feel every women should go have a professional fitting for their girls, you know what I mean. Great Show!

  11. Janet says:

    I’ve crocheted for a while now, but I’m only just making my first garment right now…. this interview is perfect timing!! The fast track fitting courses, sound like ones I could re-visit over and over learning something valuable each time.

  12. Mary Kay Smith says:

    I loved hearing about Joi’s journey and how her experience led her to the development of fast track fitting. Thanks!

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