Hunter Hammersen Talks Silk Road Socks on the Yarn Thing Podcast

Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird and guest Hunter Hammersen talking about Silk Road Socks

Join Marly Bird and guest Hunter Hammersen on the Yarn Thing Podcast at 10am MST on Tuesday September 19th. Learn all about Hunter’s new book, Silk Road Socks.

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Listen to the Show:

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hygge patterns from Red Heart

Hunter Hammersen:

Hunter didn’t really like knitting the first time she tried it. She didn’t much care for it the second time either. It wasn’t till the third time, and the discovery of knitted socks, that she was properly smitten. Once she realized she could make up her own patterns, her fate was sealed. She left the oh-so-glamorous world of grad school for knitting, and has been busy designing ever since.

Find Hunter online in the following locations:

Hunters’s Website

Hunter’s Ravelry Page

Hunter on Instagram

Purchase Silk Road Socks:

If you fell in love with Hunter’s book after the podcast you can purchase Silk Road Socks on Amazon using my affiliate link.

Be sure to look at Hunter’s author page to see all of her books that are for sale.

21 Halloween Patterns from Red Heart

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  1. Barbara Graf says:

    Today’s podcast was a wonderful adventure into the world of socks. So many people are scared to try socks but they really are not that hard at all. With all the yarn choices you can make some pretty crazy socks or plain socks, now time to go back to my knitting.

  2. Heather says:

    I am currently knitting socks with scrap yarns which makes every sock different, nothing matches, but it is definitely an adventure!

  3. LISA L NIXON says:

    Like Hunter I view knitting as an ADVENTURE. I just wish that my family did not view the house maintenance as my obligation so that I could have more time doing a fun adventure!

  4. Anita says:

    I think doing a live radio show is an adventure into itself. And doing it while in the midst of a cross country move qualifies as a grand adventure. I love Hunter’s designs. She has a unique voice amongst knitting designers.

  5. Valerie K says:

    I love Hunter’s patterns. I am so glad to hear there is another Curls book coming. Knitting is such a wonderful adventure in yarns and patterns. Hunter is a good guide for the trip

  6. Hazel Walton says:

    Hi Marly,
    I watched the face book video podcast with Hunter Hammersen which was very enlightening. I am getting back into knitting and so badly want to try to knit socks but feel a little intimidated. I would love to knit socks for my grandson and others as birthday and Christmas gifts. I know it would be a grand adventure for me to be able to knit socks with many of the various types of yarn and color schemes.

  7. Linda C says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast with Marly and Hunter. I love Hunter’s patterns. I own both Curl books and I’d love to get my hands on Silk Road Socks. Knitting such intricate sock designs is always an adventure.

  8. Mary Alice says:

    I am pleased that you included different sock sizes and yarn weights in your book. I am eager to start my sock knitting adventure because I have unusually small feet. The heels of store bought socks often show above my shoes. I am not familiar with the first book, but am very fond of oriental rugs.

  9. Amberly says:

    I am so incredibly excited for Hunter’s new book! I love Hunter’s patterns; each one is a knitting adventure!
    Thanks for the awesome interview.

  10. Laura says:

    I have been reading/watching videos about knitting socks so I can start that adventure! I have yarn, just waiting on my sock needles to arrive. I have admired Hunter’s work for a long time and I may just have to get this book!

  11. Teresa Colon says:

    I adore hand-knitted socks. I’ve been going through a breast cancer scare, and for each step of the way through this adventure, my socks have a source of true comfort. I would love to take this adventure one step further with some of Hunter’s gorgeous socks!

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