Jimmy Beans and Madelinetosh

Is Madelinetosh going out of business? Who owns Madtosh? Did Madelinetosh get sold to Jimmy Beans Wool? Find out the answers to those questions and more on the podcast.

To make is short and sweet, NO, Madelinetosh Yarns is NOT going out of business. Laura Zander is the new owner of Madtosh and she is also the owner of Jimmy Beans Wool! That is right, JBW purchased Madelinetosh Yarns!

Jimmy Beans is a powerhouse in the yarn industry and they are always looking to keep these amazing brands alive and blooming. Thanks to the team at Jimmy Beans Madelinetosh will live on with the Jimmy Beans love.

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MADELINETOSH YARN and Jimmy Beans Wool

Learn about Jimmy Beans:

Laura and her husband, Doug, worked as software engineers during the dot-com era. When they saw the dot-com boom turning to a bust they decided to leave their jobs and start a new adventure.

Jimmy Beans has been named to the 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US list four times! They are a booming operation that doesn’t forget to take time to raise awareness for the things that matter most to them. Laura has created successful national campaigns such as Stitch Red, Stitch Mountain and Beans for Brains.

When you put your money behind Jimmy Beans you are supporting so much more than the yarn business itself.

Find Jimmy Beans online in the following locations:

Jimmy Beans Website
Follow Jimmy Beans on Facebook
Jimmy Beans on Pinterest
Learn with Jimmy Beans on YouTube
Be inspired by Jimmy Beans on Instagram

Shop Jimmy Beans:

Jimmy Beans offers so many wonderful products. Take some time to head over to their shop and browse around for your next perfect knit or crochet item.

Shopping Jimmy Beans


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  1. Jessica Valencia says:

    On my second cup of COFFEE watching the podcast this morning. I’m sharing this video with my aunt who lives near a Jimmy Beans Wool in Nevada. I know she’ll like it.

  2. Amy Eichenseer says:

    I’ve had several cups of COFFEE while not only going back and watching back episodes of the podcast, but also switching over to the live feed for the first time this morning!

  3. Dee Dee says:

    There’s nothing better then a hot cup a coffee and my knitting/crocheting. With a live YouTube video from Marly bird and Laura from jimmy beans wool. Thanks lady’s

  4. Carri Benson says:

    I love coffee and yarn every day of the week! Great podcast Marly and Laura. Need to get me some Mad Tosh!

  5. Amy Eichenseer says:

    Hmmmm, my comment was being moderated, and then disappeared, so I’m not sure what i said to get kicked off the comment feed, but I’ll try again! I love all things yarn, and especially all things coffee!

  6. Kristy Turley says:

    I actually do not drink coffee. I lobe the smell of coffee, but cant stand the taste. I drink Dr. pepper for my coffee!

  7. Chris Lopez says:

    So glad your great show is back! Got so spoiled seeing you everyday in Drvember. I’m not a big coffee drinker but I sure love Marly and Jimmy Beans!!

  8. Trish Ingram says:

    What a great episode! Loved this interview while I sipped my coffee. Laura is an amazing person and is such a great business model for the world. All the best to you Laura, and all your future endeavors.

  9. Sherrie Steele says:

    This episode inspired me to find more ways to collaborate with others to find more ways to give back and help others. I needed this today more than I needed my coffee!!!! Thank you

  10. Luann Wright says:

    Alway enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the pod cast. What a bittersweet story about Mad Tosh, so glad that the legacy lives on through Laura and the crews of both Jimmy Beans and Madelinetosh. The retreat to India sounds sweet!

  11. Heather Tole says:

    Great to hear that Mad Tosh is sticking around and really respect the integrity of Jimmy Beans…..time for another coffee.

  12. Meggan Lloyd says:

    “Coffee! Coffee, coffee, coffee. Java. Cappachino” – one of the characters Dante’s Peak Everytime I hear coffee that quote jumps in my head. Seriously though, thanks for a nice crafting break every week!

  13. Barb Johnson says:

    I’m at home sick today so what better way to cheer me up than Marly and Laura’s news about MadTosh yarn! So happy it will still be available. Marly is right…you are awesome Laura! Have a coffee on me!

  14. Julia Erb says:

    I love all your podcasts! Today I couldn’t watch live but I am drinking my COFFEE while watching now. Thanks for all you do!

  15. Carolyn says:

    I’m a tea drinking, but appreciate that many love to drink coffee while they knit and crochet! Just not me! So glad that Madtosh has found a new home!

  16. Barbara LeBlanc says:

    I watched your podcast with Jimmy Bean’s Laura while drinking my second cup of COFFEE. I live in Carson City, NV which is about 25 minutes from the Jimmy Beans store in Reno. The store is really fun to visit and they have really nice events many times a year. If you are ever in the Lake Tahoe area, be sure and visit the store in Reno.

  17. Mayme Luckett says:

    I love to drink cold coffee I don’t care for hot coffee but I love to crochet want to learn to knit in 2020 that is my goal

  18. Josephine says:

    The podcast was awesome and I thank you for providing full clarity on what happened with the acquisition. I wish I drank coffee but I’ll have a tea with you instead!

  19. Cindy Mobley says:

    Crocheting away, a sweet baby blanket called Fluffy Meringue, and drinking tea and COFFEE, as i listen to this podcast. Wow, what a joy to hear all that is happening!

  20. Pat Johnson says:

    I listened while finishing up a poncho for my daughter’s birthday and finishing off a cold cup of coffee.

    I LOVE the scholarships Laura and her comrades are offering up this year. Good work!

  21. Aida Hartmann says:

    Herbal/decaf tea is in my cuppa’! I can’t drink coffee as it sets off excessive heart palpitations! Doesn’t keep me from listening to Marly’s blog and learning so much from all her great guests!

  22. Christinna Ryder says:

    Hi Marly wow you & Laura are something else. May God bless you both as well as everything you do! Well I can’t say I’m a “coffee ” connoisseur although my favorite beverage is water!

  23. Sandy Disbrow says:

    Love my coffee in the AM. Would love to try Mad Tosh for the first time. Loved listening to how Laura wants to be a positive business model.

  24. Kerry Randall says:

    I can’t start my day without coffee, but the best mornings are also watching Marly and her interesting guests while drinking my first coffee of the day. One of my Local Australian Indie Dyers even dyes merino in coffee shades, love ‘Double shot’ colourway. I enjoyed the podcast very much.


    First of all, thank you so much for this giveaway! I have a great time watching Youtube videos about yarn and crochet. And I do it with COFFEE in hand. (As well as my crochet hook, of course.)

  26. Karen B says:

    I am so thrilled with the news about MadTosh! Looking forward to getting some of those marvelous skeins!

    How about celebrating with COFFEE flavored chocolate?!

  27. Shannon Oliver says:

    Loved the podcast today with Laura @ Jimmy Beans Wool and now Madelinetosh Yarns. Thank you for the giveaway. I love to knit and drink coffee.

  28. Tammy Harris says:

    I’m not a COFFEE lover but I sure LOVE yarn. Great podcast both Marly and Laura. . great information! I admire you both greatly!!

  29. Zen Knitter says:

    I am so delighted that Laura has taken over MADELINTOSH, it is my all time favorite yarn! With the mad skills of JIMMYBEANS YARN I expect great things to happen in the future. Now I’m assured that while I’m knitting with my MADELINTOSH yarn and drinking my morning coffee that all’s right with the world. Thanks MARLY for having Laura back so soon!

  30. Tammy Todd says:

    I don’t drink coffee. I get my caffeine from my diet pepsi. Give me a cold glass of diet pepsi and my yarn and I’m a happy camper!!

  31. Jess Foto says:

    I’ve enjoyed countless cups of coffee while knitting and crocheting with their yarn and I can’t describe the quiet joy it brings me to know that they will still be around for years to come 🙂 Thank You!

  32. Kelly Price says:

    I rarely get to catch a Live show since it airs when I’m getting my daughter ready for school and myself ready for work. I like to watch them while on my breaks, with my coffee.

  33. Maureen Lewicki says:

    Coffee with Madeline would be a cute name for a yarn color, Or Mad about coffee! What a fantastic interview!! I am so glad I caught this, and heard some of the back story about MadelineTosh!! my prayers are with the former owners!

  34. Julie Nichelson says:

    Missed the live, but watching the replay with coffee in hand. I have been to Reno several times but haven’t been to Jimmy Bans. Plan to remedy that on my next visit!

  35. Wendy Lefler says:

    Coffee!!! Love it and drinking it while watching you Marly. Love listening to you and Laura. Two amazing ladies. Thank you. Yarn sounds beautiful!!!

  36. maomac says:

    Though I am a tea drinker – I am pleased to say JBW is my LYS and just my cup of coffee. Having listened to Laura and her philosophy towards this industry today – I am also proud to say JBW is my LYS. Thank you both for what you do.

  37. Maria says:

    So happy to enjoy a cup of coffee while getting to watch this. I had wondered what was going on. Confession; madelinetosh yarn is the reason I learned how to knit! Lol While scrolling on pinterest one day I saw a beautiful herringbone project and it was in her yarn. After that I knew I had to learn to knit so I could one day make it! 2 years later I’ve made that scarf, and while due to finances I haven’t had to chance to work with madelinetosh yarn I can relax knowing I still have the chance to eventually! 🙂

  38. Mary Alice Helgesen says:

    Coffee – My LYS and also the major ones I frequented online have all gone out of business. I hope more are opening. I have never tried Madeline Tosh, but would love to.

  39. Kim Bamford says:

    I love coffee in the morning, Madtosh is a clever idea, I will watch closely to see how this pans out.

  40. Colleen Caro says:

    Love the tosh. Glad it is here to stay. Thank you. I love coffee and coffee could provide so many awesome colors.

  41. Terri DuLong says:

    Such an informative video podcast. I watched it while sipping my coffee and felt I was in the room with you. Wishing mega success to Laura and her new Madtosh venture. I’ve ordered 3 Namaste bags from Jimmy Beans over the years and just love them! Especially my Knitters Train Case. Wishing both of you an amazing 2020!

  42. Tina Arnold says:

    I have started my second pot of coffee today. I was given a thing of Madelinetosh sock yarn. My granddaughter wants me to make her a sweater. She is only 6 so I’m hoping to find more of it on line soon.

  43. Loa Whiteley says:

    Love my morning coffee. Picked up some mad tosh yarn last summer in Oregon, tried to find more this winter but LYS don’t carry.

  44. Tina Arnold says:

    I’m on my third pot of Coffee for the day. I love having a cup of coffee or tea with me when I’m knitting or crocheting. I was given a thing of Madelinetosh yarn about a year ago. My granddaughter that is six wants me to make her a sweater out of it. I’m hoping to find some more to go with it. To try to knit her a sweater. She loves the socks I made her.

  45. Debbie Carter says:

    Having a cup of coffee now and my yarn next to me. I’ve hadn’t had the pleasure of knitting or crocheting with Madelinetosh yarn but I’m going to go buy some from Jimmy Bean (I love that name, it always makes me smile).

  46. Wendy S Campbell says:

    Yikes! Am I the last person to see this video? . You’ve peaked my interest. I’ve not heard of Madeline tosh before. Not sure if the contest is still going, but I’m going to drink COFFEE anyway.

  47. Carleen Roberts says:

    I can’t think of a more delightfulway to spend my morning that with a mug of coffee while crocheting with 2 skeins of Madelinetosh silk-merino yarn.

  48. Cynthia Smith says:

    Sipping coffee and enjoying the podcast! It was very heartwarming to hear about Laura’s guiding principle of supporting the industry. Too often success for one person means failure for another. I love a truly “win win” outlook. Keep up the great work!

  49. Anita Plantico says:

    I just finished watching. Was a very interesting show. Now the question i face is wether or not to stay up another couple hours crocheting or not. If i do i will probably require a beverage of the coffee nature tomorrow

  50. Marian Gentry says:

    My first time watching so great!! Learned a lot Good thing I could sit down and enjoy the podcast and “coffee”

  51. Nettie 630 says:

    I really enjoyed watching this episode and am ecstatic that MadTosh is not going away. Jimmy Beans has been a favourite of mine for long time time so this just makes me even happier. I too love getting up early and knitting with my coffee in the morning before the world wakes up. Thanks to you both!!!

  52. Crystal I Hayes says:

    What an amazing story, and I’m very taken aback at the focus of keeping brick n mortar!! I’ll have my Dr Pepper, while everyone else enjoys their Coffee!!
    OMG……..I didn’t even know that St.Charles had a yarn store…….my mind is blown actually. I’ve really been trying to learn about all the aspects of the yarny world. I’m so into everything that you’re into this podcast has hit me, and I am so into this all. I’m a newbie to the yarny world, and I feel like I’m very likeminded. I would love to be a part of this movement! I’m disabled with Fibromyalgia, and I’m trying to start my own online shop selling my crochet items, and I’ve wanted to sell yarn, and all kinds of crafting items!!! This is such a great community!!!!

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