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Most of you may know about Ashlea from Heart Hook Home, if you don’t you should. Come join me today on the Yarn Thing Podcast to learn about Heart Hook Home and her wonderful patterns. Ashlea is one of the fastest crocheters I know and she has a great imagination for crochet patterns. Always coming up with something new and beautiful. Come learn about Heart Hook Home with me.

Heart Hook Home website

About Ashlea of Heart Hook Home:

My name is Ashlea Konecny and I am a wife, mother of two young boys, and yarn enthusiast. I also love to read, and since that isn’t conducive to crochet, I spend most of my crochet time listening to audio books while I work. I would spend every day “reading” and crocheting if I could!

Blanket Cardigan by Heart Hook Home

My passion for crochet started about five years ago when my little brother Forrest taught me to crochet over the Christmas holiday. Something he told me during our first lesson that I’ve never forgotten: “it’s just one strand of yarn, you can’t screw it up so badly that you can’t rip it out and start again”. He was right, and I haven’t been able to put down the hook since!

Since starting Heart Hook Home, I have been featured on Country Living, Martha Stewart, in Chickens magazine, Homespun magazine, Wichita magazine, and on Buzz Feed and Little Things. I am thrilled to have reached millions and millions of like-minded fiber enthusiasts!

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  1. Cindy Mccully says:

    Loved watching today Really glad I found MarlyBird through Heart Hook home. Now I’m addicted to this website to Big fan of Red heart yarn it truly is amazing yarn❤️Cindy M.

  2. Cindy McCully says:

    Loved watching the podcast “Beret” Glad I found MarlyBird through Heart Hook home my newest favorite website ❤️ I also love red heart yarn it works up beautiful

  3. Melissa Mangus says:

    I Love the Beret! I have recently just gotten back into crochet about 8 months ago. The last time I did it was about 8 years ago. I am so thankful for all the crochet sites and patterns, they have been amazing. I just wanted to say Thank You!

  4. Raykelanne says:

    Beret. ❤️
    1st time watching your podcast. I follow Ashlea @ Heart shook Homr and she has been such an inspiration I have truly evolved as a crocheter since finding her blog.

    Ps: You guys got me through my workout today, excited to watch another during my next cardio session. …now to reward myself with crochet time lol.

    Thanks! Great podcast.

  5. Vicki Guiltner says:

    Loved the podcast! I just added Ashlea’s BERET pattern to my never-ending queue. Folks should also check out her Master Beanie Formula. I use it all the time.

  6. Laurie Corkum says:

    Love “Home Hook Home” & Marley Bird. Love the yarn wall her patterns are great going to try & make myself a Beret.

  7. Laurie Corkum says:

    Love Heart Hook Home & MarlyBird ….Loving the yarn wall & Love the Beret. Cant Find my other comment due to the computer freezing 🙁

  8. Meggan Lloyd says:

    i hadn’t made the connection until I went to Ashlea’s website that I’ve actually made a couple of her patterns, including the one in the promo picture, and I have quite a few favorited to make! Great podcast today! Beret

  9. carol schoen says:

    Ashlea has the biggest Heart, fastest Hook, and an awesome family (Home)!! love her sweaters and the new Beret

  10. Charlene Roberson says:

    I love both of you, and just missed seeing this live. Thanks for posting the video. I love everything Ashley makes, and love the new beret! I have also watched your yarn pooling Marly, so many times, so thank you for that

  11. Melanie says:

    I am sure that Ashley’s Beret will be as wonderful as everything I have seen from her creations!!! Lets see that Beret !!!

  12. Melanie Whitt says:

    Love all Ashley’s patterns and this Beret will be no different I am sure! Loved watching wish I could have caught it live!

  13. Carrie says:

    This was so fun to listen to because you gals are my favorite crochet designers!! I worked on the Woven in Time CAL as I listened! Beret!!!

  14. Carleen Roberts says:

    I enjoyed today’s podcast, Marly and Ashlea. What lovely garment and blanket designs you showed today. I especially liked the shawl you were wearing, the hoodie with pocket, the beret you made for your friend, and the woven in time blanket. Prayers for continued healing for your son’s heart condition.

  15. Patty Shuart says:

    Love your podcast and hoodie is awesome! I think the ‘BERET’ made for your friend is gorgeous….my sister would love one.

  16. Sheryl Hulse says:

    I wish I looked cute in a beret, but alas, I will have to make it for a friend instead. Bring on the yarn! LOL

  17. Sonya Houk says:

    Beret I absolutely love all your videos love every cardigan I have seen you make would love to win one of your cardigan patterns a easy one don’t know how to read patterns yet

  18. Kristina Reid says:

    Love Heart Hook Home! Was fun catching you here on Marly Birds podcast. Beret! 🙂 can’t wait to see what you will think up next. 🙂

  19. Wendys Designs says:

    Hello Marly! I was able to watch the podcast when I got home from work. Loved Ashlea’s creations. I’ve been crocheting for 2 1/2 yrs and love watching fellow crocheters and learning new patters. I have always crochet with Red Heart and I love the Red Heart wth Love. I loved the podcast and the chemo Beret that Ashlea made super cute.

  20. Colleen Levy says:

    I loved your podcast and the “BERET” was adorable!! Prayers to your friend who received the beret that you made for her

  21. Stacy M. Tucker says:

    I just recently started watching Marly’s channel on YouTube and I’m loving it. I started watching this live yesterday at work, but wasn’t able to finish it until today. I love the Ashley’s beret and I’m going to give it a try. I can’t wait to watch your next video/podcast. One question fo Ashley can I sell the end product on my website?

  22. MaryAnn Sines says:

    I enjoy donating hats to local charities; your beret pattern would be perfect for donations as well as one for me. Thank you. Positive thoughts for your friend as she experiences treatment.

  23. Paula says:

    Hello to enter the contest the secret word is BERET. Thank you Marly for this chance to win…… Smiles

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